Free from the Matrix

I trust that most can feel by now how the false fear Matrix simulation has been shattered, and is along with our false ego self being fully dissolved from our and the Cosmic field and it’s memories from our Consciousness, like the bad dream that it was.


As all the false artificial fear imprints, memories, false pictures of reality and artificial overlays, inserts and implants, along with the whole false light and phantom matrices fully dissolve in this now, our Crystal Hearts are opening up wide to the power of true Divine Love that we are!


Powerful solar energies continue with an M-Class solar flare that just went off, following 12 C-Class flares, alongside KP5 geomagnetic storms for most of the day, ongoing solar winds, as well as some minor but very interesting looking Schuhmann Resonance increases earlier on. The perfect Cosmic REALity shifting whether as I call it, as these energies are assisting us in removing any remaining density from our and the planetary morphogenetic field, as well as Manifestations becoming heightened. Use your power of Imagination wisely as all is being amplified and accelerated now.

Our true memories are Awakening as our ONE True Diamond Avatar Self fully ignites and arises, activating our and the Planetary Crystalline Heart and Core, Crystalline networks with its caverns, beds and cellular memories. Our multi-dimensional DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle are being powerfully ignited along with our full power, gifts, abilities and wisdom arising from deep within our fully opening sacred Crystal Hearts. All of our anxiety, defensiveness, nervousness, resentments, sadness, grief, guilt, shame and all the inverted thought forms and beliefs, the artificial Matrix and fear based realities were based upon, are fully dissolving along with all illusions of separation, and with it the last veil lifts on the old world and reveals a brand new dawn, our New Ascension Earth and ALL NEW BEGINNINGS!

The Music of The Spheres fully return our True Divine Blueprints and the Original Divine Sound and Light fields of all of Creation! Correcting the pre-matter realms and our Dark Matter/ Rasha Body Templates, that inform our matter worlds of a higher dimensionalised Consciousness expression and its Crystalline Manifestation.

The new True Divine Cosmic Masculine principle and energies are fully rising, realising their true worth and re-claiming their true power, which has no-thing to do with the old artificial Matrix version and false ego self, or alpha male, that measured itself by 3D material possessions, societal status, accomplishments, money and power over others f.e.. They are now seeing reality through their Hearts and the Eye’s of God’s Love instead of their programmed ego minds, which is being fully integrated and alchemised in this sea of pure true Divine Love. He is fully re-birthing the New Divine Cosmic Masculine Essence as ONE with the Divine Feminine, as they birth the New Divine Androgenous Blueprint of the Krystar SAphiRA/ Christos-Sophia/ Androgenous Albion Lightbody, on behalf of the whole Cosmos!! No small feat!!

When I said in yesterday’s video update that the Masculine mind within us all can see now how we have created all of this, and that this whole Fall in Consciousness was down to the projection of our own unacknowledged shadow aspects onto One another, the overarching theme and highest Truth is that it all happened for a higher reason so we could all as ONE expand in Consciousness! This is what the upgrades to our Original Divine Blueprints and DNA are truly about. These are our instruction sets that inform the matter worlds of how to take shape. We have truly created out of all this misery the most beautiful Divine Creatrix Field which UNIFIES ALL AS ONE, for the first time truly.

As for the Masculine Mind being asked to make amends and ask the Feminine Heart for forgiveness, simultaneously there is no forgiveness necessary as all has served a great/er purpose and after all, we have created all of this as ONE, there are no more victims and victimizers here. Simultaneously, it is about a recognition and realisation of what went ‘wrong’, and now choosing a different way of being and relating to One another. A shift in behaviour and beliefs which is what corrects the Consciousness and therefore our Blueprints, is what is required.

So all exists within the paradox, when we can see that some of the choices we made truly didn’t serve us and we shall not repeat again, we can also see that our most challenging lessons were what made us grow and expand into who we are now. Simultaneously, we realise that we no longer need to grow through suffering, because now we know better, as learning through experience is truly the only way to find out the difference between ‘good and evil’, between what serves The One and ALL, and that which brings suffering to ALL. As ALL IS ONE. EveryOne affects every other.

As said, all of our lessons, tests and initiations have been completed for the Forerunners which is bringing full reconcilation and Healing to the whole Cosmos, as we have healed the Core and Cosmic Soul Monad and therefore ALL, AS ALL IS ONE!

Loving compassion and Divine Neutrality for the process and ONE another is key, whilst we also keep reminding ourselves and One another of our responsibilities, and that much depends on our Embodiment and our deepest held beliefs, expectations, projections and perceptions, as they keep co-creating our realities in every now.

All sense of time gets lost in the sea of forgetfulness of the old realities, as past, present and future merge as ONE within the Divine Creatrix Field, in the quantum now moment, and all time cycles end. A forgetfulness that for once is truly welcomed and enables us to leave the old false realities and memories behind for good. It allows us to be deeply anchored in the Quantum NOW moment, WITHIN THE STILL POINT, where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, in no-time whatsoever. This collapses the Quantum Standing Wave function of the old, false Matrix hologram, re-birthing ALL NEW ORGANIC REALITIES in this NOW, through our own Embodiment!

All through a SHIFT IN PERCEPTION, our Hearts fully opening & a QUANTUM LEAP OF THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS! Unfolding in this very now!

We do this by fully realising that we are constantly co-creating our future with the programs we have running, which are our deepest held beliefs and thought forms, that inform our Consciousness of the expectations we hold for our Realities, most of them so far have been running on autopilot in our subconscious mind. That’s why it’s so important to keep going deeper and ever deeper within, right to the CORE of it all, TO RESOLVE it ALL, and bring all of our multi-dimensional aspects into Divine Union of The ONE. That’s also how we activate our multi-dimensional DNA, all from within, in every now moment.

Now we stop allowing the outside world, other sources and other people’s predictions ore expectations of us, to program us!! We have to be our own greatest authority and CREATE THE REALITIES WE WISH TO EXPERIENCE, instead of waiting for others to tell us what that is, in order to RE-CLAIM FULL SOVEREIGNTY over our bodies, energy field and Consciousness!

Stop giving your power over your realities away to others, that’s what weakens and compromises your energy field!

Only YOU KNOW what’s possible for you, and YOUR IMAGINATION IS YOUR SUPERPOWER and is what sets your own limitations!

As we fully re-claim our true power and ignite our Divine Blueprints and Templates now, we re-claim all of our Original Divine Source codes, genetic codings, keys, and quantum. Our whole multi-dimensional Self, DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle and that of Earth is being fully ignited in this now!!

This is our final rising and ascend out of the false Matrix realities, realise how huge this all is, this is us completing our whole experience in this simulation, as we FULLY RE-MEMBER OUR ONE TRUE SELF, true history and Cosmic Origins again, and with it New Ascension Earth fully ignites in this NOW!

Massive acceleration of expansion of THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS is in progress as ALL AWAKEN, lifting the remaining density and clearing of all fear based thought forms and beliefs, and with it, the artificial Matrix simulation fully dissolves. For our One True Self to be fully reborn, our false ego self must die and be fully alchemise. The full trance-endence of our false ego also delivers the end of suffering, because only our ego self is attached to its imagined and externally acquired identity, opinions, judgements and beliefs, that the world of matter is really REAL.

The physical body can be hit hard with these incoming plasma waves, Cosmic and solar rays, as well as overall tension and density that can be felt, especially for those transmuting much on behalf of the Collective. Symptoms such as tiredness, exhaustion, memory loss as the old memories are being deleted, physical weakness as we fully reboot our bodies and new operating system, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vertigo as we continue to shift and lift in density, Galactivations to our cranium bring headaches, sinus issues, neck, shoulder and overall body aches, can all be experienced along with overall flu symptoms, which are Frequency Light Upgrades that are assisting us in shedding the remaining toxic load and density. As always please seek professional healthcare assistance when guided to.


Remember WE’RE DREAMING and imagining ALL OF THIS AS ONE, and we’re all just playing our roles here, although our life’s depend on them!! It’s bothand! So it’s important to take this siriusly, as well as having a lot more fun with our expansion now, as our learning through distorted Polarity Consciousness and suffering has come fully to an end!!


This is truly a Kryst-Mass season to RE-MEMBER that we all come from THE ONE SOURCE and are never truly separated from OUR ONE TRUE SELF. We now fully re-member our True COSMIC ORIGINS, Original Innocence and State of BEingness, as part of the DIVINE RE-UNION OF THE ONE! All part of us re-membering what is really REAL and TRUE, and to keep seeing through the lies and illusions to dissolve them, and keep peeling the artificial layers and masks off our old, false self for good.

As only when we are really true to ourselves and all others, can our ONE TRUE SELF BE truly FREE!

Eternal Love & Infinite Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin


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