Hakann Q&A: The Golden Flame

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love. It is my pleasure to once again answer some reader questions.

Question: We have the blue flame, violet flame, green flame. Each having their unique attributes. My question is what are the attributes of the Golden flame/fire we have here on Earth? What are its purposes and powers in the higher frequency realities?

Answer: Ah, excellent question.

The golden flame is the flame of transmutation. It re-creates things in accordance with the will of Source. It is an excellent flame to invoke if, for example, you and someone else had a fight or a misunderstanding, and you’ve talked through it and you want to reconnect and re-establish your connection as friends or partners or family members.

You can simply invoke this by saying or thinking “I invoke the golden flame” and optionally also picturing one or multiple people standing inside this golden flame. It’s even better if you say and picture this together, but it works just fine if you do this by yourself.

You can also use the golden flame on yourself if for example you are not entirely happy with your job, but you also do not want to quit your job at this moment. Or if you want to re-create your pattern of eating or exercising. Or if you are to an extent okay with your life, but you would like to invigorate and energize and improve it, or if you want to take another step spiritually.

If you would like to get rid of something or make a drastic change in your life, it is more helpful to invoke the violet flame.

Question: What are the impacts of psychedelics on consciousness? Do they also (temporarily) activate a higher percentage of the brain?

Answer: Thanks, this is an important question because psychedelics have potentially huge upsides and potentially huge downsides.

These impacts are very varied because psychedelics are very varied, and also people are very varied. I am going to generalize very much to keep this answer somewhat short, because I do not wish to burden the channeler too much.

In general I recommend against using synthetic psychedelics. The vast majority of them are just bad for most people in most cases.

Natural psychedelics tend to temporarily remove barriers and blocks. Yes, this can lead to spiritual and amazing experiences. In a sense, what you experience while on psychedelics can feel incredibly real, because you could be experiencing reality without the usual blocks being in place. The potential upside of psychedelics is that they can help you progress much faster spiritually and psychologically than you would without them.

However, removing these barriers and blocks can also lead to very scary and even traumatic experiences for some people. And in some cases, it can open the door for mischievous or even nefarious entities to mess with you and possibly show you some misleading or frightening nonsense. Or you might simply be hallucinating some stuff that is not there.

Other risks are that you might become addicted to psychedelics. Or you might start using them to cope with something or emotionally run away from something. Or you might no longer feel motivated to for example meditate, because psychedelics have much more dramatic and immediate and clear effects. Or your ego might be strengthened in a negative direction due to psychedelics. Or you might become convinced that something is true which actually isn’t true.

Natural psychedelics can be good tools for some people but can be harmful for other people. This is also true of some other spiritual techniques and tools, but psychedelics have both a potentially greater upside and a potentially greater downside than for example meditation. The potential upside is that they can rapidly accelerate your spiritual development, but the potential downside is that they can also set you back very much.

My message: “Hakann: how do I know what is true”, can be helpful if you wonder if you personally should use psychedelics. In general, if you feel drawn to use psychedelics because you want to get away from something, that is not a great reason to use them. Usually if you feel a strong resistance to something or a strong dislike of something, then you shouldn’t interpret that as your intuition telling you to actively go do something that indeed lets you avoid that.

Should you feel like they’re not for you, then honor yourself and don’t use them – this channeler has never used psychedelics, for example, and he is progressing spiritually very well and quite quickly indeed. Don’t let yourself get talked into using psychedelics if you feel like you shouldn’t use them, because they certainly can lead you astray or even damage you. That said, if you genuinely feel drawn to use them and you do your research and ideally you can take them under the guidance of a genuine shaman or similar, then yes, you can absolutely use them.

If you use them, I would advise to at most make them one occasional part of your spiritual practice. I would also do something like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, mantra chanting or the observation path alongside it. I explained the last one in my message titled: “Hakann: the observation path.”

Also, as a disclaimer to protect the channeler: I do not recommend doing anything illegal.

Question: Why do you not just put messages directly on the internet, as opposed to communicating them via channelers? After all, channelings can be prone to distortions or human error.

Answer: This is a very fair question. I appreciate that you’re thinking critically.

The primary answer is that from our perspective, the free will of Earth humans is not harmed if a channeler telepathically contacts us and asks us for messages that he or she then puts online. To us, that is a very different situation than if we were to put messages online directly. From our perspective, the second situation would be a bit like us breaking into your house. Sure, you personally might want us Pleiadians to break into your house and leave a message, but not every Earth human would. We do not have consent from the majority of Earth humans to hack into your internet and leave messages there.

There are some secondary answers too. One is that we are very much not looking to be worshipped or placed on a pedestal by our Earth brothers and sisters, and that might very well happen if we were to directly put messages online. If the messages go through a channeler instead, then more emphasis is placed on the fact that apparently humans can communicate telepathically, which we think is very important. We very much want to empower you to re-learn your innate skills. From our perspective, a big part of the value of channelings is that Earth humans realize that Earth humans can apparently just telepathically communicate with unseen beings. Indeed, you can.

Also, giving information or intel actually is not the primary purpose of doing these channelings, from our perspective. The primary purpose, to us, is bringing love and positive galactic energy to the listener / reader and into the Earth human collective subconscious. And again, that is better accomplished if the message goes through an Earth channeler, because the channeler does a lot of the work to actually ground the love and positive galactic energies into the Earth human collective subconscious.

After all, once you have grown enough, you too will be able to just get any question answered that you wish. Hence we care more about empowering you and sending you loving and empowering energy, rather than giving you information. We are ultimately trying to teach you how to fish, instead of just giving you fish. And our way of teaching you how to fish includes Earth channelers grounding our energies into the Earth collective subconscious. Once you know how to fish, you will be able to answer your questions yourself, for example by asking them to your own soul.

We just talked about positive galactic energy. Note that positive energy does not always feel good, and negative energy does not always feel bad. Sometimes an empowering message feels uncomfortable, because for example, taking personal responsibility can be uncomfortable. Sometimes a negative ego-feeding message feels good, because it makes the ego happy and for example it can feel temporarily good to go into victim mode.

Question: I am from Merope, and Jeshua is also from there. What is my relationship, if anything unique, with Jeshua? (I have been told many times by people “you look like Jesus”).

Answer: You are in Jeshua’s, or Jesus’s, soul group. People in the same soul group tend to share an energy, which often leads them to looking in a similar way.

I very much love and respect Jeshua, and it is heart-warming to me that people in his soul group are there on Earth and are very much waking up.

Now that we’re on the topic of Jeshua: he was an incredibly wise and loving and self-actualized man. That said, theoretically every single Earth human has the ability to become as wise and loving and self-actualized as Jeshua was. Jeshua was only exceptional in the sense that he achieved his potential, not in the sense that only he had this amazing potential. Every single one of you has the potential to do what Jeshua did.

Indeed in John 14:12, Jeshua said: “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” So Jeshua is saying that other people may be able to do even greater things than he did. In our minds, this makes Jeshua a great teacher and prophet indeed.

Note that Jeshua often spoke in the name of Unity Consciousness, which he embodied. So in this passage, Jeshua does not actually mean that anyone who believes that Jeshua is the one and only son of God, will be able to walk on water. Indeed, a very large number of Earth humans believe that Jeshua was the one and only son of God, and yet they cannot walk on water. They also cannot duplicate fish and bread. So clearly that is not the actual meaning.

What Jeshua meant instead was: anyone who achieves Unity Consciousness will be able to do the works I have been doing. And indeed, this is true. Any Earth human who achieves Unity Consciousness will be able to walk on water and do the other things that Jeshua did.

What is Unity Consciousness? It is the consciousness that everything is one. It is not just the rational acceptance that all is one. It is not just one brief fleeting experience. It is the permanent, 24 / 7 embodied consciousness that everything is one.

I cannot give a quick 1-2-3 plan how you can achieve this. Your own soul might be able to give you more specific advice. Alternatively, just developing spiritually in general will bring you closer to unity consciousness.

Question: Do Pleadians really have an alternative to porn and/or gaming? What is it like?

Answer: Yes we do. Our primary video game alternative is similar to the holodecks on Star Trek, combined with good AI. You can have many experiences that way.

Still, it is very rare for our people to spend the majority of their time in the holodecks, because there are so many beautiful planets that we can physically visit, in real life.

Our primary alternative to porn is simply having sex with real people. We can just ask an AI or a human matchmaker to match us up with a suitable sexual or romantic partner who is also interested in us. Plus we have zero shame around sex, there’s no sexual violence, there are no STDs and there are no unwanted pregnancies. As a result, most Pleiadians simply have a large amount of sex with real partners, and hence they feel no need to watch porn.

It happens only very rarely that someone has literally zero people who are a romantic or sexual match with them. Usually in that case the person can get some educational help or healing and then they will be a match to at least some people. And there are sexual priests and priestesses who would likely be willing to voluntarily provide sexual experiences for those very few people who don’t have a match. Being with a sexual priest or priestess can help those people grow and perhaps become more experienced and confident.

We’re also able to shape our bodies as we wish, so with one single partner you can experience making love to a variety of body types. This also means that the body shape of our partner need not be a blocking issue. Yes, in due time this can be made available to Earth humans too, although perhaps it would not serve Earth humans to let them shape their bodies before they have learned to actually love their own bodies. After all, your bodies are what allows you to be in the world, and hence your bodies are worthy of love. During Atlantis we gave Earth Humans access to technology that they weren’t ready for on a spiritual level, and that ended in a disaster, so we might decide to wait a bit before we hand out that specific technology. However, healing technologies will of course be made available immediately once we land.

We do sometimes watch other people have sex, in real life. This is sometimes because we’re curious or wish to learn, sometimes as foreplay with our own partner, sometimes as a form of art or as part of an energetic ritual, sometimes as a way to get to know other people and sometimes as a way to celebrate or mark important moments in someone’s life.

One time a captured Pleiadian was freed with the help of an Earth human lightworker, who used astral travel. After visiting a healer, this Pleiadian chose to celebrate her freedom and return by publicly making love to her husband, with just about the entire community looking and cheering her on. Similarly, if two people make a relationship commitment to each other, it is common for them to have public sex together during our version of their wedding day, and it is common for their entire families and friend groups to watch and cheer them on. As I said, we have zero shame around sex. Though of course, no one is forced to have or watch public sex. If someone doesn’t want that, then everyone honors that choice. Also, we of course do not have sex with children.

We don’t really consider watching real-life people having sex to be porn or unhealthy, because most often it is some kind of social experience where more than one person is watching at the same time. Also, we don’t spend a huge amount of time watching other people having sex. We’d rather just have more sex ourselves.

We also enjoy a variety of other activities such as traveling, making and viewing art, massage, dancing, being with animals, various spiritual activities, spending time with friends and family, gardening, playing with energy, et cetera. And we get joy out of helping people. Another thing that we sometimes do is try to shape our energy in such a way that a person who reads our energy remotely thinks that we are someone else than we actually are, or that we are a different gender, or that we are an animal or a plant, or that our personality is much different than it actually is. This is half as a practical joke and half as a useful exercise for both sides — because actual malevolent actors do sometimes try to deceive people in this way.

For example, Satan has been uncreated more than two years ago, but back when he still existed, Satan was very skilled at shaping his energy so that he came across as honest and reliable and professional and business-like. That wasn’t his actual energy, but most people who interacted with him perceived him as honest and reliable and business-like, instead of perceiving Satan as he really was.

If I sound a bit casual about Satan’s uncreation: I am glad that it happened, but he wasn’t the most important piece on the black side of the chess board. Still, I am very glad that practically all demons and hostile ETs have been either uncreated or chased away, partly thanks to us, partly thanks to the amazing work of some truly exceptional Earth lightworkers. We indeed are supporting the best light worker ground crew we could have asked for. Those dark controllers who are left are nearly exclusively flesh-and-blood earth humans, who can simply be arrested in the normal way, and hence we consider this to be the responsibility of Earth humans. This is actually a very different situation than how Earth has been for a very long time, because if someone had tried to arrest the Earth human dark controllers say five hundred years ago, then literal demons and hostile ETs would have intervened. That will no longer happen — Earth human dark controllers are now vulnerable to being arrested, which is part of why they’re panicking and are trying to push for some extreme things.

Question: I had a dream that started my ascension and research process sometime in early 2021. I was shown the Pleiades in a dream (which I didn’t recognize at the time) and was urged to step through a doorway of light by a female voice, which I did. I then awoke and talked to her in my semi-lucid state. She identified herself as “Ki’ara” or “Kara” I’m not sure, my telepathy wasn’t very strong at the time and is still easy to doubt. She’s since visited me in my dreams and I’ve talked to her from time to time, but she’s only allowed to tell me so much because of the situation on the ground. So my questions are:

1. Is it true some of our twin flames are a part of the liberation fleet? To be reunited with when this is over?

2. Am I a Pleiadian starseed?

3. Are you guys doing dream work with the star seeds? I’ve had many strange dreams over the past year

4. Could you reach out to her and tell her I love her very much? We both know this to be true, but I guess my 3D ego brain wants the additional confirmation that I’m not crazy.

I also love you and Tunia very deeply and appreciate all the work you both have been doing for humanity and Source.

Answer: In the name of Tunia and the channeler, you’re very welcome. Thanks for your beautiful story and for your question. It is relevant for more people than just yourself.

Yes, not everyone but a reasonably large number of Earth humans have twin flames who are part of the Earth Support Fleet. An Earth human / Pleiadian twin flame pair can serve as an energetic bridge between those two groups of humans. The message “Tunia: One Lightworker’s Journey” was a fictional but quite accurate story that is relevant to this topic.

Yes, you are a Pleiadian star seed with a Pleiadian twin flame. She has received your love and sends back all her love and her huge joy and well-wishes, as well as a strong desire to meet as soon as possible. No, you are not crazy.

It is quite likely that Earth lightworkers and perhaps other Earth humans will be meeting us galactics somewhere between now and 2026, although it could be later than that. And some people without galactic twin flames will have the option to start relationships with galactics anyway. You don’t need to be twin flames with someone to have a good relationship together.

I am not claiming that the majority of us galactics are open to starting a relationship with specific Earthlings. We are not. But there are many billions of human-like galactics, and some portion of them are open to dating Earthlings, and that group is far larger than the group of spiritually awake Earth lightworkers. As explained in the previous question, it is quite easy for us to match a specific Earth human with those one or two galactics who would be a good match for that person, if there are indeed galactics who are a good match for that specific Earth human. Of course, not everyone will have a matching galactic. It’s also possible that a given Earth Lightworker will hear that there is a galactic who would be a good relationship match for them, but only if the Earth Lightworker first achieves some more spiritual growth in order to become energetically compatible with the galactic. Of course, galactic healers and spiritual teachers will be available to help, if desired. And also of course, the more spiritual work you do now, the easier it will be for both you and us galactics to be in each other’s presence and energies.

In your message you mentioned the term “liberation fleet.” Personally I don’t actually love the term “liberation fleet” because it is you Earth humans who will be liberating yourselves. We’re merely helping. I prefer to think of our big fleet as the Earth Support Fleet.

Similarly, we’re not doing dream work with the help of Earth Star Seeds. Earth Star Seeds are doing dream work with the help of us galactics. You are the change-makers and the ones taking action. We are merely the support.

It is an absolutely critical part of this process that you realize that you Earth humans are able to free yourself, and indeed you already are in the process of freeing yourself. One primary goal of the negative galactics is to depower you, while one primary goal of us positive galactics is to empower you.

Still, you are correct that you and other star seeds are doing a lot of dream work, with the help of us positive galactics. Genuinely well done for noticing that, and congratulations on spiritually waking up. I hope you and your Pleiadian twin flame will be able to meet relatively soon and I wish you all the joy in the world together.

Finally, if you feel drawn to it and your telepathy is good enough, you could consider channeling her and posting those messages on a site like eraoflight dot com. That will be a service to humanity and Source. It will also be a connective activity for the two of you. Plus when channeling you are spending quite some time being deeply immersed in Pleiadian energies, which will also benefit you energetically.

That was the last question for today. Thank you very much, I enjoyed answering them.

I do want to say that the channeler simply receives more questions than he has energy to channel answers. For illustration purposes, the channeler still has questions from five months ago that he feels are good questions and that he wants to get around to answering at some point.

So if you sent in a question and haven’t received an answer yet: your question might simply be in the pipeline. Or the channeler might have chosen to answer other questions instead, not because your question was bad but because the channeler simply receives more good questions than he has energy to answer.

To those whose questions are not getting answered: once we have landed, we will happily answer each and every single question that you have, or possibly show you how you can find your own answers. In the meantime, perhaps another channeler can provide a more quick response.

I leave you today with all my love and well-wishes.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to EraofLight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to this original post.

11 Replies to “Hakann Q&A: The Golden Flame”

  1. scotth9510

    I hope in that case I move quickly to low 5d as I’ve been told I’m in 4d but I’m also not ready to die yet.

  2. scotth9510

    Hi hakaan and a.s. I’m just curious but will people in 4d automatically go to 5d with this solar flash or is it more dependent on what’s in our soul contracts thanks.

    1. A.S.

      I think there are still a few different ways the solar flash can play out, and it won’t be the same in each scenario. It’s also possible that there won’t actually be a solar flash (but it is guaranteed that we will be free and our lives will be joyous).

      After all, depending on the free-will choices of us Earth humans, exactly what would best serve us may be different.

      What is most likely at this point is that the 4d people either die during or very shortly after the solar flash; or pretty quickly move into low-5d after the solar flash. Not immediately and automatically, but quickly. 5D will become the dominant consciousness and people will be pulled up to 5D (and also media will probably quickly start broadcasting 5D messages, and benevolent galactics might very well land).

      After all, if there are Pleiadian physically walking around and tv is broadcasting messages of love, people will pretty quickly be lifted up to 5D.

  3. Arthur

    “…psychedelics can be good tools for some people but can be harmful for other people. This is also true of some other spiritual techniques and tools,…”-
    For the first time I hear that spiritual (rather than physical) practices can be harmful. What harm, for example, can meditation bring?

    1. A.S.

      Good question. I guess I should have maybe asked Hakann to clarify or be more specific there.

      Notice that Hakann is saying that SOME other spiritual techniques and tools can be harmful, not that ALL of them can be harmful. Realistically speaking, meditation has no risk of doing harm. Breath work and mindfulness also aren’t harmful.

      If you want examples of spiritual techniques that some people would say can be harmful: intentionally hyperventilating is one (which at least one form of yoga and at least two pretty well-known masters have taught). Fakirs sometimes lie on a bed of nails or try to make snakes dance. Some shamans nearly drown people as part of a rebirth ritual. Then there’s extensive periods of dry fasting (no water). Some people would argue that some things Aghoris do / eat isn’t exactly safe.

      But you’re right, regular meditation isn’t going to harm you.

      1. Arthur

        Almost no one writes about it. Such information rarely comes up.
        I met some authors about the harm from prolonged meditation. They pointed out that during meditation, the chakras open, consciousness expands, but at the same time the mind (mental activity) gradually stops. And if you do it for a long time, consciousness rises, but intelligence (IQ) falls. You’re just getting stupid in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, it is recommended to alternate the exercises of meditation (relaxation of the mind) and concentration of the mind (on something). But I also heard that some people literally went crazy from the sharp opening of the chakras during meditation. Could not withstand the flow of energies and instantaneous change of consciousness.
        There are two more types of meditation:
        One of them was pointed out by Drunvalo – merkaba meditation. Somewhere I also met (I don’t remember now) the undesirability of its long-term use.
        The second meditation, the so-called. meditation for eternity. The deepest of all. It is also listed by Drunvalo as one of the initiation practices in preparation for ascension. Drunvalo pointed out that in the course of it, some people left the incarnation forever. There is information that at the same time, instantly a person goes through all the lessons that he would have mastered for all physical incarnations, there is a complete merger with the Higher Self. A person turns into an Angel, finding himself at a level of consciousness that is beyond human and forever deprived of the opportunity to incarnate.
        For example, in Russia there is a so-called. dolmens (near Gelendzhik). According to legend, people went into them to meditate for eternity. But strange information about them was betrayed: they are forever chained to the Earth and cannot leave it for a long time.
        I would like to know if this information is correct and deeply understand the mechanisms of these practices. What and how it works.

  4. David

    Thanks Hakaan and A S, just wish this day will arrive quickly, so many need this now I feel. Especially after events that are now unfolding daily. I will keep striving to support and help in anyway I can. We desperately need action on the ground, to see a big sign….anything…. to confirm our position in our galactic community. My faith is unbreakable, yet fighting this spiritual battle has to come with a shard of light to pierce the dark…for us all.. Much love. Namaste 🙏

    1. A.S.

      I hope that too, although it wouldn’t surprise me if galactic physical contact was still some while away, unfortunately. Thanks that you keep helping.

  5. Tricia

    I love reading these Q&A’s ❤️💖 thank you so much dear brother Hakaan and A.S sending all my love to you and all in the pleiades, I would love to come to see the planet and meet you all I would just find it hard to come back. I could feel the Christ energy when answering the question from the guy from Merope how beautiful it must be a really nice feeling being around your energy I’ve always been a Jeshua fan however I’m sad how people claim to preach his teaching on earth however they don’t embody the unity conscious but I’m not judging them for that as a child I embodied more of the unity conscious then growing up I changed and now unfortunately I’m in the process of remembering and getting myself back again.
    The sex part again made me giggle I had a vision of myself with you all cheering on the people celebrating by having sex 😂 I can feel it’s all coming from a good place and intent I know a lot of earth people will be triggered for all sorts of reasons, we’re taught sex is a shameful act to a degree, however child abuse is mainly kept quiet and a blind eye turned so what’s the most evil ……. I know my answer
    Thank you again 🙏❤️💖