The Illusion of Space and Time

We all know linear time is a very convincing illusion created by our consciousness, in fact so is space. Linear time means…

A causes B causes C etc. The reality we are experiencing is no way an objective reality, it’s more like a virtual reality but a reality with some very interesting rules.

We are all consciousness, we are all a thread of the cosmic consciousness. It’s like a piece of fabric we’re all part of it we’re all a single thread of it with our own focal point of awareness.

Mainstream science and their rigid, materialistic view of the Universe believes that consciousness arises from the operation of the brain. Our brain does give us limited cognitive abilities and local memory but our higher consciousness exists in the field and our brain functions as a receiver.

In fact, consciousness is all the Universes, everything seen and unseen, it’s everything large and small. Consciousness are “thought forms” inside the cosmic mind. Our consciousness creates our realities meaning we create our reality with our thoughts and beliefs. This is how the Universe works…

The Infinite information Matrix is the information of the past, present and future all happening simultaneously and not just the timeline we’re experiencing but all possible timelines.

Our physical reality is a construct that our souls are using to experience this reality. Because, really our whole reality is an illusion but the experiences that it provides are very real and leaves a major imprint on our souls. It is an excellent training system for our souls for the purpose of your spiritual progression.

A Linear experience is created by sequential steps in consciousness but is only perception. This process creates the experience of time and space, motion, evolution and causality it’s like a movie produced with the film projector one still frame at a time in a rapid steady sequence.

Yet, all the frames exist simultaneously. It’s what our consciousness does… experiences billions of still frames per second creating the illusion of the flow of time. Each frame of reality contains absolutely no motion whatsoever it is a perfectly still image and yet by rapidly sequencing these still frames we create the illusion of motion and time. Because really it is you who is moving not time. Time has no movement, there is only one moment.

Jumping timelines is to some people time travel Hence, the Grandfather paradox…

“If you time travel to the time of your grandfather and kill him before he has any children, then your father would not of been born, so then you wouldn’t have been born and you wouldn’t of been able to go back and kill your grandfather. But, the paradox dissolves when you realize there are an infinite number of simultaneous timelines happening parallel to each other.

Remote viewing…

Is the ability to go back and observe any location or situation no matter how distant it is in ones mind simply by conscious intent.

Anyone can develop this ability with intent. Really what it is, is the ability of the mind to see any location or situation within the Universal mind by focusing your conscious awareness on a particular location or situation with intent. It doesn’t matter if this situation happened last week, 30 years ago, 500 years ago everything is connected.


“The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

We have just begun…

**By Teri Wade


One Reply to “The Illusion of Space and Time”

  1. Ken

    Physical reality is like the stickman cartoons we made as kids where you draw a stickman on consecutive pages of a book and flick the pages creating the illusion of the stickman moving around. However we never move, it’s the reality around us that moves and changes