7 Replies to “Daily 777 Message for 2/3/2023”

  1. xfklhij

    So far, the world’s two most detailed and thorough reports on the technology in the COVID-19 vaccine: Please search for “Graphene” on the “Swaruu” website and see articles 3 and 4. (New Analysis – Vaccines – Samples Analyzed – Aneeka of Temmer shares the findings、Covid Vaccines Analyzed by Taygetan Lab – Complete Report – Graphene, Nanotechnology, and Transhumanism)

    1. AzureLeaves

      You watch and receive the messages of the Extraterrestrial Swaruunians from the Cosmic Agency YouTube Channel yet you still spam your messages below that can be summed up into asking to be saved by an external savior outside of yourself?

      The Swaruunians emphasizes the perspective (and I seriously want to say “FACT” yet I still trigger some people with it) that we are all Source–it’s not something that exists outside of yourselves because you are it, just different expressions/fractals of it, thus we have the power, to influence the collective unconscious and liberate this planet and its people. The same teachings that Neville Goddard and various other spiritual traditions (e.g. Advaita Vedanta) have been teaching for a long time now.

      And surely you must know, having watched that YouTube channel that the Galactic Federation is the one behind all this mess, yet they are not the antagonists in the truest sense of the word, because they only give the collective unconscious of humanity what it “wants” along with various members that prioritize logic and reason and foolishly eschewing emotions instead of integrating both of them. The “Law of Mirrors”.

      In either case, the fact that you still spam that message of yours below in various articles here can be taken as evidence that you have only watched their messages concerning the injections and its technical information. I suggest you watch more and get to know their other messages that can help you liberate yourself and hence the collective.

      1. GOD

        Body is the capital of revolution. Most people’s bodies have been damaged by vaccines and viruses. How can we liberate them?

    2. AzureLeaves

      But reading your messages again, it doesn’t seem like you are aware that the Swaruunians also deliver their messages through Gosia at Cosmic Agency YouTube channel, not just their main website.

  2. lckfhj

    Please send the following message to the Holy Source from the world’s capable people, and thank you on behalf of all mankind!
    “There is a federal level high-tech intelligent particle in the COVID-19 vaccine – nano graphene,The mode or method of production of such particles exceeds the technological level of present human civilization, since for their production what is needed are the replicator devices based on technology of creation of matter from energy with the use of controlled frequencies and harmonics. Congruent with matter replicators used at the technological level of highly advanced non-human races, members of the Federation of United Planets.So, it is above-human, and it violates the Galactic Code and a variety of space agreements.They were originally another set of agreements and laws similar to the Prime Directive.Now it is used to persecute human beings, and 99% of human beings and even some alien scientists do not know this. On behalf of all the people who have been persecuted by it, I ask the Holy Source to immediately authorize and order Pleiades to provide physical cloning warehouses and reatomization medical warehouses for all the countries persecuted by it, and solve all the suffering caused by it.Over”

    1. I AM

      I guarantee in the name of “I AM” that the actions of these two federal investigators have absolutely connived at the dark forces