Hakann: Messages Of Love 26-50

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

First of all, I would like to give my perspective on what is potentially a slight misunderstanding. There were some people concerned and skeptical about past messages that showed that we Pleiadians still have our flaws and still have some growing to do. For example, some readers were concerned that a minority of Pleiadians and galactics have the opinion that Earth humans are bad people because a lot of Earth humans do bad deeds.

Yes, a minority of galactics have this opinion. I want to place that in context, however. On Earth there are people of a relatively unevolved consciousness and people of a much more evolved consciousness. So too is it with Pleiadians. We too have our relatively young souls, and we also have our spiritual masters.

These relatively young souls are fine people who love their friends and family and contribute to the community. But they do not yet always have an understanding of what it would be like to live on Earth.

And also, while everyone gets a vote in what decisions Pleiadian society makes, the vote of more evolved souls weighs heavier than the vote of younger souls. We do not have a mechanical process or a mathematical formula for this – those souls being older and wiser simply automatically means that they have a more powerful effect on the collective consciousness of Pleiadians. In turn, the collective consciousness of the Pleiadians has a huge impact on what decisions Pleiadian society makes.

So please be aware that the people who think that Earth humans should not be helped until they discover unconditional love, are not only a minority numerically, but they also have less weight in the decision-making process because typically these are younger souls. The older and more evolved souls understand how impressive it is that Earth humans are mostly maintaining a good heart despite all the darkness that surrounds them and the lack of practical help that they are getting.

Beings who are incredibly loving and wise have a very big role in which decisions Pleiadian society makes. Those beings have a huge amount of love and respect and understanding for you. I have a lot of love and respect for you, I am not judging you at all, and there absolutely are Pleiadians who are more evolved than myself.

Also, more and more compassion and understanding for humanity is being created every single day in Pleiadian society, because more and more people look at Earth and Earthlings, and thus get an understanding of and respect for what Earthlings are going through.

It is my hope that one day, we will be able to start working together and start living together as equals. For while we have many things to share with you, there are also many things we can learn from you, such as maintaining your inner light in a world of darkness. We simply do not have the practical experience with this that you do. So we think that both of our people can learn from the other.

I hope this clears up any potential misunderstandings that might have risen up.

I would like to move on to the main part of this message. One Jared suggested in the comment section that we ask a hundred beings to give a short message to Earth humans. Thank you for this great idea, Jared. Here are messages 26 to 50. Again, you are invited to post a comment and share which message or messages most resonated with you.

Twenty-six: People are of course different, but in many cases, people first have to heal and get their own life on track before they can help others. This is completely normal and okay. It is like your saying that you need to put your own oxygen mask on first. This is the proper way to do things for many of you, and hence there’s no need to feel guilty if you’re currently still putting on your own oxygen mask. This channeler also did not significantly help other people in a practical and tangible way for the first 90% or so of his life. But because he took the time to put his oxygen mask on properly, he’s now able to help people without it taking up too much of his energy.

Twenty-seven: Many of you still think primarily in terms of physical matter. However energy determines at least as much as matter what actually happens in your world. That said, as Tunia has pointed out, it’s not just your conscious mind that is able to manifest things. Your subconscious mind and your emotions and your soul can and will manifest things too. Therefore it is important to try to align your soul, your conscious mind, your emotions and your subconscious mind towards one purpose. In practice this may mean talking to and following your soul, and healing all the pain and distortions stored in your subconscious, and observing your thoughts and feelings without trying to change or judge or suppress them.

Twenty-eight: With respect, it is my perspective that Earth humans sometimes overcomplicate things. Just the basics of breathing, walking, eating well and neutrally observing your thoughts and emotions will get you very far, possibly even further than doing very specific and complicated routines. For many people it would also pay off to simplify your life and get rid of things and break off contact with people in your life if they do not bring joy or something else of value to your life.

Twenty-nine: Most information you have been given about nutrition is wrong, unfortunately. Most of you would benefit from simply forgetting everything you have ever been told about nutrition and just trying out different meals and see how your body feels a few hours after having eaten. Moreover, if your stomach craves a certain food, it is good to eat that; however do not confuse what your stomach wants with what kinds of food your inner child may want to numb emotional pain. If this is too vague, then a good place to start would be to eat more fruit and to buy a water distiller, and see how you feel after having for example a breakfast consisting of four bananas with at least some black on the peel.

Thirty: People tend to place things and people in distinct and separate boxes, and have separate ways of interacting with things and people in those separate boxes. In some situations, it would help you to not think so rigidly in terms of boxes and to treat people as people, no matter what box they may be in.

Thirty-one: You did not come here to be told what to do and to conform to society. You did not come here to fit in. You came here to learn, to discern for yourself what is and is not true. You came here to come into your own power and then to change things.

Thirty-two: It is not people who should conform to the system, it is the system that should conform to the people. Any system that does not do this is corrupt.

Thirty-two: Similarly, many people including certain gray hats seem to think that laws and procedures are the end goal. They are not. They are the means. Following procedures is not as important as saving children from torture and starvation.

Thirty-three: Just because a person or message makes you feel good or bad, doesn’t mean that this person or message actually is good / truthful or bad / false. A large number of Earth humans believe pretty lies, and disregard ugly truths. As Hakann shared previously: any time you feel a strong negative emotion about something, then that is probably not your intuition talking. Any time you feel a strong negative emotion about something, you are not in a state of mind in which you can accurately judge whether something is beneficial / truthful or harmful / false.

Thirty-four: Often spiritual seekers will work really hard for a number of years, and then finally they will see one part of the metaphorical ox, let’s say a leg. Then there is a large temptation for the spiritual seeker to proclaim that they alone have found ultimate truth and that everyone should listen to them. However, often the spiritual seeker will at this point only have seen a leg and will thus have an incomplete picture and incomplete and maybe even unbalanced teachings. Often it is better to keep going inwards until you see the whole ox, and only then to start teaching.

Thirty-five: You are doing amazingly well and we are cheering you on. Very few beings would be able to metaphorically wake up and also maintain a good heart, in a world filled with so much pain and darkness. You really are doing great.

Thirty-six: There is no “should.” “Should” does not exist. “Should” is a very dangerous word to use and in most cases we recommend not using it. For example, take the sentence “I should be thinner.” Well, why? In this case it may be more productive to think “I am experiencing shame about my body” and then to observe those thoughts and emotions neutrally, without trying to change or suppress or judge them. Or if you are more action-oriented, you could also think “hm, do I want to make some changes to my diet or exercise routine?”

Thirty-seven: Similar to the excellent point that the previous speaker made, the following phrase can also lead to unhappiness: “I must do the dishes.” No, you do not. The police will not arrest you for failing to do the dishes. Instead you are choosing to do the dishes, because you consider the alternative to be worse. If you think “I choose to do the dishes” or “I plan to do the dishes this evening”, then that sounds much less unpleasant than the phrase “I must do the dishes.” The phrase “I must do this” can rob your life of happiness, and we advise that you are careful about using it.

Thirty-eight: Thank you for your inspiration and your light, Earth humans. I humbly look forward to learning from you when we finally are able to meet, if you are willing to teach and share your experiences.

Thirty-nine: If you feel a fear or severe dislike or repulsion from something, but there is no logical reason why you would feel that strongly about it, then there is a decent chance that in a past life you hurt someone in a way related to that, and you feel guilty. It might help to just say out loud: “People who I have wronged, including in ways related to X, I apologize. Please forgive me.” While people might not be very forgiving, their souls nearly always are, and you may get forgiveness and thus relief from your guilt from those souls.

Forty: Some of you are wondering what you are supposed to do against these monolithic control structures on your world. Well, actually being kind to the people around you makes a huge impact, much more than you are probably consciously aware of. People who feel connected and loved and appreciated and part of something greater than themselves, cannot be controlled, after all. Furthermore, the energy on your world keeps rising, in part due to the large amount of star seeds simply existing on Earth right now, which makes it a guarantee that one of these days, love will prevail.

Forty -one: Please don’t believe everything you think. Some of the thoughts you think are not actually from yourself – you are just perceiving other people’s thoughts, in the same way that you can hear sounds that other people make. Thinking that all thoughts in your head were produced by you, is like thinking that all sounds you hear were produced by you.

Forty -two: Benevolent galactics don’t tend to take things personally. If you were to stand in front of one and get angry at them for some reason, they would likely not feel either hurt or insulted or the need to verbally defend themselves. They would likely feel compassion and curiosity and love for the one who was angry at them. They would likely do some quick self-reflection about their behavior, without ever delving into self-hate, and would consider how to best either help or better understand the person making the claim. I’m sharing this because I think this not-taking-things-personally approach is something that some Earth humans could learn from.

Forty-three: My dearest masters of light and dark, please remain true to yourself and also to all your inner parts. If your inner child does not want to do something, please take that seriously. Please stand up for your inner parts including your inner children, for probably no one else will.

Forty-four: Beloved ones, from my perspective, science should be a method that anyone can engage in, to get closer to the truth, step by step. Science should not refer to a class of exalted people who should apparently be believed blindly, because they have apparently discovered eternal truth that is apparently set in stone and should apparently never be questioned.

Forty-five: Things can happen for a reason. Things can also just plain suck. People have free will, which means that people by definition have to be able to make choices that lead to more happiness, and also choices that lead to less happiness. Similarly, on a collective level: humanity has free will, which also means that humanity can make choices that lead to a quicker liberation of Earth and also choices that lead to a slower liberation on Earth. At no point did either Source or we decree that this liberation process was going to take exactly a set number of years, and not one year more or less. This makes statements like “Earth’s liberation is going according to plan” a bit misleading. The only part we agree with is that yes, one day you will be free, and nothing can stop that.

Forty-six: Occasionally Earth humans wonder: did I say the right thing to that person? From our perspective, one essential question to ask yourself is if you were being authentic. While this is not the only consideration, we think that it one of the most important questions to ask yourself if you wonder if you said the right thing.

Forty-seven: Not everyone needs to be wayshower or truth teller or teacher. However, to those who do want to be one of those things: please do not be afraid to be controversial, so long as you know your messages come from a good place and so long as you know you have sufficient experience or information or a good enough vantage point to teach. If you are a true wayshower or truth teller or teacher, you will trigger people. It is inevitable. The only way in which you would not trigger people is if you were to tell them what they already knew, and then what value would you have as a wayshower or truth teller or teacher? Of course we are generalizing here, but we hope you get the general point.

Fourth-eight: You are doing absolutely amazing. Very few beings could have accomplished what you have accomplished. Furthermore, you have gifts that no one else has. Your specific contribution to this liberation process is unique and cannot be replicated by anyone else. True, if you choose to or cannot contribute, the liberation process will proceed regardless. But every single one of you has a unique piece that can make this process smoother and faster.

Forty-nine: From the perspective of many of us galactics, the subtle energetic transmissions that you get when receiving a genuine heart-felt channeling, is more important than the cognitive information that you receive.

Fifty: From our perspective, everyone who is currently living on Earth and is also awake from a spiritual perspective, has earned the title of Master. It is very likely that in due time, you will be invited to start teaching other Earth humans or possibly galactics, for you have much to offer. Of course, there are also many other paths that will be available to you.

So, that was the last message for today. Thank you for listening. You are invited to share in the comments which message or messages most resonated with you. I am curious.

I leave you today with my love and my wish of peace.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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31 Replies to “Hakann: Messages Of Love 26-50”

  1. Ulrich

    Hello everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the contribution of everyone here to the construction of a world of peace and based on unconditional love lived in the human sense.
    Thank you also to our galactic brothers and sisters for these beautiful and powerful messages of reminder. Each of the messages is important in some way.
    I would like to ask a question about the fuller and deeper surrender of our conscious self to the Source of Light. How specifically could we make progress in this direction on a daily basis? I have been greatly impressed by the story of our Earth brother who has so devotedly surrendered to the source of all consciousnesses to the point of achieving liberations that would be difficult for our soldiers of the Galactic Confederation to achieve. What marks me above all is not the achievement in question, but this alignment of heart so impressive towards Unconditional Love, to make each of our cells converge towards this great Whole, for me that seems really difficult to reach and even in the path.

    1. harrrrrie

      I don’t know if what I say is what you are referring to but it is this:

      I feel whole and best when I feel the whole universe and all its beings are valued, appreciated, loved, and cared about with my whole being. It makes me feel something beyond joy, perhaps bliss? And this feeling of love, value, appreciation and caring is one feeling, all encompassed in love. For example, when I feel this love, I do not have to remember to also feel compassion, gentleness, kindness, empathy, etc. It’s all there in the love. Everyone and everything is precious and makes me happy and glad we are all here. Perhaps that is the knowing we are all one, in a sense.

      The more I feel this, the easier it is to not fall back on old thought programs/patterns, such as intolerance, blame, fear, insecurity, etc. So I need to try to feel love all the time to feel the best.

      But I will say that inspite of Earth ascending, there is a great deal of negativity here and interaction with people every day makes it very challenging. I’m such a strong empath, I forget to not get internally involved. And some people go over the line pretty regularly and I forget to stand aside, observe and not react. I know I’m picking up their energy.

      Yes, I’d say feeling love every moment is the ticket. And the more we practice, the easier it gets. I would not doubt that most of the population will be in bliss most of the time within 35 years. And along with the bliss, we will all be creating and experiencing miracles. And I think it was the gentleman’s miracle you were referring to.
      Feeling all encompassing love all the time for everyone and everything is the goal. Then there is no doubt we are living our highest path in Creator.

      1. harrrrrie

        My message was addressed to Ulrich. And I want to add that Creator learns from us and wants to experience through us. Our love makes this happen. I was told that the Divine Feminine works through me sometimes. And I have to look it up to be sure, but I think Creator is the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
        To Everyone: Thank you for these beautiful messages. I love all of them and I’m looking forward to reading 51 – 100, and more if you can add to them. They are so helpful.

  2. Alexey

    Thank you for your messages!!!
    All these messages are so valuable for me and I guess for everyone, they give me answers and confirmations to my thoughts and give me feeling that I’m not alone! Thank you dears !

    #27 brilliant idea – thank for repeating (Tunia told already about it, this time I started to practice it) – this time I started to harmonise mind with subconscious with emotions with soul – and I found how my subconscious is not “clean” yet- and I started work with it the way I deal with “problems” which appear in my “ordinary” mind.
    And I got into such harmonious state of myself which probably was in my early childhood — it’s divine!
    Thank you for reminding and I propose it would be beneficial for all if you give us your technics to work with subconscious, please!

    #42 and #46 — definitely for me! Thank you!!! I’ll take it )))

  3. Xere

    Gracias Hakann. Ya respondí anteriormente. Quiero añadir que , como propuesta añadida a esta que me parece realmente excelente, también podría ser muy bueno considerar crear Listas de Ayuda 5D. Con el mismo formato: 25- 50 o 100 Grandes seres sabios estelares, nos dan breves consejos para la lista que se desee. Por ejemplo, a mi me encantaría una Lista en que se den consejos breves para elevar la vibración, según cada ser. Sé que hay multitud en muchos mensajes y es maravilloso. Pero también pienso lo sería tenerlo siempre compilados y a mano para todo el mundo, y poder elevar las frecuencias vibratorias más fácilmente así. Es solo una opinión. Namasté.

  4. unionylibertad

    Yesterday I wrote an answer and it did not go through….So I leave this short one thanking all of you for your loving answers…I am so grateful that all of this is happening… Sometimes it feels surreal…Here I am writing back a note to my Galactic Family…Amazing…I love you all, and Hakann, Tunia and A.S.

  5. silvia

    Dear galactic friends, number 39 resonates a lot to me. I will apologize to people I hurted in all lives and forgive those who hurted me in all lives.


  6. unionylibertad

    This is getting better and better…As someone said above in the answers…It feels so good to be able to connect with all of you from here on Earth…I cannot wait until I can use telepathy and connect directly with you…I read all the messages and I must say I resonated with all of them…Some of them present a new perspective to me but I can still agree with them…I can say I always learn something…I particularly loved messages 26,27,28,29, ( these two are my favorite 31 and 32 (2) I am a rebel for truth and justice and I can get frustrated but I am learning to redirect my energy to send Love and Light instead), 35, 36, 37. To 38 thank you for your kind words, I too, am so eager to meet with all of you. 43, 44, 45,….To 48…Perhaps you would be able to do more than you dare believe…It is by being here that you would “know” how far you can go….50,…
    I did not mention all the numbers but I truly liked all the messages,. Thank you to you all, to Hakann, Tunia and A.S.I love you my family above earth…

  7. Georgia C

    35 and 47 Thankyou for your words of love, light and strong encouragement. You really have a special way with your words. When i read your posts, what can be a lonely, dark and overwhelming world, always feels more of a blessing, and honor to be here. I take much comfort, and see from the higher perspective that is always there. Thank you, thank you thank you Beautiful Beings

  8. xere

    Gracias Amados en Luz. Resonó mucho 26 al 29 incluídos. también 42.
    Gracias por sus ánimos igualmente, desde la humildad, en mensajes como 50. Me conmovio especialmente que se den cuenta cada vez más profundamente que en la tierra necesitamos fervientemente compasión , cariño, comprensión. Pienso que solo los que vivimos aquí sabemos con certera comprensión toda la confusión interna y externa que promueve el caos mental y emocional y que nos lleva a actuar como corazones puros , pero con cargas a veces casi insoportables de “contaminación pesada”.
    Que personas como los Amados Hakann, Tunia en las Pléyades se pongan en nuestro lugar y nos guíen, y además sintamos su apoyo amoroso, LUZ CLARA y GUIA CONSTANTE, pienso es imprescindible para seguir soportando los momentos tristes y confusos desde aquí. Retrasmitan esto por favor a todos allá, me gustaría que las almas jóvenes se den cada vez más cuenta de esto. Aquí en la tierra hay un dicho que dice “Cuanto peor se porta, más amor necesita”. Y esto es cierto aquí. Espero seguir trabajando en el amor incondicional hasta llegar al punto donde todas las capas se aclaren, y esto es en gran parte gracias a vosotros los pleyadianos. Con sincero amor, espero el día que podamos encontrarnos al fin. Sigan ayudándonos. Gracias gracias gracias.

  9. jakesey

    Messages 28,31,46 resonated the most. Thank you A.S. for allowing the Galactics to come through. Good health to you friend. Also many thanks to Tunia, Hakaan and Comrades.

    Here we are talking back and forth with denizens from other planets. It’s a miracle, and it can only get more surreal from now on. What next? Psychic artists, hugs, evening tea? I feel ‘spoiled’ already.🙏🦋😄

  10. Ananda Laan

    Dear Galactic Brethren,
    Thank you so very much for your many uplifting messages. They all touched me, especially #s 31 and 32. This truly made my day! To the Chaneller and our Pleaiadian Friends, your service, love and messages mean so much. Some of us are so weary and some days it feels like there is no end in sight, but we must go on. Your messages and contact are like lights illuminating our path, or a warm cozy blanket when we are cold. As someone else here commented, I find it amazing we can communicate like this and I can’t wait to meet you and have some incredible conversations! I loved your story A.S., please continue it at the moment when the incarnated one is able to communicate and then meet their Twin Flame and how that may look. I am in a similar situation. sending you all much love and gratitude, Namaste :o)

  11. Camille Frossard

    Bonjour a tous ceux qui ont envoyés des messages
    Ils résonnent tous de manière juste pour moi et j aime ces remarques et conseils.
    Je les trouve utile et plein d amour
    Le message 38 m a particulièrement ému
    Cela montre clairement que vous avez hâte d d’echanger avec nous, de nous rencontrer
    J aimerais apporter autant aux galactiques que je rencontrais qu eux m apporteront en terme d enseignement, d échange.
    Que vous considériez avoir quelque chose à apprendre de nous me touche
    Après tout, vous vivez dans un amour inconditionnel qui n est pas imaginable pour moi
    J ai mis du temps a m aimer et a apprécier les autres être humain
    Mon passé n a pas été facile
    Et je n ai que 34 ans
    Vous m aidez à avoir une meilleure image de moi
    Camille frossard

    1. Raksha

      Bonjour Camille,

      Est-ce que tu parles en français exprès ? Ou est-ce que c’est une traduction automatique parce que ton nom est français ? Si c’est le premier cas, pourquoi ne pas écrire en anglais afin que tous puissent comprendre ?

      1. Jean-Christophe

        C’est en français parce que c’est notre langue maternelle, et nous répondons directement à nos frères pléiadiens sachant pertinemment que la langue n’est pas un obstacle : c’est d’ailleurs une partie du sens du message 49.

      2. Tricia

        Thank you so much Dear brother Hakaan and the galactic community I am touched to the bottom of my heart ❤️ Such a beautiful gesture and thing to do. I love all the encouragement, heartfelt messages and advice which I truly agree on. Some good reminders for me in Twenty-six and Twenty-seven a very good reminder for me these two seemed to speak out louder to me. Twenty-eight I definitely agree when I look at why I feel stressed at times the answer for me is I’m over complicating things.
        Twenty- nine yes I agree I have always wondered in my observations over my lifetime here if this was the case with nutrition.
        Thirty-one makes me feel emotional it feels like a confirmation.
        Thirty-two yes I’m tired of feeling all the pain of these children and yes a hard reality on earth is procedure and rules come before welfare of the child or as well for adults.
        ❤️❤️❤️❤️love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️Thirty-eight: Thank you for your inspiration and your light, Earth humans. I humbly look forward to learning from you when we finally are able to meet, if you are willing to teach and share your experiences.❤️❤️❤️❤️
        Thirty-six, Thirty-Seven, Forty-six Great advice thank you so much
        I loved all of them and will keep reading them again I could do with making my own workbook to work on the points I feel I need to work on because so much gets in the way sometimes and I want to remember them all 😂💖💖❤️❤️xxxx

      3. Camille Frossard

        J aimerais parler en anglais
        Malheureusement je ne parle pas assez bien pour ça
        Je suis française
        Avec mes excuses
        A bientôt

  12. Cyndy

    This is one of the most uplifting and enlightening messages I’ve ever read. It’s like sitting in a circle and listening to each person’s thoughts of love and encouragement. Number 35 & 38 touched me most as I needed that where I am after a rough and sad year. I love science so thank you 44! And 29, I am learning that although I usually eat healthy, that I may have foods I love on occasion and still be OK, so thank you for your words. And thank you all as each message touched me deeply.

  13. Ewa

    My dear friends, thank you for all your comments. They are all necessary and inspiring.
    Ten years ago it would have been inconceivable to me that I could just write a message to people from another planet. And now, please, it’s happening. And so in a few years, maybe we’ll be chatting face to face. The fact that you are there and support us with a good word gives me positive energy.

  14. Silvia

    Dear galactic friends thank you for these messages. All of them resonate, theyare like a path, from a terrestrial point of view, just like starting from elementary school to university and then to a master degree school. Number 47 is interesting as regards wayshowers: Most terrestrials are not flat Earth followers, we were told that the Earth is a sphere but in the Internet there are a lot of videos with new theories, with fascinating explanations by youtubers which trigger readers: as you galactics are more evolved than us and see the Earth from above, can you tell us what you see, what is your perception of this blue planet? A sphere or a a flat “disk” ? We were told a lot of lies by dark controllers, so both theories can be true or false. Sorry if this question sound stupid.

    Hugs from Silvia

  15. Dawn

    Thank you for sharing. 47 & 48 resonate with me and offer confirmation. All the messages are uplifting to me. I enjoy these channeled messages immensely.

  16. JA

    É verdade, para mim, tudo que foi dito mesmo que minha compreensão não alcance tanto. Temos aqui em casa também a Tunia e o Hakan, canídeos únicos e autênticos.

    It is true, for me, everything that was said even if my understanding does not reach that far. We also have Tunia and Hakan here at home, unique and authentic canids.

  17. Finn

    “Thirty-one: You did not come here to be told what to do; and to conform to society. You did not come here to fit in. You came here to learn, to discern for yourself what is and is not true. You came here to come into your own power; and then to change things”.

    Now THAT really resonated with me. Thank you Pleiadians for your good wisdom and for pointing that out.

  18. Colleen F

    47 Resonated. I will hold back saying anything because I don’t want to trigger people and get angry responses.
    44 I like the sass in this message, science IS for everyone.

  19. David

    Thanks Hakann, really liked this post, to the point and informative. For me 39, 40 and 50 resonated. When surrounded by so much I sometimes feel unsure, your insights gave me some clarity, thank you 🙏

  20. Alias

    These messages were wonderfull to read and some went straight to the heart and touched me. Thank you.

    I’d like to weigh in on the subject of science: It’s not a widely accepted perspective albeit an interesting one: I love the perpsective of Pepper he describes in his book World Hypotheses from 1942. In this he shows how perspectives on life determine what is regarded as true and that this also applies scientifically. Therefore it’s important to know from which philosophy of science a scientific analysis is done. What this means for me is that there is not one singular science, but a lot of different perspectives on science, which heavily influence the scientific analysis and their conclusions.

  21. A.S.

    The messages of love 1-25 will come later this week.

    They’re not in any particular order anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to read these first.

    1. Star_struck

      Thank you A.S. And Hakann and Tunia for dedicating yourself to the earth collective. Much love to you guys🥰