Planetary Consciousness

Beloved Holy Ones,

Your consciousness and your body, your entire being is one with the holy Earth in ways you do not yet recognize. There is no time or place that you can be separate from what is happening on the holy Earth.

For this reason, dearest Holy ones, you always, at every moment in your sacred life have an opportunity and choice to participate in the expansion of love and in the transformation of all that is separate from love on the Earth.

There are some days when this reality may feel like too much to fully accept.  Often those are the days when the forces of separation may be especially strong, seeming to take a hold of people and situations.

The planetary consciousness, dearest holy ones, is in a state of great change and so is your consciousness.

As a result of this dynamic and profound time, there may be much that is unknown. There may be old structures no longer existing for you. There may be inner turmoil, there may be accelerated change.

At the same time, dearest holy ones, there is an enormous planetary consciousness of love that is growing, becoming more palpable, more present, more available.

You can sometimes see and feel this in the small events of your daily life. You may be able to feel this when you step outdoors to be with the holy Earth and all of nature.

You can even find evidence of this if you read news sources and understand some of the fundamental changes that are happening.

Beloved ones at this time, it is extremely important, we would say to you, even urgent, that you begin the process of taking full responsibility for your consciousness.

This may feel like a task that is too much for one person, however, the divine One that is All is love, forgiveness, compassion and trust.

If you can attune to these qualities even during those times when you may need to see truth within yourself, you can step forward and grow with love and without the negativity that can creep in of self-judgment.

Beloved holy ones, the planetary consciousness is one of love, and as the divine love permeates more and more within physical manner, all that is not love emerges and is seen.

It is important also to understand that there are forces on the Earth that are opposed to the expansion of love. If you can know this, it will help you.

When the internal struggles feel strong, you have a choice. Dearest beloveds, the planetary consciousness is calling you. Divine love is calling you, and you have the capability to separate from those energies and those intentions that are not of love.

We bless this holy effort dear ones, and we say to you, we are available to be of assistance in this way and most directly.

The transmissions that will be offered for your sacred will greatly assist this, for when the physical matter of your sacred bodies can hold greater light and greater love, it will become easier to separate from what is not love and to hold this vibration in the presence of conflict and challenge.

We invite each one of you that is connected with this sacred mission to join us and to come together. Bring your sacred consciousness, your sacred love, and your sacred heart, together with others to create a force and a strength of unity and of love for the holy Earth. Amen.

**By Mashubi Shekiniah