The Pleiadians: Authentic Life and Prayer

How is devotion achieved?

So what can you do to achieve devotion?

Pray to God – for strength – so that you can find the courage and live YOUR LIFE. This is what it is all about now.

This time needs authentic people and not imitations or copycats – to be yourself, make your own decisions, take responsibility for them and LIVE.

Pray for courage, for strength and for perseverance! Ask for nothing else, because everything you need will be given to you as soon as you get up and start living your life.


∞ I, (name here your name), ask GOD for courage, so that I can live my life and take it into my own hands.
∞ I ask God for strength, so that I can go through self-deceptions and experience myself as true.
∞ I ask GOD for perseverance.



Still another point is crucial with the AUTHENTIC LIFE: your readiness to give up control and to intervene in the flow of the life no more constantly – to let the life make, to let it flow, to give up control and to give it away.

Give up control!

Also for this it needs time and development, it needs experiences and sometimes it is only the psychological or physical pain which lets you take distance from it. A controlled person can neither surrender to a situation, nor to a person and certainly not to God.

How can you empower yourself, how can you achieve self-determination?

By removing what stands in your way – and that means giving up control. Isn’t that a contradiction? No, beloved! The Self acts outside the control of your mind, and only your ego-mind creates turmoil and likes to swing itself up to be the controller over your consciousness. The self has nothing to do with it. The self interacts with the divine knowledge that is not attached to the ego.

Self-empowerment and self-determination obey your spiritual wisdom and are not subject to the limitations of a human consciousness.

The second formula is: Live and be ready to give up control!

This will instantly lead to relaxation and you can surrender to the flow of your life with ease. Your ego-mind is the biggest obstacle on the way to self-determined life and on the way to God. Having confidence in yourself, in your Self, means not allowing the ego’s mechanisms of control and power to dominate. If you are mature, then at a certain moment your attention shifts and you begin to trust yourself and the flow of life instead of your ego.

Are you already letting God work or is your mind the unrestricted ruler of your life?

On this basis, you can determine what the implications of this message are for you.

So live your life so that longing can find you – because the stairs of knowledge rise from heaven to earth and from darkness to light.

The planet of love is awakening!


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by