Ashtar: Changes Must Come from Within

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Ashtar Sheran.

We are in celebration, our hearts are full of joy. We walk all the time in the skies of your planet, everyone sees us. And the most interesting, are the explanations that are given when we are picked up, by those who make the news. We like to see what they try to make you believe, and believe who wants to believe.

It is all within the purpose of Father/Mother God. We are appearing little by little and this will intensify each day, we will make appearances with our Mother Ships. This one will cause a lot of panic, because there will be no explanation, there will be nothing on your planet that will reach the size of our Motherships.

So what will you say? That you are being invaded, that we are here to kill you all and take over the planet. And unfortunately the vast majority will believe it, and farces will be set up, demonstrating it. They will have no compunction about bombing places on your planet and putting the blame on us.This is all foreseen, this is all already properly planned by us, and what we will do at this time. There is no longer anything to fear, the Light is coming with maximum intensity, transmuting consciousnesses and ideas, more and more truths are appearing. We can say that you are at the tip of a big iceberg, and as the tip is being shown, what is below slowly rises, showing everything that needs to be shown.

Fear nothing, he who trusts the Light, can fear nothing. The only thing to fear is your own steps, your own ideas, your own feelings, nothing from the outside. We would never make the slightest shift, to hurt any human on this planet. On the contrary, we are here defending this planet, defending the human race.

We could have already done many things on your planet, to effectively usher in the Great Age. But the webs of those who have come here and dominated this planet, are intertwined with you. So if we hit each one of them, we hit you. So the role now is one of uplifting each human consciousness, because each human consciousness that uplifts the strength of this web, is gone. It’s like it dries up around it, so it’s losing strength, because many are awakening, many are listening to the heart.

Then there will come a point when this web will be weak, not totally destroyed, because there will always be those who condone this whole process of evil and violence. Then the webs will still have very strong points, but they will be practically beatable, without much difficulty. All in good time; it is necessary for the human race to wake up as a whole, it is necessary for the human race to stop looking through the eyes of the Matrix, and see its real position on this planet.

There is no more manipulation, no more mind control. What counts now is the will of each heart, it is the choice of what to follow. To follow towards the Light, or to follow in the opposite direction. Don’t wait for miracles, the destruction of the web around you is your responsibility, it is you who has to change, it is you who has to evolve, it is you who has to love unconditionally. By following these steps, you will destroy what is around you, and you will be one more soldier of the Light, and you will definitely walk towards the Light.

Many are waiting for miracles, many continue living the same way they have always lived, thinking that up ahead there will be a liquid that will be taken and transform everyone, this does not exist. There will be no redemption, no miracles. There needs to be evolution, there needs to be growth, there needs only to be unconditional Love. Then you will be ready, and everything around you will collapse, nothing will hold you back. And more and more, you will see more truths, causing your consciousness to expand more and more.

This is the way, don’t put out the change, the change is internal, totally internal. You need to change, you need to make new choices, nobody will do it for you. So if you don’t feel ready to make new choices, if you think that there will be a miracle and all of a sudden you will change, you have already made a choice, you are going in the opposite direction of the Light. Nothing will be from the outside in, everything will be from the inside out, and it is only in this way that you will walk towards the light.

Make no mistake, don’t get attached to anything external. Yes, we will help those who want to change, those who want to evolve, those who want to go towards the Light. But it is not helping you, transforming you, it is helping you to change, to have the strength to keep changing, to choose the right path, that is our role. But we will not change anyone, because you have free will, and who commands your own actions is it, inside each one of you.

It is worth repeating: don’t expect miracles, don’t expect redemption, don’t expect miraculous formulas to evolve. Everything needs to happen within each one of you, only then you will be able to follow the right path, you will have a lot of help from us regarding the planet, so that you can minimize what lies ahead. But even these actions will have to be desired, very desired by each one of you.

We will be partners, we will not just act and you will watch, there will be a partnership, then you can count on us. So realize that everything is about choices. But be sure of one thing only, nothing will come from the outside, all the change will be from the inside out.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation into English by


9 Replies to “Ashtar: Changes Must Come from Within”

  1. Sarah Shiddian

    Greetings all.

    We all know everything starts with us and we create our reality.
    We know we are divine souls who agreed to participate in this 3D game to elevate it. We are already perfect in the eyes of the Creator.
    We also know that this duality game has lasted longer than anticipated and divine intervention has been constant to make our ascension a success, contrary to the dark ones’ will for humanity.
    We have been told to expect miracles, especially in 2023.
    Don’t get me wrong for there are good things in this message but for this entity to tell us we need to evolve and to not expect miracles and be very direct about it, for me this is not a reliable channel. Infiltrated.
    Be well.
    P.S. I DO expect miracles and so do many. By expecting we are visualizing what we want to see in the world.

  2. Mag

    You have to remove the Bad. I need 17 Miracles. Not all humans are good….I see similar messages from Pleiadians from 10 years ago and nothing was done to remove the Bad from the Earth – just waste of Time we don’t have. Please remove the Bad.

  3. unionylibertad

    Thank you Ashtar and Vania…I resonate with this message…With so much Love always…