Archangel Rafael: Balance and Illness

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Rafael.

Today I can see many of you having the consciousness of balance, of what it is to be in balance. Human bodies were created perfect, without any kind of deficiency or disease. So why did your bodies get sick, why so many problems?

Balance is a set of all organs, cells working in harmony, in the same rhythm, with the same purpose. What takes away, what alters or breaks this balance, this harmony: mainly the feelings. Feelings of high vibration such as joy, Love, harmony, happiness, friendship, and many others that bring joy to the heart, are energies, energies of very high vibration. When you emanate one of these feelings, any of them, an aura of positive energies is created around you. They attract everything positive that is in the universe, that is around you. And your cells, your organs receive this high energy, and it is as if they receive a lubrication and work with more strength, with more joy, keeping your body with more balance, if this is possible.

And this aura of positive energy, keeps diseases away, because nothing negative can manifest in an elevated cell, in a joyful cell, in a happy cell, nothing. What are diseases? They are the imbalances in your cells, they lose the power to fight, they lose the power to stay active, they lose the power to not allow themselves to be invaded, they become slave cells to that negative process that is coming, be it internal or external. But how does this imbalance get installed?So let’s talk about low-vibration feelings: anger, resentment, hurt, hatred, sadness, disillusionment, disLove, fear… ah, especially fear. All these feelings cause what? They are feelings of very low vibration, and they alter your cells, because they start to vibrate slowly, they start to vibrate without strength, without courage, without joy, and they let themselves be carried away by anything, opening the door for any imbalance to enter.

Understand that everything you go through today is due to the external environment, the fostering of all those feelings, especially fear. You were created and live based on fear. Fear imposed by religions, fear imposed by violence, fear imposed by other human beings, always fear, always bringing imbalance. The most important thing in this whole process is your consciousness, your way of thinking, acting and seeing the world.

Those who are ill, but who manage to overcome all those negative feelings that come with the illness, sometimes even get cured, because they have managed to reverse that picture. Others go beyond the body’s own limit; it is as if you have spent a lifetime vibrating low, hurting your cells, your bodies, and suddenly you wake up: “Starting today I am going to vibrate high. But how long have you been vibrating low? It won’t be with one day, two days, three days that you will fix everything. It would be necessary for you to reincarnate several times, because the power of destruction of these feelings is immense, much greater than that of positive feelings. Because the cellular memory starts producing sick cells, not healthy cells anymore, and in order for you to reverse the picture of these cells, it would take a lot of will, a lot of focus, for you to be able to change the whole programming of your cells.

I am not saying that it is impossible, but it is a long and difficult process. That is why many of you are treating yourselves holistically, balancing yourselves, changing the way you think and live. But the healing is not coming, the cure is still far away, your bodies are still suffering, it’s not a quick process, it’s not instantaneous. It takes a lot of struggle, a lot of treatment, and a lot of focus, so that effectively, your cells change and start vibrating harmony and balance.

The question then is: So is it worth my while to try or not? I would say it is always worth it, because in this attempt to balance your cells, you are generating a new journey. You are learning to be aware of what it is to be a balanced, positive body and human being. So it’s always worth it, and be assured, it always changes something. You may not achieve that longed-for healing, but you may notice that something improves, that you are already able to maintain balance more. So don’t give up, this is the way, never give up. And depending on the focus, the constancy, the attempts, the belief that it is possible, you may not even feel anything anymore, because the balance will be so great that even if your cells still multiply wrongly, the positive energy force already starts to compress them, and the pain, the suffering, is barely perceptible anymore because you are reaching the balance.

What is the way forward? Change your minds, change your vibrations, and little by little you will see that everything is possible. But that the most important first point will always be your change, in the way you think and in the way you act. This is the way, believe in it, and you will see how much you will gain.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation into English by