The Archangels: Life is in God’s Hands

Beloved people,

Upheaval and new beginnings now go hand in hand. While the old is fading away, the new is emerging and every crisis is followed by rays of hope of incredible intensity.

The upheaval is happening on all levels. Nothing you know remains exempt from it! Every area of the human living together and every area on the planet earth have been seized by it.

In the midst of this process you enjoy the unlimited protection of God, in the midst of the storm you remain sheltered, in the midst of the noise of time there is silence.

Now the kingdom of peace is spreading within you, because what you have redeemed in the past years is now making itself felt. You are not to be brought from the rest – and if however, then this is only of short duration.

Your trust in God and in his guidance is deeply rooted and so also this time can harm you only little.

You are ready for the departure into the NEW TIME on a completely NEW EARTH with a completely NEW HUMANITY.

The end of war and hatred, of violence and injustice is attractive only to those people who have inwardly turned away from it and who have largely straightened out and redeemed their own inner conflicts.

Many, very many people remain in the game and want to continue to oscillate between light and shadow. Like drifting masses in the ocean, they want to have their lives determined instead of taking the rudder into their own hands.

These people still cling to the old, to life as it is, because the fear of the new is just as great as the fear of their own unredeemed shadows.

So it happens now that people separate and that people are separated – into those who set out towards the light and into those who remain behind in the shadow realm.

Self-chosen and self-willed, the destiny of every human being happens.

So do not grieve and do not be afraid! What is coming to you and to those who are left behind is in God.

In God’s hands is the world and all life, only that it is conscious to the ONE and unconscious to the OTHER.

So go and live! Live your life until you find completion and are completed.

In infinite love,

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by