The Evolution of Human Consciousness

In the realm of duality, there must be balance between positivity and negativity. This is possible only if humanity is balanced. If humanity becomes too bright, the negative disappears into another dimension. If humanity becomes too tyrannical and enslaved, its life force diminishes until it cannot express any creative energy, and dissolution occurs into a lower life form with less creative ability. For eons humanity has chosen to emphasize negativity and destructive energy. Through lies, trickery and every kind of mental and emotional interference and management, we have been trained to believe in mortality and fear. This state of being provides no understanding of unconditional love, and it is self-diminishing through entropy as well as our polarity and vibrations.

Now, however, the energy is shifting toward positivity and brightness. Mortality, as in termination of consciousness and physicality, becomes unbelievable for all who have had out-of-body experiences. This group of humans has established the knowing of our eternal presence of awareness beyond the body and the empirical world. This knowing is already in the consciousness of humanity. Now the rest of us can intend to open ourselves to our intuitive knowing of the essence of who we are. We only need to recognize it and realize what it is. It comes to us through our alignment with the energetics of our heart-consciousness in the enhancement of all life. It is the vibratory spectrum of unconditional love and infinite creative power. This energy cannot be described in human language, but words can give us a hint of what it is. It is realization of our reality, the essence of who we are and what we can do.

There are a few requirements to fulfill along the way. Mental and emotional clarity are needed to understand every situation and scenario. This means that we must resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our life beyond time/space. All of these processes work together in alignment with our intentions and ability to direct our attention. When we can focus on compassion, gratitude, love and joy, we are aligning with our heart-consciousness. This kind of attention from us helps us to open to our eternal presence of awareness beyond the body. Because this is our natural state of being, and it is being energized by all those who have awareness beyond the body, we can more easily recognize this energy and realize it is arising in our experience. We are evolving beyond duality and into a higher dimension of what we recognize as real.

**By Kenneth Schmitt