Hakann: In Honor Of You

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I give you my very best wishes for the upcoming year. I know that the last year may have been rewarding for some people, but also that it has been very lonely and painful for many. You have all my love and respect. I promise that I will continue working hard to free Earth.

While this is not the path that us galactics would have preferred, the average level of consciousness has risen during the last year. You are closer to freedom and to galactic contact now than you were a year ago.

I remember certain beautiful and blissful moments with my amazing wife and children during this last year. I love them more than words can express and I am so very proud of them. They are unbelievably amazing people. I feel so very blessed that I am able to share my life with them. They are also one of my sources of strength and motivation to keep working to make the galaxy better for everyone, as well as one of my sources of optimism for the future.

They are asking me to give their best regards and well-wishes to you, alongside a promise that they will do regular meditations to send love to Earth.

Another thing that touched my heart is the unbelievable resilience that Earthlings have shown, and especially that most Earthlings still have a good heart after all this suffering. Truly, you are exceptional.

I was touched by the simplicity and purity of a vision of an Earthling child playing with her dog.

I was positively surprised that this channeler contacted us Pleiadians with the request to channel messages that primarily focused on love and personal empowerment, as opposed to primarily focusing on intel. I think it is a very good sign that Earthlings are tuning into these messages. I feel honored to be one of the two people chosen for this.

I was somewhat shocked that an Earthling lightworker came into his power last year and did some lightwork that we Pleiadians ourselves weren’t able to do. Or perhaps I should say that he surrendered so fully and so completely to Source, and he was empty enough, that Source through him was able to do some profound lightwork.

Among other things, through astral travel he freed some Pleiadian hostages who were being held and tortured by hostile galactics. And he gave angels the mandate to return some very powerful demons back to Source itself, thus un-creating them.

We already knew rationally that Earthlings have a significantly higher psionic ability than we Pleiadians do, but it was still surprising and very impressive to see that in action. And of course I am very happy that my brothers and sisters have been freed and that this light worker’s actions have helped us get a bit closer to Earth’s liberation.

“You can do anything you put your mind to” is not just some random saying. We Pleiadians are a race of people who can read each other’s mind and it’s not uncommon for us to be able to teleport or be in two places at once. Yet already there is at least one Earthlings among you who can do things that we simply cannot do.

If you want to become a serious and selfless lightworker, then know that just about your only limits are your own purity, the depth of your surrender to Source and your imagination.

With purity here, I mean that your old pain, your shadow and your ego have been observed and integrated. Ideally, your soul and your rational mind and your emotions and your subconscious and your energy are all aligned and all focused in the direction of helping Source. Everything that blocks this unity has been observed and loved back into unity or handed back to Source.

Another thing that touched me is that recently one of the soldiers in my command passed away during a battle. We contacted him after his transition and he wanted to be buried on Earth, so we did, in a remote location. It was strange to then watch the sun come up and ultimately leave his body behind in Earth’s soil.

The one thing he asked of me personally was to make sure that Earthlings wouldn’t suffer more than was necessary. Well, in previous messages we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of us galactics intervening directly on the surface of Earth. I will try to do what’s best for Earthlings, on all levels, keeping the future in mind. If you want a more in-depth discussion about that, see my message “Hakann: Build Alternate Structures.”

I am also curious which things most touched your heart during the last year. Feel free to write it in the comment section.

Finally, during the rest of this message, I would like to honor you.

Most of you lived in unbelievable bliss and abundance and freedom at one point in time. You had lives that were likes ours, where you weren’t forced to work a day in your life; where you had the freedom to travel through nearly the entire galaxy and do whatever you wanted to do; and where you had unrestricted access to all the information in existence and amazingly good teachers ready to teach you whatever topic you wanted to learn about. All your needs were met and you had an endless amount of super attractive sexual partners to enjoy and be with. Or you could easily locate your twin flame and spend centuries of bliss together.

On top of this, you didn’t have the Earth fears and insecurities and shame that many of you have. For you, reality was just one eternal blissful timeless now, where you were in the zone and present in the current moment for decades at a time.

If you wanted to spend twenty timeless years on a honeymoon with your twin flame, you could do that, and everything you needed would just be provided to you, or created on the spot. Or you could study whatever topic you wanted, as deeply and as long and as intently as you wished, with all the material and best teachers of the entire galaxy at your disposal. There was no time, no ill health, no shame, no danger, no fear of failure, no loneliness, not even really the issue of growing old, because you could just reincarnate again and quickly regain your memories. There was just curiosity, bliss, expansion and connection.

When you read these words, doesn’t this sound true, somewhere deep inside you? Doesn’t this make your heart ring out in recognition? Doesn’t this feel like how things ought to be, and how things perhaps can be again, one day?

Well, most of you had that life. And being the absolute heroes that you are, most of you voluntarily gave up on that life in order to help Earthlings, out of pure altruism and out of a pure desire to serve Source.

You trained hard for centuries. After that there were tough tests that only a very few people passed, even after centuries of training. You are one of the few people who passed. You are part of a small elite group that was chosen to be the galactic special forces here on Earth. You are Light Workers, that 5% or so of Earthlings who came here primarily to help other Earthlings and to serve Source.

And you have given up your life of endless bliss for this current lifetime on Earth, filled with pain and fear and doubt and confusion.

Why did you do that?

Because you are a hero.

On this Earth, many of you have experienced trauma, fear, pain, abandonment, financial insecurity, lies, propaganda, loneliness, disconnection, sickness, fear of death, fear of growing old, conditional love, gaslighting, physical and/or sexual abuse, being pressured or forced to do things you don’t want to do, being subjected to mind-numbing education or work and a seeming separation from Source, your past-life memories, truth and your galactic family.

This is an amount of suffering that frankly, I can’t really wrap my head around. I have no idea if or to what extent I would even be able to function under those conditions. I do know that most Pleiadians would not be able to function at all.

So you are the strongest of the strong. If ever you think you are doing a bit too much of this or too little of that, please be aware that most other galactics would not even be able to handle the situation you are in, at all. Any time you stumble, most galactics would have broken our legs if we were in your place.

You are loved and respected so very much. I honor you that you chose to give up your cushy and blissful life and come down to this harsh planet to serve as galactic special forces.

Yes, I understand that it is very painful. But one day Earthlings will be free. And without the efforts of Earthling lightworkers, we literally could not have done this. Without Earthling lightworkers, Earth would become a dark and hellish planet. People would suffer an unbelievable amount and would then be directed by the dark controller to enslave other galactic races. Or perhaps Source or Gaia would intervene and would cause a catastrophe that would wipe out Earthling civilization.

Instead, Earth is on the path to become a paradise-like world. Yes, the road towards that is painful and longer than you would have liked. But we are certain that one day you will be reunited with us and that you will say that all your pain and suffering was worth it, because you helped create a paradise-like world there on Earth.

So, this is to you, Earthling lightworkers. To me, you are heroes. I can’t wait until the day that I will be able to physically shake your hand.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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35 Replies to “Hakann: In Honor Of You”

  1. WK

    I agree and have had the same experience. Followig the path of truth is (often) a to be alone, specially in these times.

  2. Michael

    Thank you a lot for this uplifting transmission.

    Raising the frequency of this planet due to our thoughts, intentions and actions was and is still often a difficult job and only possible with spiritual evolvement. Yes, this was a painful way to awaken, but the only way to reach the goal. In this lifetime I’ve evolved my moral compass, gained back my empathy, my sensitivity, found unconditional love for mankind and pulled back my ego. As consequence lost the most of my earthly family and friends due to my unconformity with their common belief system, and unwillingness to comply especially with vaccine mandates and restrictions of personal freedoms in the last years.

    But deep in my heart ♥️ I feel that I’m on the right track and sometimes can find some joy in the belief to change the world to a better place. Despite this I don’t see myself as special or a hero. This is a rescue mission and I’m part of “the last line of defense”, after all other measures failed!

    So, let’s get the job done in 2023 brothers and sisters on the ground (and above and below) and finally have a party 🎉 on this planet 🌎 never seen before!!! ❤️

    Lots of love,

  3. unionylibertad

    I have a question for you Hakann…. How are you able to read the different language messages? Do you use a voice activation translator or your quantum computers do it automatically for you? It would be nice to know about your everyday use of technologies for different functions…Thank you if you can respond to this…

  4. KK

    To say that we are special and the strongest of the strong..like we are an elite class of lightworkers who achieved an incarnation on Earth through centuries of training in order to uplift Earth…I’m sincerely asking, is Hakann doing that just to make us feel better? I have a very hard time believing we are so special in that way.

    1. unionylibertad

      No, He is telling the truth…Many applied to come to earth to this very important experience but they were not accepted…At the same time we also offered to answer Gaia’s call for help… For many this is their last experience on this planet…Many will travel throughout the Universe, others will choose to teach after they ascend, others will simply enjoy the 5th dimensional earth…Think about it…This experience on earth and what we are about to find out about the lies, the deceit that has being going on for millennia is being and will be a lot to deal with….Many blessings to you and trust that you are much more than you have been told…Those in high positions are afraid of our true power…They know who we are and that is precisely what they are trying so hard to hide from us ..United we are an unstoppable force which they are terrified of.. WE ARE ONE….

    2. A.S.

      He’s sincere.

      If your average Pleiadian were to be born on Earth without any kind of special preparation, he or she could not handle it at all. They would likely either become actively evil and destructive, or at best would lead a life of work and addictions / distractions and not really contribute something.

      Of course not every person on Earth is a lightworker — only about 5% of us are. But anyone who in this darkness wakes up, remembers their galactic past and works to help Earthlings is quite a special person.

      What’s “expected” is that people who suffer, either become evil or become so damaged that their life becomes work-and-addictions. Anyone who wakes up despite all this darkness and suffering is an old and probably well-prepared soul. (Though there are people on Earth who are awake yet didn’t go through centuries of preparation.)

      It’s easy to look at a Tunia or Hakann and think “surely they’re more evolved souls than we are, because they are wiser and more loving.” But they grew up in an unconditionally loving, blissful, post-scarcity society, so it’s not really fair to compare them directly to people on Earth. It’s like they were born into a family of millionaires and we’re born into poverty. So if we can still develop love and consciousness while being born into spiritual poverty, we are doing quite well.

      That said, ultimately it’s of course up to you what to believe. Hakann and myself are the first people to admit that we’re not faultless beings who are always right. If you have another perspective than us, that is completely fine.

  5. STARZ

    So many signs, messages and magic moments occuring more and more everywhere all over – Keep it up – Light Bless You + Crew

  6. Your Friend

    Thank you Hakann for your wonderful messages. I am grateful for all the sacrifice, hard work, time and energy you, Tunia and the other Galactic members take in helping us in this important transition. In your message you asked, what things most touched your heart during the last year? I have to say that one of the things that has touch my heart recently, was your friend’s sacrifice. Him asking to have his body buried on Earth and even on the other side, still wanting you to make sure we did not suffer more than necessary. What a beautiful Soul! If you can, please thank him most ardently for me. (I read the message last night and as I am writing this comment today, I still feel very emotional about it).

    With love and gratitude.


  7. WK

    Dearest Hakann,

    Your words resonated in me with Love, Truth and Determination. Please allow me to retribute these same qualities in my own words. It was a beautiful occasion to have discovered you and Tunia. Your messages are like a lighthouse that does not allow our “ships” to be lost in the storm at sea. For that, I will be eternally grateful to you both. I also thank your family for their support, and please tell them that they too are loved here on Earth. The beautiful thing about sending Light to someone is that we create an eternal bond, that while it can be brighter or dimmer depending the circumstances, it will never break ! And in that respect, we who chose to Love each other have bonded, and our hearts are connected forever. This will be so, no matter how different our bodies are, and no matter how far apart we are (in time, space and dimensions). The Light umbilical cord that makes us One, is forever flowing. To me, that is always a comforting thought, no matter how dark things get. We (Earthlings) are too proud of you (Pleiadians). You are our living examples, on who we want to become one day. You are our older and wiser siblings that we admire, and look up to. That we ask for guidance, for we are still learning. Our beloved Pleiadian fallen brother will always be remembered and honored by Earthlings. I am sending my love to the family of the one who transitioned, to alleviate the impact of the energetic shock of loss, and hence help with the relief of their sorrow. His body bridges our worlds, and his sacrifice makes us more united and stronger. Let his passing be a reminder to Earthlings of just how determined Pleiadians are in helping us. They are willing to die for us, to help us set free. And in that remembrance, let us hold hands, and endure together these last few years before complete liberation. The Divine Fire of Source burns brightest now, at the twilight of our total victory. Nothing can resist Divine Fire, NOTHING. So let that which is not true, be burnt back into alignment … as is the destiny of all things in eternity.

    Your Light brother who Loves you.

    1. A.S.

      Thank you for your beautiful words, WK. They have touched me (A.S.), Hakann and Tunia’s hearts. We’re all sending you love.

  8. InLovingService

    Dear star brother Hakann and channeller

    I love you very much and feel deep gratitude for all of your support.

    I am so glad you had a request to channel messages that primarily focus on love and personal empowerment. These types of messages are uplifting and helpful; they bring so much light, love and joy in very dark times. I find them most beneficial.

    When you mentioned seeing the Earth child with the dog, it made me think of how much joy animals bring to humans. Particulaly, humans that do not get to experience love, acceptance and companionship with fellow humans.

    I have lived a very lonely, painful life on this Earth with very little joy. I have only experienced unconditional/true love once on Earth. It came from the most pure soul I have ever met: a very wise, loving, patient, funny, caring and protective little man. This little man came in the form a dog. It surprises humans when I speak of him as being more than just a dog, the ones I speak to can’t relate. I could feel his soul as soon as we met and knew I had known him before. I did not see him as a dog but as an equal/soul. We had a very strong connection. Sometimes when we’d touch there would be a zap of electricity like from static (but not from static). I used to laugh and say we are electric together and give off sparks. I would also say to him his heart is my heart and my heart is his. I loved to feel his heart beating so strongly and we’d breathe in sync. I knew he understood what I said. I felt his soul was more advanced than mine, and he inspired me. I felt he came here to show me love and support as well as keep me on track. I used to imagine he was someone like Buddah incarnate because he was so God like. My lessons from him were to love unconditionally, be more childlike, find joy in the simple things, be patient…and that I was loveable. He passed over a few months’ ago due to the regressed ones on this Earth. And, while I write of him in past tense I know he is still in present tense. At his passing I was shattered; I really didn’t know how I would get through it. I screamed and cried with so much anguish and pain. I begged to go with him and felt that my heart betrayed me when I did not die from the heartbreak. He was my only family, my only friend, my only love on this planet. But, I know now it was not my time and I released him from my selfish hold. Now I have risen out of the ashes and I am back on track to complete the mission, and remember his lessons.

    Yes, I see humans can be resilient but I tend to think many of us don’t have a choice. I think what else can we do when in these illusory situations? They ‘feel’ very real and bring up such strong human emotions yet we can’t find the way out? I know I don’t feel as if I have any other choice. There is no one who is going to pick up the pieces for me. So, I have to dust myself off and continue on. Whilst I would love for our galactic neighbours to come help I am also very accustomed to living without help. So, I say que sera sera. If you are unable, I hold no blame or bad feelings. Dare I say this, sorry I do not mean to upset anyone, please do not take it the wrong way. I do think it is our problem and I feel bad at how much pressure is on our star brothers and sisters. How difficult it must be for other beings to see and feel all our pain and hear our cries for help all the time. I am not innocent in this, there have been times I have also begged for help to anyone that can hear. But, deep down I am not upset if the ETs cannot ‘save us’ and know it is our problem. I think the fact that they are wanting to help and do help in other ways is extremely generous.

    I thank your family (Hakann) very much for their love meditations for humans. My heart is overflowing when I think of this warm gesture.

    And how lovely of the soldier in your command to request humans not suffer more than necessary and that he ask to be buried on Earth. It shows a deep commitment and solidarity. I can’t wait to get off this planet yet he chose to place his body here, amazing. I send much love to his soul also.

    I was sorry to learn that Pleiadian hostages were being held and tortured by hostile galactics. Humans get caught up in own illusory drama and forget there’s a much bigger picture ouside of us. Meanwhile, Pleiadians are also being impacted by those who have lost their way.

    You ask what has touched our hearts this past year. It was very hard for me to think of something (it’s been very difficult) but I know clearly now. For me it was seeing so many people awaken. I truly thought I’d never see the day. At last I knew I wasn’t going nuts :). I am so happy to see thousands awaken to what is going on. Finally, I see hope for humans for the very first time. I have another. What has also touched my heart this year is being able to read messages from our galactic brothers and sisters and other beings. ‘Feeling’ that connection. Thank you for asking that question, for that question enabled me to find the positives.

    I will be elated to shake your hand brother Hakann when this is all ovet; it will be such a pleasure to see you and your lovely family.

    From my heart to yours.

    In Loving Service always.

    1. Ken

      InLovingService, I can relate very much to your comment. I have now come to the point where I accept that at some level I chose this amount of suffering(what was I thinking), and that helps. I don’t feel so much like a victim now

  9. Jared

    I love Tunia. Please select 100 people to send us lovely messages. We need some more hope and help. Thanks.

  10. harrrrrie

    Oh my God! (And I’m glad to say God’s name. We need a reminder that God/Creator is in our lives).

    This article is the best. You have given me an idea, many ideas. Perhaps I can reach my goals faster. And live on this planet with less pain. This article is so inspiring, fantastic.

    I am so hopeful and would be honored to provide even more loving energies to help all the dark ones, to help all to forgive each other, to help all to believe we are headed to everything wonderful. I so much want to see the rise of an Empire of Love and all dark thoughts and feelings to melt away, just vanish.

    We really do need to stop using our egos and the need for power, forgive ourselves and everyone, have love, compassion, caring, kindness and service as our lifestyles, and end judgment and intolerance.

    We need to get the word out that we need this Heaven on Earth to save ourselves and we need to do it now. We can’t put it off any longer. There are billions who need to be saved.


    If we can start the 5D ball rolling, we will save billions. Just getting the free energy machines into all societies and countries will start our progress forward.

    There’s nothing to stop us. Technologies will be developed to stop poisons and pollution. Education can be revamped so it’s actually helpful. There will be many new inventions for husbandry, medicine, agriculture, lumber, shipping, construction, etc to improve our lives. It will be like we are let loose, to do what we do best.

    I read in Tom Moore’s newsletter on the gentlewaybook.com site it is highly likely we will be introduced to our ET friends in 2023.

    I am incredibly impatient. I am very tired of the suffering. We need liberation and more help from ‘us’ and the billions who will awaken with our help.

    Can you imagine? They call us heros and Galactic Special Forces!! But, don’t we know it! Feel it! Relish it. Let it give you the boost we need to create this 5D Heaven on Earth and stop this horrendous suffering!

    See you in 5D everybody, love and light to you all. Thank you Hakann for this ‘best’ article. TY to A.S. and EOL.

    1. A.S.

      Thanks for your inspiring and beautiful post, harrrrie. It made me smile. And yes indeed, nothing can stop us.

      And I hope you’re right that we’ll meet our ET friends in 2023. I am so much looking forward to that.

  11. xar

    Gracias Hakan, sois increíbles y me encanta vuestra energía amorosa y firme a la vez, vosotros también demostráis un inmenso coraje y valentía, asi como amor por nosotros incombustible, al luchar duro y no abandonarnos jamás. Siento vuestros dolores como pleyadianos. Os quiero muchísimo. Perdonar a veces mi impaciencia, se que me habéis respondido ya interiormente, o la respuesta está siempre al alcance. Respondeis lo que veis más relevante e importante para el avance positivo. El ego debe quedar descartado. Espero daros no solo la mano, sino un enorme abrazo en el futuro como mi verdadera familia. Aqui no considero que mi familia sea mi familia… soy o lo intento, amable y cariñosa, pero se que no me quieren realmente ni se identifican conmigo. Soy como de otra especie para ellos! Siempre me sentí solitaria en medio del mundo, y ala vez, feliz. Algo muy muy extraño… Y ahora entiendo porqué… seguir alentándonos a tener compasión y pensar que es un juego en que cada uno escogió para mayor bien de la expansión de la fuente y el Creador, aunque algunos se saltaron líneas rojas de forma extrema; y supongo por ello fueron o son o serán “descreados” por la fuente. Fue su elección.
    También creo que si todos los terrícolas que leen estas canalizaciones, simplemente mandamos energía de amor y poder para ayudaros en todas las labores de liberación, vosotros podréis canalizar dichas energías como mejor convenga. Hacerlo todos! yo cada vez que me acuerdo intento mandar aunque sea unos segundos de mi luz personal a Gaia y todos los habitantes, (la visualizo Rosa como Amor, mezclada con haces Violetas trasmutadores hacia el mejor Bien..
    Si todos nos unimos solo con ese pequeño gesto cada vez que lo recordemos MANDAR AMOR A GAIA Y LOS HABITANTES, PARA LIBERACION Y SANACIÓN DONDE MAS SE NECESITE , creo que se acelerará enormemente todo. Namasté. Adonai. En Ekke Mai Ea.

  12. Tito

    I heard Galactic’s enjoy music without lyrics or voices. Sometimes earthlings need the energy boost. I do not have much ego or anything. But I do feel more heroic (might be a good UFC entrance) with this music and that is exactly what the great awakening/light warriors are. We are brave warriors who trained hard to fight against the regressive dark controllers. We are awakened by our source/creator, we fight fire with fire, the combined power of mother Gaia, lightworkers, and GFL will prevail. Interesting times no doubt!



    1. A.S.

      They’re enjoying the music and sending thanks.

      Sharing music with each other is indeed a great thing to do!

      1. Christed

        The best news of the year for me was Russians and their indelible sacrifice of blood and sweat to rid this planet of Satanic Neo Nazis and their dark collaborators swarmed all over Ukraine, US and EU. Then, if Hakann’s revelation regarding a Pleiadian ultimate sacrifice and burial on Earth is true, the feeling that everything will pan out timely and happily for us Earth surface humanity soon and very soon, is the more exhilarating. Happy liberation to all and sundry as we march forwards in 2023!!!!

  13. jakesey

    I humbly think you need to get together in a Grand Meeting and discuss just how we are going to be liberated and when. I’d call it ‘Operation Global Freedom’. You need to get your act together putting aside all your internal schedules only for the time being, focusing laser like to fiercely prioritize all humans on earth and our Liberation from evil. Please kindly consider this.Thanks Hakaan.

  14. A Lightbearer

    Dear Hakann! I have a very important question for You. Please answer it, if You can.

    Don’t You fear (all the galactics) that this negative experience what we are gaining, will be TOO MUCH? I mean the negative experience will cause an overdrive, and the negative experience will be irreversibly, irreparably carved into our being?

    I’m thinking on this a lot for a whole, and my fear is growing day by day.
    I can picture a scenario where we are liberated, and our overwhelming joy simply not happening, and all we can produce is a bitter smile, and the question hammers the situation: why did you waited THIS MUCH???

    With each passing day this timelines probability increases, I feel..

    Please consult this question with each other or maybe with higher authorities, if necessary with councils. I consider this is way more important to discuss than You think first! (And not my ego needs some attention)

    As you pictured our “old” life, and our abilities, I remember and I know that specially me is a very high power entity and I have exceptional skills and powers. I even have a sense of justice so high that I have never seen in anybody.

    1. Eva Wypych

      Thank you, I am very involved in different channel watching their videos, posting so much info. and videos, that sometimes I forget my own emails Maybe I am doing too much, trying Waking people Up, many of them don’t believe me. I don’t have any Fear, since last year, my Fear go away, before that I was afraid. I am looking forward, for Peace, Health, Prosperity and live the way I always wanted, not to worry about finances. Travel places. Thank you, Love and Light.

  15. tigersnack1114

    I just wished there was an editor so I could not be so hasty to post without proofreading first….hehe

  16. Eva Wypych

    Thank you, for your beautiful and loving massage, I love you my brothers and sisters, can wait to see you and work with you, I am doing my best to help on Earth my Human brothers and sisters. Love and Peace. Eva.


    LEFTERIS (athens-greece)

  18. Mickwordman

    Thank you very much for that very heartfelt and encouraging message. I send you loving wishes and much joy in our new year time. I appreciate your concern for our situation and welcome your friendship and help.

    1. Kleeblatt

      Fuer mich ist das Buch von Jesus “Ein Kurs in Wunder” jedes Jahr eine neue Offenbarung, um wieder mit der Quelle eins zu sein. Dafuer danke ich Jesus und der Quelle.

  19. Kim

    Thank you for your most beautiful words. I have felt most recently that I am on an island alone, because I am just not relating with virtually anyone around me these days. Of course, I know that I am not alone and I will continue to remain strong, steadfast following my intuitive knowing and extend love and grace to those still living the Matrix of ego fear and weakness. I look to the day when all of humanity all souls will enjoy the bliss once experienced and enjoyed, after our mission is complete.

  20. unionylibertad

    ¡Hóla Hakann! I m going to share what I remember made me feel so happy…On election day here in the USA I witnessed lights that seemed to be non-earthling…This white light moved straight up from the ground, then went horizontally above a house following the shape of the roof and it lit up to three different colors blinking as it moved over the roof stopping before the trees next to the house in the back yard…The colors were red, green and white, then it went back the same way over the roof and came straight down as a white light…This happened twice exactly the same way, only about 40 to 60 yards away….There is a very dark cemetery (no lights at all), it was already dark and this is an lonely area right behind my house…

    Also I loved a message from One that really touched my heart…In it One talked with so much Love and admiration towards us humans that I felt so humbled, and so grateful.. I remember how distant God/Creator seemed to me many years ago before I realized I had been dreaming my way throughout life…

    I will share one more and this one was very recent on Christmas Eve…A family member gave me a gift and in it I saw the name of St. Germain…. I knew it was not a coincidence to see his name in that cookie box….He is being along my spiritual journey since I awakened back in 2005 and this coming year it is for me a very meaningful one…all numbers align perfectly with many happenings in my life since I first started my journey from my country of Spain, to Germany and then the USA…
    Finally I will share an experience I just remembered I had with a toddler when I was at Walmart…This beautiful girl stared and smiled at me and I stared back at her also smiling…Somehow we connected, from the Heart and telepathically…She nodded at me while she kept smiling and I knew that she saw my light and she recognize me somehow….It was an intense moment of joy and amazement…I know children are born wiser and full of pure love …
    To wrap this up I will say that little things mean a lot to me…I hope you enjoyed my stories…I am writing this very late at night so I made so many typing errors that needed correction
    ..Peace and Love to you, Tunia. A.S. and all our beloved Galactic family above in the ships….We are very grateful for your presence of Love…

  21. Finn

    Hakann, thanks for reminding us of how completely lost we are on this harsh and hellish planet… – I’m not sure if I’ll be shaking your hand if and when that time might come around…

  22. Belkıs Mavi

    Sevgili Hakaan, bu mesajınla göz yaşlarıma engel olamıyorum.Evet artık çok yorulduk. Her ne oluyorsa bütünün en yüksek hayrına olsun. Sevgi ve desteğiniz için donsy teşekkürler. Seni seviyorum.Ailene selamlar.🙏💜🌹

  23. Frossard

    Bonjour hakann

    Merci pour votre message qui me touche beaucoup , je vous souhaite aussi une bonne année à venir
    Merci d avoir raconté l enterrement de ce soldat sur terre
    Cette histoire m a particulièrement touché : en effet il aurait pu choisir d être rapatrié chez lui
    Mais il a choisi la terre
    C est que notre planète et le collectif humain doit être cher à son coeur
    Pour ma part voici ce que je retiens de cette année
    J aime marcher dans la nature et me baigner dans l eau froide et pure des calanques de Marseille
    Je vais peut-être enfin pouvoir arrêter mon traitement que je prends en 2023. Le fait de prendre ce traitement me pèse beaucoup
    J ai pu envoyer une lettre à François cheng, un homme que j apprécie énormément
    Je ne sais pas si il répondra étant donné son grand âge mais ce n est pas le plus important pour moi
    Merci pour tout vos messages
    Je souhaite que vous puissiez bientôt atterrir sur terre ouvertement ce qui signifierait notre libération complète
    Camille frossard