The Arcturians: Balancing Incoming Energies

We are working to balance the incoming energies on your planet and work with the sun’s heliosphere to make sure you are getting not only what your corporeal bodies are able to handle but not to overload your spinal column with light codes and dimensional informational frequencies that are far beyond 12 dimensional understanding that will sit dormant in your coding akash so that at the right time can be released as passed on down through your siblings.

This is not all. The Sirian high council are preparing for further rounds of reactivation of key points of your planet whilst our Pleiadian brothers and sisters take a time out of the next step after a very busy time for them. With this in mind, we are happy to announce that your personal Merkaba fields are interfacing with beings and star systems much further out into your galaxy than ever before and the portal of your pyramids in Egypt is once again being initiated.

New elements are going to be found and created on earth in the coming years which will allow for further technological use of craft, and mind control over elements which you thought were never possible or existed before. One such metal has similarities atomically to iridium which will be used in accordance to and with mental conduction but also for small levels of time travel and gravitational field dilation and experimentation. A lightworker on your planet will try to make open source of this knowledge but with huge difficulty. Some of it will inadvertently be put into mass technological devices to see how human chemistry and biology will interact with it energetically. You all will be using a small quantum part of this technology within your homes unknowingly and it will be right under your nose. The Sirian council will be closely observing this and they will be closely following the events that transpire in Switzerland also. No harm will come to you. Whilst beings from Orion wish to put right that which their brother and sisters created, those renegades who the Sirian Elohim and Aldebaran Pleiadian alliances warned will try nonetheless to still have domain over the earth as their own hierarchical system crumbles not only on earth but their other colonies also. They are doing a great clean up on many levels at present both for themselves on earth and those that have the Sumerian bloodlines that still course through their galactic history which affect your now. They have not yet fully let go of the earth as they still identify it as their Jewel in the Nile. Creator itself will find synchronistic events in order for this to play out in other ways beneficial to various AI as this timeline has run its course.

Earth has now many levels of high dimensional timelines that are still unstable and we the Arcturians along side C1859, The Cassiopeia, and a group hidden in an arm of this galaxy ( a small civilization known to man who have their own interests ) will work to continue in healing GAIA and its energies. Gravity and time are changing. Many soul contracts are coming to close and all the rules are now changing in regard to what you thought you know about us, your earth and frequencies in general. We now close conduit.

Alexander Quinn
Much love.


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