Jeshua: Never Seek Revenge

Turning away from the system has begun!

Come under my light, feed on my love and place yourselves under my protection, for truly I say to you: Who trusts in me, stands under my protection!


The time unfolds all its power. Everything is now being washed to the surface, so that the dark plans fail one after the other and have to be taken back.

People are waking up to a great extent and they see the malice behind the many political, economic and health measures that have been rolled out under false pretenses.

At all levels, people – who believed in this system until the very end because they were caught up in fears or benefited from it themselves – are beginning to turn away from the system.

For the first time in the history of mankind enough people unite in the will to steer the destinies of mankind into lightful courses.

The dark is illuminated and what is revealed is shocking for those who did not want to or could not look at it until now. The deception was absolute and the malice unsurpassed. Now the magic behind it is being exposed, now what has been hidden for millennia is coming to light.

How can one prepare oneself for it?

Through a loving attitude towards all life – never seek revenge and do not give hate a chance to spread permanently within you.

Feelings like anger, rage and hatred will boil up, that is natural in the first phase of the great revelations. But then come to your senses and restore peace within you!

There is a horror that is so unimaginable for a sane person that the moment it becomes visible, people cry out for retribution and revenge.

Repay like with like?

Never join in this chorus, stay away from these reflexes. If you yourself are afflicted by feelings of revenge, then clarify this with your spiritual guides and ask the divine light to intervene.

Never repay like with like. The desire of retaliation exists in a great many people and it will be solidified when the light reveals all that has so far been able to do its mischief in secret.

Pull the people, who served the powers of the cold light knowingly or unknowingly, to the responsibility – renounces please in the name of the ONE, that is God, on retaliation or revenge.

Never the blood of people is to be shed to obtain a compensation, for whatever. With it you obtain exactly the opposite – the continuation of your lives in the cycle of death and rebirth, of cause and effect.

In the coming months, you will have the opportunity to practice being above things – without ignoring the facts.

Your power as a human being
You have the opportunity to show your true power as a human being, the power to confront those unfortunate creatures who are now being recognized with the power of love. Only through this can this earth heal and this humanity heal.

This is all that matters now: to move out of the old energy of division and karma and to meet all beings in the consciousness of the oneness of all life.

You are much more than a human being! You are an angel sent to Earth to remind people of their true nature.

This work is happening now, because the time has come. The events are taking their course.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by