Are There Huge Ancient Pyramids In Antarctica?

Antarctica was warm and human-friendly in the past. Over the past 12 thousand years, thousands upon thousands of tons have covered the earth in ice, leading experts to believe there is proof.

According to our sources, such evidence was previously found in pyramids that were much older than Egyptian ones.

Long-standing theories have been held about ancient structures, which could be man-made, that are located in remote, inaccessible locations. Antarctica is the best example.

The Egyptian pyramids are an example of large, man-made structures that are luxurious. When these monuments were built over four thousand years ago, Egypt was one the most wealthy civilizations in the world.

One of the original Wonders of the World is the Great Pyramid of Giza. We all know about the pyramids of Egypt, but how about the ones found in Antarctica? Antarctica has a mile-thick 98 percent ice. It is the fifth largest continent. The temperatures are as low as -89C (-128F).

It is known for being inhospitable. It was discovered by accident in the 1800s, despite the belief it required symmetry.

Humans must be able to brave the elements, including wind, rain, ice and oceans in order to visit other countries. It is important to remember that many people lost their lives in the process.

Antarctica is home to scientists. Except if you count the penguins. Although a cruise ship can transport people there for a few days, it is not possible for humans to live there without special equipment and a lot more effort. The food is very limited and there is very little greenery.

All other things, including clothing, food, building materials, medication, and fuel must be shipped in. It’s not often mentioned that Antarctica has been under ice for more than a thousand years.

The pyramids were only discovered recently by American and European scientists. Two of them were found 16km inland and one was closer to the coast.

Scientists have compared them with Egyptian pyramids. This is a significant find that has been kept in the shadows by the media, due to the possible consequences of it being made public.

Pyramids found in Antarctica predate recorded history. Although they have not been reported, rumors about their existence are spreading. These structures intrigue both academics as well as ufologists. There are many theories to explain Antarctic formations

The secret military base was home to aliens who have access to ancient civilizations. (With the most advanced technology). Others feel that they have been formed naturally.

There is no information to validate or reject these claims at this time, but if The X-Files taught us anything, it is that “the truth is out there.” These pyramids can be seen in numerous photos from Antarctica.

A few photographs taken by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. This is a global expedition effort. These pyramids raise many questions. Maybe Antarctica wasn’t so cold once. We can be sure that it wasn’t once so cold, but we can also believe that these structures were constructed and ancient civilizations lived there. Skeptics say that there is evidence that an ancient civilization once existed in Antarctica.

The existence of pyramids in Antarctica should be sufficient proof that an ancient society existed there. This must be recognized by the archaeological community. Climate change is a topic we are constantly learning about.

Many Egyptologists believe that ancient Sphinx was more than 10000 years old.

What is the secret to their success? Water erosion in the Sphinx is a sign of historical climate change. Why should Antarctica not be affected by changes in Africa or other parts of the globe? What if scientists could prove the existence of Antarctica’s pyramids? They would be man-made and rewrite history.

Because it contradicts their current beliefs, experts and archaeologists would have a hard time accepting this result. It doesn’t matter if you believe, because this is about finding the truth. Theoretically, there could possibly be an inordinate number of ancient civilisations scattered across the globe.

Other findings in Antarctica include pollen particles uncovered by climate experts in 2009, leading to the assumption that palm palms formerly grew there and summers reached 21° C. Scientists discovered more than 30 bacterial species in Lake Vida (East Antarctica) water samples in 2012.

Another exciting discovery is not unusual. Are the Antarctic pyramids really just beautifully sculpted mountains, or? If so, then why are they so similar to Egyptian pyramids. Their resemblance to Egyptian pyramids is striking if they are. It is clear that they are constructed by man.

An ancient civilization flourished under thick ice layers thousands of years ago when the temperature was just right. This is what led to the construction of the Antarctic pyramids. If this is true, then we will have to rewrite history and reimagine the world. I for one cannot.