Space X Boss Elon Musk Believes That Alien Beings Live Among Us, Finally Breaks Silence On Aliens “They Are So Close”

In case you haven’t already heard, Elon Musk is by far the most eccentric and downright funny billionaire out there. As much as people love him, many people also have doubts about whether he is human after all.

Before you log out, this is just a theory, so don’t take it too seriously. For the most part, people only believe this because of their general obsession with going to other planets.

His wit is literally out of this world, which is another reason why people believe he could be an alien or alien-human hybrid.
But regardless, today we will talk about his most recent controversial statement that came at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

This is where, after being asked whether or not he believes in aliens, he exclaimed that he not only believes in their existence, but also specifically believes that they live among us to this day.

That’s right, the man who has invested his entire multi-million dollar company in the project that aims to get us off this planet has officially declared that he is doing it because aliens are slowly taking over everything here.

He also hinted at theories that he is an alien infiltrator in society which, although he didn’t deny, he obviously joked as anyone would.

Anyway, he watches the video below and see the statement for yourself:



4 Replies to “Space X Boss Elon Musk Believes That Alien Beings Live Among Us, Finally Breaks Silence On Aliens “They Are So Close””

  1. Linda Rosa

    So, Elon was at the World Government Summit in Dubai? Hmmm. Now it’s appropriate to speak of the world government? In previous years, Christians who talked about a coming one-world government, with the anti-Christ at the helm, were criticized and called conspiracy theorists. Never forget, Elon co-founded Neuralink, which foresees all humans being brain-chipped and interacting with the giant, cloud-based computer controlled by the demons that run this earth.

  2. Wiseman

    Not so much humoured. He’s dangerous due to how mentally disturbed he is, unstable people have a bad history remember Hitler and Obama

  3. Magdalena Wouters

    Ik zag twee keer iemand voor mijn ogen veranderen in een geschubd buitenaards wezen. Dat bewijst dat zij onder ons leven. Helaas behoren deze twee tot uiterst negatieve rassen.