February 2023 Galactic Numerology Energy Map

In this transmission, you’ll learn about key dates, numbers, and cosmic energies, Galactic Numerology™ energies that are tools for manifestation that are available specifically in February 2023. See how this energy map helps set the stage for maneuvering and creating your life. During these potent and specific energies windows, you are given the opportunity to magnify your purpose and intention, and harness the powers that are available unconditionally for you! The key is to harness that power with Love!

Galactic Numerology™ welcomes you to this Month of February 2023 and is transmitting supporting and nourishing energies for you in this transmission.

There are an infinite amount of happenings under way in the energy realms, and here we bring specific highlights and key insights that flow from our vibrational streams with the Divine Cosmic Alchemy happening from and through Galactic Numerology™.  We also take a brush stroke to the surface, to acknowledge some of the many events and expansions happening within the cosmos and astrologically as well. All of this is being transmitted to support you as you navigate upon your life path, and it is our JOY and delight to assist you. 

Astrologically February is smooth and not filled to the brim with cosmic activity that stirs the pot. This month astrologically is a retrograde-free month, as is March 2023. Tap into that forward momentum at this very early part of this New Year, 2023 to get going, and propel forward all of the things that you’re being called to from your heart. It’s a time to make progress – March is going to be busy, and having found a foundational balance this month will greatly assist you.

February, being the 2nd month of the year, a 2 month energy that supports a strong knowing in your own inner guidance, and with belief that what you receive from your own heart is, indeed, your truth.  You are greatly buoyed this month in making decisions and choices based on what your own Divine guidance is showing you, and not what the outside world is dictating as being “best for you”.   This is the energy of freedom, Dear One, and the opportunity to look at all that is occurring in your life, and assess whether it is helping you or hindering you.  And then, what action can you take from that assessment to create change. Only you know what is best for you – can you believe in yourself more?  We are supporting you in doing that, Dear One.

And, with the 2 energies of February there’s recognition of relationship to self and others, and recognizing each individual as part of the whole within that relationship.  2 is also the energy of harmony, partnership, and peace – a powerful key for really getting your life on track, getting back into balance, so it reflects a state of flow and unity.

We begin our event overview with February 2nd, this months portal date of 2/2/23. Numbers are magnificent tools of manifestation.  Portals are openings that are available for that particular time, and occur within each month in their own unique energies.  These special portal days are amplified by the specific tempo and flow of nature and Earth’s energies at that time. So to honor them, to step into all that these portals offer as a gift to you, and as you choose to step into that rhythm being offered as a Divine opportunity, your evolution expands, and then it is a sacred offering back to nature and the cosmos from your choices. 2/11/23 and 2/20/23 are the mini portal days to call forth those energies for amplification from this 2/2/23 portal energy.

This is a day of exponential flowing of belief systems that come from your heart, and a sweeping energy of letting go of anything that seems to tell you otherwise.  In this date sequence there’s the 222 – and that is three “2s” – and then the 3 of the year 23.  These are numbers that are dancing and sparking with the energy of the sacred flow.  Harness that energy to make choices today based on what your heart is telling you – if you’ve been waiting, or letting your mind tell you “I don’t know the answer” – instead know and believe that you do know the answer, and make the decision or choice based on that answer. You are really supported on this day to do so, Dear One. 

Feb 2nd is also the Gaelic festival of Imbolc, which is one of 8 celebrations that coincide with the natural seasonal changes, and are truly celebrations of nature and her relationship to the Cosmos. This is a time in the Wheel of the Year when it is considered the “cross-quarter” point which is about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere.  This is a wonderful time to be in ceremony from sunset Feb 1 to sunset Feb 2, and perhaps even using this ceremony to make life-changing decisions, and to celebrate doing that.

Imbolc is also known as Candlemas or St. Brigid’s Day, which is adopted from the ritual of celebrating the goddess Brigid who assists with fertility.  It’s nature’s beginning of spring when the first lambs are born.  So fertility, pregnancy and birth are all sparked with this seasonal celebration and the energies of nature.  What do you wish to birth in this new season?

February 5th the Full Moon is in the sign of Leo, in this fierce, yet gentle lion energy. Full moons shine a light on what is working and not working in your life, and reveal hidden truths that are ready to come forth.  Take this time to reconnect to those Divine beliefs that are yours, and use your heart to make adjustments in any areas of your life that are calling for harmony and balance. Notice too, how the Full Moon is coming in early month, and the New Moon later in the month.  The cycles of the Divine are always moving and expansive, fully supporting you – are you recognizing that and grateful for that?  If you dare, look in the mirror at you, look yourself straight in the eyes with loving, lovingness and loving forgiveness, and see what is reflecting back.  If it’s not loving, it’s time to finally let it go!

On Feb 20, the New Moon is in Pisces as the sun changes into the last astrological sign of the zodiac year. And as Pisces is the two fish, swimming in circular motion, and although there are the two, they represent the circle of wholeness – this very energy of this 2nd month of February. This moon phase is a cycle of beginnings, and planting the seeds of what you’d like to manifest specifically in February in theses flowing, intuitive, creative energies of Pisces.  This is a very potent energy encouraging you to dream big and fun. Be specific with what it is that you desire, and remember to create it from your heart, and not your mind.  Your heart is the access to your desires without all of the outside influences and illusions mixed in. And, then – let it go!  And, believe that it is being matched by the Universe – coming back exactly how you ordered it!

Venus is present in this lovely month of February – on her own course and moving into Aries on 2/20/23. She’s action packed here, so perhaps taking her lead in stepping boldly, lovingly and passionately into what you desire – and then – harness it! 

This month moves quickly, as time is already seeming to crunch and fly by. This month, be sure to focus, as it’s easy to day-dream and let life float by, not being pushed and prodded into action by the cosmic forces. So, move through with dedication and determination to your path and dreams, and remember to have fun in the process.  By the 28th, the last day of the month, perhaps reviewing and bringing awareness to all that has evolved for you in this power-packed and magnificently supportive Energy Map of February 2023.  You are ready to step into March 2023 – and beyond!

Many blessings for all of your creations in this month, February 2023. And we complete our transmission now.

**By Denise Ricard