The Chrysalis

We are evolving!

As spirits, we go through many cycles of change, transformation, and metamorphosis throughout our journey.

Going through change can feel really messy and uncomfortable… and this might be my biggest understatement of the year!

Change sucks!

Change is also exciting, sparkly, and very necessary!

Energy healing and reiki can support you during your evolution! What type of change are you going through? What stage of transformation are you in right now?

There are three main chapters of change. Here is an analogy using the metamorphosis of a butterfly:

  1. Pre-change: Caterpillar

  2. Change: Chrysalis + Metamorphosis

  3. Post-change: Butterfly

In order for a butterfly to exist as a butterfly it first had to exist as a caterpillar; The caterpillar is the pre-changed state of existence.

At some point along this caterpillar’s journey it was called to shed layers of itself and to go inward. This pull can be an internal drive, maybe genetically, emotionally, or mentally. It can also be external stimuli such as a changes in the environment, the weather, or its community. The caterpillar will build its cocoon, protecting itself from the world as it goes through a complete metamorphosis where it will restructure every cell of its being. It breaks down every component of the caterpillar into a soupy mess and then restructures it into something new!

When the DNA transformation has completed, the ex-caterpillar now-butterfly will break down this cocoon. It will emerge into the world. Upon drying its wings it will learn to fly and to experience the world as a butterfly. It will receive a new purpose: to find other butterflies!

While this transformation can be painful and messy, there are many ways we can support our energy system and our multi-dimensional Self in this uncomfortable process!

But first, let us start by bringing awareness to our self to see which stage of transformation that we are in! Let me ask you some questions to help you understand where you are in your current cycle of change:

Are you a butterfly?

Are you a butterfly?

Ways to support a caterpillar:

  1. Prepare yourself for going inward by making sure you have a place you feel safe.

  2. Listen to your cravings and eat what your body is asking for. Practice releasing habits and learning to be flexible.

  3. Release everything that is telling you that you are only a caterpillar.

  4. Love that you are releasing yourself, as a caterpillar.

  5. Get curious about being a butterfly.

  6. Release limiting beliefs about yourself, others, and the world that you live in. Be curious about seeing more!

  7. Trust that you will know when it is time for you to go into your chrysalis!

Ways to support a chrysalis:

  1. Know that you are safe in this chrysalis, even when things are painful and uncomfortable.

  2. Feel the inward changes, emotions, and release everything that no longer serves you.

  3. Release the pressure to change the outside-world and turn the gaze inward. Change your inside-world.

  4. Love the mess. Love the cocoon. Love the change.

  5. Be honest with yourself and express your truth. It is ok to say I am a mess right now. Messes are ok too!

  6. Look inward. Look at the process of change, rather that the details of change.

  7. Trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and that the caterpillar knows how to restructure itself into a butterfly. Trust that you are becoming a butterfly.

Ways to support a butterfly:

  1. Observe yourself in the present moment and remember to ground yourself often.

  2. Find your new purpose as a butterfly. Eat new things. Be creative about how you do everything!

  3. Explore the world as a butterfly to see what brings you joy and happiness.

  4. What do you love as a butterfly? Build and rebuild relationships that love you as a butterfly!

  5. Speak kindly to yourself, as you are new at being a butterfly and you are exploring the world with a new truth.

  6. Get curious about what the world looks like as a butterfly! See things from a new perspective!

  7. Explore the world as a butterfly! Have faith that butterflies are part of the bigger picture, too!

Reiki helped me to become a butterfly!

It can help you too!

Reiki is a Universal white light that can be used as a multi-dimensional flashlight. This is the light we use to look at ourselves and to see anything that we bring our awareness to!

  1. Reiki connects us to the present moment, to ground, and feeling safe.

  2. Reiki helps us to recognize change and to go with the flow.

  3. Reiki melts away old identities and old ways of doing things so that we can do new things.

  4. Reiki supports our hearts, to keep them open, overflowing, and accepting of ourselves during all stages of evolution.

  5. Reiki assists me in finding who we are and how we choose to express ourselves in this world.

  6. Reiki allows us to see things clearly, to learn more about ourselves, and how we can work together.

  7. Reiki reminds us that we are all connected and are each a unique and important part of the bigger picture!

Empathy as a butterfly:

Try something. Get curious about what it feels like for a caterpillar to go through the chrysalis… how uncomfortable, lonely, and messy it must be it at this period of its life. Can you remember a time when you were in a messy place?

Does a butterfly wish it could crawl again? Or it focused on learning how to fly?

Does a butterfly miss eating leaves? Or is it enjoying eating nectar?

Does a butterfly miss its previous purpose of preparing itself for change? Or does it embrace its new purpose of connecting with other butterflies?

This is a natural process!

While transformation is a process that everyone goes through, sometimes we get stuck. At any time, any one of the energy centers in our body can get stuck.

We have seven primary energy centers in our body (also called chakras). You might notice that there are groups of seven questions throughout this blog article. If you are out of balance in one of your energy centers, then the corresponding questions might be confusing, bring up resistance, or may difficult to embody. This imbalance can show up as anything from aversion to reaction, and everything in between.

Here are some common ways we resist change:

  1. We do not feel safe, we have trauma, or we run away.

  2. We shut down when we feel emotions, or we are stubborn.

  3. We identify so strongly as our past self that we can’t see who we are right now or what we are becoming.

  4. We judge ourselves or and have a hard time loving ourselves exactly as we are, every step of the way. We are judging that butterflies are better than caterpillars.

  5. We express ourselves as caterpillars when we are really a butterfly.

  6. We are try to figure out how to be come a butterfly rather than listening to our intuitive guidance (which already knows how to become a butterfly.)

  7. We do not trust that we can become butterflies. We do not trust the transformation process. We do not trust that change is part of the bigger picture!

What to do next?

No matter what step of the process you are at in your transformation process, the answer stays the same:

Open your heart.

Love the process.

Love change.

Love the caterpillar-ness of being a caterpillar.

Love the butterfly-ness of being a butterfly.

Love the messiness of the chrysalis.

Love where you are in your evolution.

Love others where they are in their evolution.

Love all of consciousness where it in its evolution!

Follow your guidance

Rest when it is in your highest good.

Eat what is in your highest good.

Do what is in your highest good.


Say what is in your highest good.

Think what is in your highest good.

Believe what is in your highest good.

**By Crystal


2 Replies to “The Chrysalis”

  1. Raksha

    I like this symbolism. It reminds me of the “Water Tryptic” in Astrology.

    Cancer – Building a safe cocoon in order to feel.
    Scorpio – now the transformation process is in full swing, it’s messy, intense, sometimes painfull, but that is where the alchemy takes place.
    Pisces – Redemption, going with the flow, re-uniting with the whole.

    I have been in the Chrysalis phase for a few years, I am starting to get some openings into the butterfly. Takes time.

  2. tigersnack1114

    Im in the chrysalis stage. My intuition reminded me of this just yesterday and HERE is another message for me…lol.
    (Im shaking my head while grinning sheepishly)

    All are on different stages and there is no judgement. =)