Energy in Motion

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

You have heard in  recent days about the Earth’s core switching its rotation. At the Earth’s core is another Sun. One which malevolent ET’s tried to use for their own plans, manipulate, and exhaust, for thousands of years. They failed. As this is divine in design. Where many crystals and energetical computers are stored, placed there by Elohim, now being activated for this great shift.

Due to this change in rotation, the shift moves forward at higher speeds now. The deconstruction of the matrix is to become apparent to the majority of the populace.

Energies cannot continue to remain stagnant and unchanging, and still occupy space. This is also the case in the Orion Star System, and their dark empire. After Earth, they are next in line for liberation.

The basis of all purpose is to keep the energy of creation in motion. Relax, breathe. Say this again out loud. The basis of all purpose is to keep the energy of creation in motion. Allow that to sink in for a moment.

The type of experience does not matter, as long as there is movement. This is not to say that the entity cannot choose what to experience, we do have freewill. That is the Universes’ ultimate desire, e-motion.

Now, whenever the Universe begins to feel as if a part of it is attempting to swim in mud, or shall we say feeling frozen. And the energies become so dense, so dark, almost motion-less, the Universe will act on this.

The necessary actions will be put into play to make this part less rigid, to free it from stagnation.

This is what is occurring with Earth.

The energy on Earth became sludge like. To the point where the Universe felt that a part of itself is becoming numb, or paralyzed. If action were not taken, in this case Divine action, this world would have been lost like others in the past.

Divine Intervention, which took place and continues, was paramount for Earth’s survival. Another “garden” would not be lost.

The Universe exists to grow, to create and to expand in all the different ways possible. But when one knows no boundaries, no end to their desire for destruction of life, The Oneness will do what is necessary to gently steer you towards the light, or simply dissolve you back into itself.

The Oneness does not require duality to the extremes that it has been experienced on Earth in order to grow. However, what transpired on Earth, for thousands of years, at least for the majority of the acts, was do to karmic reasons and from prior agreement with the entities involved in the experiences.

The entire Universe has learned from everything that has occurred on Earth and all that continues to unfold.

This is all about EXPERIENCE. It is beyond love and feelings, beyond sorrow and happiness. Surpassing the “you” and “i”.

There is simply The One experiencing The One through an infinite number of avatars, planets, stars, galaxies, in e(electromagnetic) motion.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.

7 Replies to “Energy in Motion”

  1. GOD

    Hello, blogger! Please help us to convey the following information to Holy Source, thank you!
    There is a federal level high-tech intelligent particle in the COVID-19 vaccine – nano graphene,The mode or method of production of such particles exceeds the technological level of present human civilization, since for their production what is needed are the replicator devices based on technology of creation of matter from energy with the use of controlled frequencies and harmonics. Congruent with matter replicators used at the technological level of highly advanced non-human races, members of the Federation of United Planets.So, it is above-human. So, it violates the Galactic Code and a variety of space agreements.They were originally another set of agreements and laws similar to the Prime Directive.Now it is used to persecute human beings, and 99% of human beings and even some alien scientists do not know this.On behalf of all the people who have been persecuted by it, I ask the Holy Source to immediately authorize and order Pleiades to provide physical cloning warehouses and reatomization medical warehouses for all the countries persecuted by it, and solve all the suffering caused by it.

  2. LibertyBelle

    Special K 🙂 Thank you for the wondrous knowledge with which you continue to bless us. Could you PLEASE do a session expanding on something you touched upon today? Namely:
    “This is also the case in the Orion Star System, and their dark empire. After Earth, they are next in line for liberation.”
    None have spoken of that with any detail.
    Namaste, my friend.

  3. Linda Rosa

    Thank you, Kejraj for another magnificent explanation of events. Could the energetic universe have seen humanity “swimming in the mud”, becoming stagnant since the entrapment of the cellphones we all use? Have they taken over many brains/minds and the forward motion of humanity is becoming threatened? Instead of swimming in the mud, we need to observe the goodness of God, the radiance and love of His creation, the joy of the birds and animals as they go about their daily activities. You are a blessing, Kejraj.

  4. lkfxchj

    The dark forces can be absorbed by God and directly returned to God, which is very good. Why can a good person return to the source only by upgrading one level at a time? Can we allow all people to return to the source at any time, especially those who are tortured by disease and pain and want to commit suicide?