Entering the Ever Present Memory of the Ancient Ones

This is a small part of a down load I received in Palenque in 1991, when I was wild and crazy and spent the night inside the temple of the sun. I would do it again in a heart beat… but we live in the age of security cameras now, and until I learn to be invisible… we have to find other ways to deeply connect with sacred sites and also the ancient ones who still exist within their ever present connection to the cosmos.

To connet to any sacred site, we should arrive with deep respect, humility and most of all we should have no expectations to out come. Enter with no agendas. Arrive as a little child. We can simply introduce ourselves much like you would introduce yourself to another human being. Because these sites are in truth, living energies.   We can begin our connection by offering our name, and why we have been called to this place and this time.  Share what you can offer the site … like your love, your appreciation etc.  For me, I like to say I am here. And I can hear you. So if there is anything you would like me to share, I offer myself as your emissary. Anyone can do this. You just listen within to the subtle shifts and changes in your consciousness.  Then we wait.  Healers, teachers, messengers, artists and musicians, have been launched into service and uncover new paths from having deep connections with sacred sites.

We can ask things like …
I ask I be allowed to go inside your memory for I desire to remember.
I have come to you to understand the meaning of the earth and the cosmos and what my place is in this time and space.
I want to understand, how to use my energy wisely for the future, so I may walk in harmony with the earth and the stars once again.

Once the site realizes we are serious, and not just there to grab energy for our own personal agenda … also when the ancients can see that we have quieted ourselves, have patience and have a open heart… then things start to happen and the messages will arise.

This connection decree came to me very strongly back in 1991. It helps us remember we are  ONE with the sacred site and with the Creator and always have been.
It went a bit like this….

I AM the eyes that see as the creator sees.
I AM the ears that hear as the creator hears.
I AM the mind that knows as the creator knows.
I AM the heart that feels as the creator feels.
I AM the voice that speaks as the creator speaks.
I AM the souls that remembers as the creator remembers.
As in you, so in me.  I am now, and I am here.

WE ARE ALL ONE in the body of the Great Creator. When we acknowledge and awaken to this fact, we can enter the ancient memory of any site, on any ley line, or any timeline, or dimension, and become awakened to the truth about who we are and why we are here.

It was on a pitch black new moon night, that triggered my path and it has not wavered since … it has not changed no matter what the world has thrown at me. The truth of who we are at our core can and does endure the trials and tribulations that come with living in a human body.  The material world is full of illusions, distractions and dramas that try to pull us away from our truth of our God-ness and our place within the Great Creator and our innate connection to the earth and cosmos.

This is why I offer pilgrimages to these sites ever since that night and why I owe so much to Palenque itself. Because this site lives within me, and it changed my life and it can change yours too. All you need is a open heart!  It is so simple to wake up to the connectedness between all things if we just give ourselves the time and space to allow it to come into us. We have been waiting for us to arrive. We are the ancestors returned. We have been waiting for a long time.

**By Aluna Joy