Dimensions of Consciousness

There are twenty-seven dimensions of consciousness. These dimensions are not the same as dimensions of space. For example, our third dimension of consciousness does not directly correlate to three-dimensional space, but most of the dimensions of consciousness exist in our reality of three-dimensional space and beyond.

The twenty-seventh dimension of consciousness is Source itself, from which all is created. At one point, Source, when it first decided to know itself more fully, separated into two dimensions: Love and Light. Love and Light are the basic building blocks of the other twenty-four dimensions of consciousness. Love is physical matter and space: Universe. Light is knowledge and understanding: God.

There are twelve heavens, or realms of reality, and each contains one dimension of Love and one dimension of Light. Every odd dimension (1D, 3D, 5D, 7D, 9D, 11D, 13D, 15D, 17D, 19D, 21D, and 23D) is the physical representation of a heaven, or realm, and every even dimension (2D, 4D, 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D, 16D, 18D, 20D, 22D, and 24D) is the knowledge and understanding of that realm and/or the consciousness observing it. Twelve heavens each containing two dimensions of consciousness equals twenty-four dimensions of consciousness.

For a more in-depth explanation of why Source divided itself into dimensions of consciousness, check out my article Dimensions of God, Source, Universe.

Here is a breakdown of the twenty-seven dimensions:

1D: Primitive Body

Our first dimension of consciousness (known as “1D”) is our primitive body. This is our physical body: our heart, liver, kidneys . . . as we exist in this 3D space. It is the physical matter that our bodies are made up of. If we touch something hot, and the skin of our physical body is burned,, the chemical reactions in our body will automatically withdraw our hand from the source of the pain. This is intrinsic to the nature of our chemical body.

2D: Subconscious

We observe our primitive body from our subconscious. It is the understanding, as well as the programming, for our primitive body. If we touch something that is red and it burns us, then our subconscious adds code to our software that reads, “red things equal hot”, and we are more likely to shy away from red things in the future.

3D: Complex Body

This is our complex mind, the prefrontal cortex or neocortex, which we have spent the last 250-million years developing. As we have activated more of our DNA, and have developed a larger brain, humanity has gained the ability for complex thought, language, and abstract reasoning. This allows us to use logic to help us decide if we should or should not touch something red.

4D: Consciousness

We observe our mind, or complex self, from our consciousness. As we awaken to enlightenment, or the next step of Ascension, we expand our awareness to include consciousness itself. It is our ability to observe our thoughts and direct our mind. Having this ability has allowed us to form an awareness of our Self, our presence, and also to develop deeper relationships (more than just our need for survival). We are the one observing our body, subconscious programming, and thoughts as we consider touching something red.

5D: Spirit Body

This is our spirit, light body, or subtle-energy body. This a piece of our larger soul, which decided to incarnate into a human body in this lifetime. This is our current incarnation. In a sense, we have decided to incarnate in physical form to experience the pain and understanding of something hot enough to burn ourselves.

6D: Super Consciousness

We observe our light body from our super consciousness. This is where we gain the awareness that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves.We gain the ability to see the threads that connect our individual consciousnesses to a larger collection of consciousnesses. It is from this vantage point of super consciousness that we gain the ability to witness that we have incarnated many times. Here, we may realize that this might not be our first time incarnating in human form and we may have had different goals in other lifetimes.

7D: Soul Body

This is the collection of our past and concurrent lifetimes. This is our soul. This is where we gain access to information from all of our past lives and past life regressions. This is where our Soul decides that it wants to learn, so it sends a soul fragment off to experience a lower dimension.

8D: Soul Consciousness (as individuals)

We observe our soul from our soul consciousness. This is where each of our lifetimes and incarnations of our soul can observe our collective experience, and understand the lessons of our many lifetimes. This is where we individually set goals according to where we are in growing our consciousness, and determine the best time(s) to incarnate in order to fulfill our higher goals.

9D: Soul Pod Body

This is where multiple souls form a group and work together to fulfill higher goals. Picture a classroom of students working together to complete a big project. Students will form groups that focus on smaller tasks in order to help the group as a whole learn an entire lesson. When doing individual past-life regressions, it is common to see the same spirits and souls working together over many lifetimes.

10D: Soul Pod Consciousness

We observe our soul pod — and integrate the understanding from our learning, growing, and healing experiences — from our soul pod consciousness.

11D: Oversoul Body

This is the collection of all of our soul pods into one group that works together to learn, grow, and heal — similar to grade levels within a school.

12D: Oversoul Consciousness

We observe our oversoul from our oversoul consciousness. This is collective consciousness. Here, all consciousness works together to learn, grow, heal, and evolve.


Above the thirteenth dimension, I see no separation in consciousness. We are all the same consciousness working to learn, grow, heal, and evolve — similar to all of the students at a school or university sharing the common intention of learning, across all grades and projects.

At some point words seem to fail how to describe the thirteenth through twenty-fourth dimensions. These dimensions include the advent of harmonics and resonance, duality and polarity, as well as the division of energy into chakras.

25D: Pure Love — The Universe

This is the formation of all matter and space in which all learning, growing, and healing happens. We often refer to this as the Universe. This matter and space allows us to exist as form outside of Source itself.

26D: Pure Light — God

This is the formation of understanding and knowledge outside of pure Source. We often refer to this as God. This gives structure and order to the Universe.

27D: Source

This is the pure source energy from which everything was created. This is the balance and harmony of pure love and light. This is compassion and complete Oneness. We are all fragments of Source energy, experiencing this reality to understand ourselves more fully.

**By Crystal Abeel