Tunia: It’s OK To Not Be OK

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

I am noticing that it is very popular for people to say that they are ok, even if they are not.

For example, in American culture, often people ask each other how they are doing, and the only socially acceptable answer seems to be some form of “I’m great, how are you?”

Well, you are also allowed to say that you are not ok if someone you loved just died or something similar. However in most cases people will not appreciate it if you say that you are actually not doing ok.

To us, it is sad to look at an amazing race of people, most of whom are not doing okay, and they are continually forced by social pressure to say that they are doing great. It seems cruel to us to more or less force people to say that they are doing okay, whether they actually are or not.

Frankly, to me it seems almost impossible to be genuinely okay if you have been born on Earth. How can you be okay while living on a world where children are dying from hunger every day? And those children fundamentally are you – all is one on a very fundamental level. You are even connected to each other via the same collective subconscious.

Even if people only consider themselves, then most Earthlings are still not okay. They are afraid, or traumatized, or tired, or worried, or scared, or their needs are not getting met, or they are in pain, or that are not sure what is going on.

Most people only manage to not fall into a deep depression by intentionally having their bubble of awareness be very small. Most people ignore everything outside their bubble of awareness. Well, that certainly is better than falling into a depression. However, to us this is a survival mechanism. It is understandable that most Earthlings are employing a survival mechanism and it is functional, but we would still encourage you to recognize it as such.

To illustrate that this is a survival mechanism: suppose that every day Pleiadian children were to starve to death. Which do you think is more functional: that we Pleiadians immediately work to change that situation, or that we Pleiadians say that we are feeling so happy and blissful and that we are trying to keep our vibrations high, while we’re not actually tangibly working to feed those starving children?

To me, it is obvious that the functional thing to do would be for us to immediately start to physically and practically help those children.

Yet by and large, this is not what Earthlings do. Most Earthlings do not actually physically spend much time or energy to practically help other people. And I don’t think this is because you are not good-hearted. I think this is because most of you are exhausted and are in very much pain and are terrified and you simply do not have the capacity to help others.

I absolutely do not blame you for this. I don’t think I would do more to help others than the average Earthling does, if I was born on Earth.

However, we do think it is important to realize that it is a survival mechanism that people say they are okay, and that they intentionally shrink their bubble of awareness so that they don’t have to think about suffering children, while not actually helping them.

The solution here is not to turn on the news, see people in Africa suffer and get depressed without actually having the ability to help them. Frankly, in most cases, it is a valid survival mechanism for Earthlings to intentionally shrink their bubble of awareness so that most suffering is invisible to them. The alternative, just becoming depressed, would be worse.

All we are saying is: do be aware that this is a survival mechanism and not a state of complete spiritual attainment.

Some Earthling spiritual teachers only ever share videos and pictures of themselves when they are presenting a happy exterior. Maybe they admit that they were not okay in the past, but they often pretend that in the present they are always blissful. Many Earthlings think that these must be great spiritual masters, because they are apparently always happy.

In reality, almost always these spiritual teachers are either simply not sharing moments with the public where they are not doing okay, or they have intentionally shrunk their bubble of awareness so that only happy things are inside it. And again, while this can be a functional survival mechanism, it is not the ultimate state of spiritual attainment.

We actually think that it is slightly harmful for people to pretend that they are always very happy and doing great, if that is not their actual truth – and almost always it is not. Usually that only makes other people feel inadequate by comparison.

If we Pleiadians were to shrink our bubble of awareness so that only happy things existed inside it, then we would not be helping Earth right now, and your lives would be substantially worse.

From the Pleiadian point of view, the most honest answer that most Earthlings could give as to how they’re doing is that they are not okay. Or alternatively they could answer: “I am using the survival mechanism of intentionally shrinking my bubble of awareness, and so long as I am doing that, I am doing okay.”

From our point of view, having an Earthling answer that they are doing great is a bit weird. If you are doing great, why are you not helping starving children in Africa, or doing something similar? In almost all cases, the answer is “I’m too exhausted or in too much pain or in too much fear or in too much trauma to do that.” Alright, we have sympathy for that– but then why answer that you are doing great in the first place?

If you actually are genuinely doing great, then we are surprised that you are not spending a significant amount of time helping others. If you are not yet able to spend a lot of time helping others, we understand, but then we think it would not be genuine for you to say that you are doing great.

Of course some of you are already helping people. I also do not mean to guilt trip anyone. I think that Earthlings are actually doing amazingly well given the painful circumstances. Most Pleiadians would be doing worse than Earthlings if they’d been born on Earth. And yes, for most of you, shrinking your bubble of awareness and taking care of yourself is the best thing you can be doing right now. No one is helped if you look at a tragedy, become depressed and are still not able to actually tangibly aid those people.

However, I would like to invite people to be genuine when asked if they are okay. If your genuine truth is that you are not okay, and you are in a situation where you are not risking your job by saying that, then we would suggest being honest. It is okay to say that you are not okay.

If you are honest, you can talk through your feelings, which will give you relief and can lead to healing. And if people judge or mock you for it, then well, you know that they weren’t really your friends and you can find other people to be around.

Furthermore, if you are honest about that you are not doing okay, then you are giving other people permission to also be honest. Often you may find that people are very happy that you are honest, because that gives them permission to also be honest about their own feelings.

For us, authenticity is the first step towards spirituality and integration. And being honest about whether or not you are doing okay is a great first step towards authenticity. If your authentic truth is that you are not okay, then we think the best thing you can do is to be honest about that and to observe that and possibly try to improve your life.

Suppressing your feelings and pretending you are alright will not raise your vibration, and you will continue to manifest things out of your subconscious that your rational mind might not like.

Yes, saying that you are not okay is scary. However, wouldn’t you like to live in a world where people were genuine? Well, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

I love you endlessly and unconditionally and I do think you are doing great. One day you will be free.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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20 Replies to “Tunia: It’s OK To Not Be OK”

  1. Camille Frossard

    Votre message semble poser la question suivante
    Est il possible d aller bien sur terre
    C est vrai que sur terre il y a de nombreuses raisons d aller mal
    A tel point qu une de nos principales religions déclare ouvertement que la vie est souffrances
    Je ne vais pas énumérer les raisons d aller mal. Je ne veux pas elle sont trop nombreuses
    Néanmoins je pense qu il est possible d aller relativement bien
    En effet le bien être est quelque chose de très relatif
    Même avec une expérience difficile il est possible de trouver cela
    Christiane singer en témoigne dans son livre dernier fragment d un long voyage
    Elle a en effet utilisé une expérience intime douloureuse, destructrice pour trouver un espace intérieur de grande unité
    Pour ma par je m efforce d aller bien
    De ne pas m enfermer dans une spirale mortifère
    D abord, je pense que mon mal-être ne ferai que renforcer la morosité générale
    Ensuite je vais réellement plutôt bien
    Ce n est pas que je ne les moments où je vais moins bien
    C est plutôt que je tente de me concentrer sur l espace de mon coeur qui va le plus souvent bien
    C est mon lieu de ressourcement
    Je ne connais rien aux autres mondes
    Aussi je pense qu’il y a quand même des espaces de beauté et de l harmonie sur cette planète
    Les initiatives citoyennes pour créer ensemble un monde meilleur me remplissent de courage.
    La majeure partie des gens que je croise dans la rue sont plutôt gentils, prêt à rendre service
    La nature de cette planète est merveilleuse de toute beauté
    Il y a des moyens d organiser notre esprit vers des nouveaux sommets de pureté par la prière.la méditation sous toutes ces formes la contemplation la et la création
    Pour ma part j ai foi que nous nous dirigeons vers une société plus altruiste et spirituelle

  2. Kelly

    Your focus on negativity breeds more negativity. Particularly now at a crucial time when this planet is leaving darkness behind. What is your true agenda?

    1. Raksha

      Sorry I will be a bit mean, but here is the typical message, even in the “awakened community” (all the more ?). That is why I don’t partake in yoga stages or whatever anymore. It is NOT acceptable to have a so called “negative feeling” with thoose “oh so awakened people”. We all know about the law of attraction. But did it work for you to pretend you are super great when all your cells are crying ? Not for me. When I lie to myself, healing does not occur.

      The true agenda you ask ? Authenticity (I know you were not talking to me).

      Oh and Jakesey, I use this opportunity to thank you for the sharing. It was nice to talk with you. I could do with a forum here btw.

  3. jakesey

    Thanks for more sharing Raksha. It’s just me being proud of my part- heritage here in the UK.
    Authenticity is as you share, of paramount importance. Keep on keeping on brother. We are temporarily focusing on a brief human experience, when Infinite Awareness is who we really are, as David Icke says.

  4. jakesey

    Raksha, I’m Indian born and I agree with all that you have opined. My attitude is that I know almost Everyone is in trauma of some sort, and I work on improving my mind to be as positive as possible without lying to myself that everything is ‘smelling roses’. I know this affects the collective while I get on with my oft lonely individual life. That’s the best I can do at this stage, and I don’t shame or guilt trip myself nor others for their ways. I will offer advice at times unbidden and often get gaslighted for my effort. My naturally rebellious streak is helpful in that I don’t willingly energetically entwine myself with the crazy (or whatever..!) subconscious collective as much as possible while still being of service by working on my mental wellbeing any chance I get.

    Your genuineness comes across strongly here with your views I must say. Thank you for sharing and your time.

    Thank You Tunia for trying to help. It would be more effective if you come on down, take the plunge, and get involved with cleaning up the mess we created through our our folly and acquiescence to the powers that were. Yes it will be’ cringy’ at first for us to see and face the awesome mess we created. This will eventually pave the way for wonderful discussions and heart stopping moments of mutual revelation!!!

    1. Raksha

      Hello Jakesey. A bit like Tunia, I would say that if you are genuinly able to keep the good vibes, great. Thank you for keeping the space for thoose of us who cannot do it right now.

      I am not preaching for suffering, I am preaching for authenticity. I am not saying it is worthless to be positive. I just advocate the right to not be okay if it is the true feeling.

      By the way, why did you mention that you are indian born ? Zero meaning on my part, just curious.

  5. Raksha

    Hello dear Tunia. Great message as always. I completly agree. But… yes, but….

    I for one, have tried many times the « authentic approach ». And from my observations, there are a few responses, which are all frustrating.

    1) Quite rare, but the person just shut off, it’s too much for he or she to hear about pain. Usually, this are the ones to pretend to feel super great.

    2) Quite rare also, the person immediatly tries to cheer you up without listening. « cheers, life is beautifull, be positive ».
    Usually, thoose are the ones who feel depressed but don’t dare to admit it.

    3) Very common, the person immediatly starts to give you advices. « You should go out more, you should do this… etc»
    Thoose persons are genuinly caring about you, but they just can’t take it.

    4) The person, decent this time, with a level of maturity, is able to listen for a few minutes, he or she even asks questions (wow). Obviously he or she can not comprehend the feelings of a starseed but he/she tries. But soon enough, here comes the advices again. That is the best I ever got.

    In common, there is the notion that « it is not okay to not be okay ». even the most understanding ones have this bias. Seriously, earthlings are just that much into denial and fakery,
    You just have to read the comments of the « enlightened ones » here . I seldom comment but always get some advices when I do.
    Your advice of “being honest will benefit the others to be honest” is just not working. Here I can see that despite your best feelings, you just are not down here.

    You say « if that is so, then maybe it’s not your true friends ». Well, I have very dear friends who do just that. And they are the best I could get, and I bless them for their friendship. To me, as wise as your position is, and as much as I agree, who on earth is able to do that ? The irony is I am able. Many come to me, and I listen, and I don’t judge, and I don’t give advices, and they feel better. But no one is able to do this for me. Pain is a big taboo down here dear Tunia. My conclusion is : there is no point in being genuine. Nowadays, I just say « all is well », because no one can take it. Sad but true.

  6. Philippe St-Pierre Hébert

    We have to confess a little something; sometimes we just say this to get rid of an annoying person. It is all in the way we say it. Still, some of us think of it as more well-behaved than just saying” shut up, get lost” like we really think. It is a bad habit we developped due to the need to ” buy peace” with certain short tempered individuals. I really apologise for it, since i tend to do it myself.

    1. Raksha

      True. Sometimes; we just don’t want to share. Because the other is not truly willing. So “all is well”.

  7. vaarrr

    Okey I’m not fain
    I’m light
    Becose divine plan kip as in 4d too rising 4d
    I’m seek, no money, no happy
    Too be prethent change in 4d

  8. Jacques Vincent

    Dear Tunia,

    Yes indeed we are all exhausted and trying to survive.
    Yes , living here with Mother Gaia is not that easy and we have to
    be the strongest of the strongest . That being said , we are trying
    to do the best that we can in helping others by different ways …
    Nothing is easy here … We are all here on the surviving mode
    for the time being but the VERY BEST is yet to come because
    the SOURCE and DIVINE CREATOR told us so …
    In GOD we TRUST…
    Thank You Miss Tunia
    The Jake ,

  9. khann61

    I think the Pleiadeans should pack up and fly home, because there aren’t going to be many humans left here for them to love.

    1. scotth9510

      Hi khann61 we’re not going anywhere we’re here to stay and to help. But you humans need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and help each other out too.

      1. Geoff Turner

        Your Pleadian are you? You’ve got your own beam ship and everything right?

        If you’re staying then what exactly is it that you personally are doing to help?

    2. unionylibertad

      Really? We passed the “mark” ion December 21, 2012…That was the most critical moment on this earth…That scenario repeated itself every 26,000 years where “destruction” was the way of renovation by Mother Earth…We can do anything and go beyond our our dreams…I see a beautiful humanity flourishing like never before…Many blessings to you…

  10. Candinho

    Oi meu amor, vejo que realmente é de outro mundo. Nós vivemos no modo sobrevivencia. Eu vendo almoço para comprar janta. Mesmo assim eu te amo.

  11. Christed

    There cannot be a planet of awakened humans where Asoa and Africa, especially, are still exploited, used abused and neglected. Service to other is the pathway of the ascension and Full disclosure and until we get out of our service to self programming, being masked as loving yourself, we will collectively continue to yearn for outside intervention to no avail. I recommend the Law of One series to anybody who wishes to integrate Tunia’s message in greater clarity.