2023 Universal Year 7 with Galactic Numerology

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key energies from the new dimensional frequencies of sacred numbers through Galactic Numerology. These energies and illuminations are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in your year of 2023. See how this sets the stage for maneuvering and creating your life, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you!

We begin with the foundation and backdrop of the Universal Year of 7 in 2023. The digits of the 2+0+2+3 add up to 7, and this sets the energy for this calendar year as one of multidimensional transitions and transformations beyond what has ever been experienced on the Earthstar.

And, it becomes more apparent in your outer reality that things are shifting swiftly. Changes are taking place that are the result of the magnificent and challenging soul growth that you have undergone in the past year of 2022, as well as all the expansion since your Earth year of 2012 – when the massive flood of high frequency Christ Consciousness Light and Love poured upon the Earth. This great awakening was a leap in consciousness to assist the transition period into the 7th New Golden Age, completing the Piscean Age, and transitioning into the Aquarian Age.

The 7 Universal Year foundational energies greatly support you, and can be utilized to build upon that which you are most desiring to co-create as a whole new world, one of unity and harmony.  Yes, there is yet much to do, much to continue to shift to reach highest states of resonance of Divine union, first within yourself, and then reflected out into the world.  The Divine Feminine frequencies continue to pour in to assist with this, and to balance that which has been out of balance for eons.

2023 greatly supports your evolution, Dear One, in new and exciting ways. Transitions are action-oriented changes that move from one state to the next, then to the next, then to the next, in this ever-expansive process of moving from separation into unity. What actions are you ready to take? Know that you’ve rediscovered the power of the Divine from within that creates change in your outer experience.  You are Divinely empowered and always have been – and now you can utilize this in new and exciting ways!

The past several years have supported the shaking out and the illumination of the fear of change – and to know that these fears have been created by and through illusions.

As you’ve been facing those fears, and breaking down the walls of illusions, the fears of change have been transformed, and you’re strengthened in your own resolve to keep moving forward from states of illusionary comfort “the comfort zone” to the new, realized truth that aligns with who and what you truly are at soul level.

This is magnaminous and crucial soul growth and applification of your own Divineness.  And reaching these advanced states of being while living upon the Earth opens you to more multidimensional ways of being and doing – and creating as an incarnate soul. You are greatly supported with the astrological movement of the planets and stars within your solar system, which in 2023 brings amazingly favorable positioning and motions that continue to aid your metamorphoses and that of the Earth.  You are in the process of advancing yourself and your civilization. And, in the dimensions where time does not exist, are already beyond what you can comprehend from your incarnate experience. Yet you’re always creating and forging the New Earth with each and every choice you make.  Your words, emotions, and actions all contribute to movement forward …or stagnation.

As everything is not linear, yet spiral in it’s motion and expansion, so stagnation is the state of “stuckedness” or the illusion of it. Therefore, the most optimal choices to continue with flow and ease are those of diligence with being in the highest energetic states, and creating your life with high-frequency words, actions and emotions.

Then, transitions and transformations are experienced in the most delightful and JOYful way, and there continues even more connection to the multidimensionality of living.  This means that synchronicity and magic keep showing up as your guide, because you are coming from your higher-self, and in connection with the Divine guidance always available and awaiting your calling forth.  This is empowering – to be coming from that which is being guided from your heart.  And, for assistance from your Divine guides, know that in the free-will universe, they only step forward upon the call.  Know that you always have assistance, and simply to ask for the highest guidance for your soul path.

Your transformation, your development and expansion as a soul upon the Earth is a great gift and opportunity in your evolutionary journey as well as your contribution to the creation of the New Earth. With the great support of this sacred numerology of the 7 Universal Year, how do you choose to transition to higher states of being?

You may consider asking yourself:

  • “What adjustments can I make to the recognition of the inner guidance being broadcast from my own heart – and compass? Can I turn up the volume and listen more intently?”
  • “What inspirations are stepping forward from my soul that present opportunities to create my life in new and exciting ways?”
  • “What revisions to my life can create new pathways and leave behind old and outdated ways of being and doing?”

As you bring more awareness to yourself and how you can transform into what you truly are as a Divine being – and shed the mold of the collective separation consciousness – you are taking action and being the powerful creator of your own life path.

In this 7 Year, we wish to also bring forth the 7th Ray of Light which is the Violet Ray of Transmutation of Saint Germain and overseen by Lady Portia, by Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst. Calling upon the Violet Flame, which is the action of this Ray, is indeed the most powerful tool to instantly transmute the dense energies rising to the surface to be transformed into their next states of consciousness and into Wholeness.

We send our love, blessings, and support always.  And our transmission is now complete.

**By Denise Ricard


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