Dr. Peebles: You Don’t Need to be Fixed

Words of Wisdom from Dr. Peebles: We remind you that you are perfectionright here and right now. As you hear this, your mind is batting our words away and saying, “Yes, Yes. I am perfection, but how do I fix this? How do I make this better?” When you want to fix something about yourself or another, or the world, the mind is simply chasing its tail; it is ineffective.

You are constantly changing, revealing more of your perfection; but it is impossible for you to become better. You can change what is, but not by trying to make it better. Instead, you can say, “I know it is already perfection. I’d like to see it demonstrated in a different way through me.” Now the heart is participating with less resistance from the mind.

Your physical being, is the very last stage of who you truly are. The energy of who you are is being channeled through your thoughts and physicality.

When you are trying to change something physical, because you believe it will make you feel better, this is backward. You were taught that if you had more clarity or fixed a thing or experience, then all would be well. It is a pervasive belief on your planet Earth but nothing else in the universe works like this.

It doesn’t mean you can’t alter something physical; but you create that change by channeling a different frequency, by bringing through a different vibration. You are not here to DO it, but to allow it to be done through you.

We want you to be in wonderment of what is happening through you. If you can be in witness, wonderment, fascination and reverence of what is happening through you, for you, with you as the divine, then this creates a surrender that will automatically clear up the issues, gain the clarity, fix the problems, or soften the relationships.

Don’t let the mind insist it will solve your problems. Ask your heart what is truly wanting to come into form.

**Channel: Natalie Gianelli


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