Kundalini Rising: A Spiritual Awakening

Dear Cosmic Community,

This is one of the most ‘personally significant’ blog posts that I’ve ever written and one that I trust will serve to deepen your awareness of how profound and ‘life-changing’ an experience a spiritual awakening can become. Through my experiences, I envisage that you’ll discover your own deeper answers and further insights from within; perhaps the ones that have eluded you – until now.

Much has been written about the ‘kundalini power’. The ancients spoke about it long before it became popularised in the late 20th century. It’s the sacred fire, a cosmic feminine energy that sits within your sacrum, awaiting its rise up your tree of life (the spinal column) leading towards a profound transformation of consciousness

Is the kundalini rising experience real?
Yes, I say that it is, because I’ve experienced it and it changed my life forever…

What is Kundalini?

We’re most familiar with the power that lies at the base of our spine, from the Sanskrit word ‘kundalini’, which derives from the word ‘kundal’ meaning a ‘coil’. Just imagine the snake or serpent which coils its body tightly, concentrating the fullness of its potential energy.

The coiled snake is a metaphor for the energy that lies within the sacrum (the sacred – the sanctuary or the shrine of the divine) near the base of your spine. Once provoked or rather ‘awakened’ the coiled energy rises up with great force, activating the totality of its latent power.

The kundalini power is an invisible spiritual power that rises up in the human to activate a full remembrance of one’s divine origins.

The Sacrum

The sacrum is a flat, pyramidal shaped bone with 8 holes, known to the ancient Greeks as a ‘holy bone’, the ‘hieron osteon’. It was the bone associated with ‘the resurrection’ of the spirit. The sacrum is strong. Consider the great force that your sacrum is placed under each day, especially with so much ‘sitting’ now being a part of our modern lifestyles. And the sacrum is also a particularly hard bone, being the last bone of the human body to disintegrate after death and burial. That says a lot about the purpose of the sacrum from a physical standpoint. The sacrum is designed to withstand great pressure, as it supports the body. What is it harnessing and protecting?

The Ancient Egyptians and Mayans (who I believe to be intrinsically linked with the pre-dynastic Egyptians) considered the sacrum to represent a doorway between worlds, very similar to the energetic purpose that our kneecaps serve. See my blog post on The Knee Chakra and Spiritual Ascension I must say, that I agree.

The sacrum attaches to the coccyx bone and to the hip bones (the wings) serving as an energetic protector for the reproductive organs, which house both the creative and procreative spirit within. The sacrum attaches to the last lumbar vertebrae and it sits between the sacroiliac joint (a pair of joints responsible for our ability to both stand and walk). The two ‘dimples’ at the back of your spine are the location of these important joints.

Many years ago, when I first sat in The King’s Chamber of The Great Pyramid in Egypt, spirit told me that ‘8’ was the number of enlightenment, ever-unfolding. There are 8 holes in the sacrum, corresponding to the 8 original cells that remain with you for life!

“At the exact moment of conception, there is a perfect symmetry, as witnessed in sacred geometry. The first cell contains the knowledge of itself and another cell; an organism of two cells has the knowledge of itself and two more, making four cells. Four cells form a tetrahedron that has the knowledge to bring fourth four more – to total eight cells (a star tetrahedron, also a cube). These original first eight cells that form us are different than any other cells that we will form during our lives. It is said that these original cells are immortal and that while every other cell will die and be replaced by a new one, these original eight will remain. They are with us until we die.”
Extract from the book ‘Secrets of an Alkaline Body: The New Science of Colloidal Biology’ by Annie Paddon Jubb and David Jubb, 2011

The Caduceus

Picture the symbol of ‘The Caduceus’, two snakes entwined around a scepter, leading toward two wings at the crown. Known as ‘the wand, the messenger/Hermes/Mercury’, it’s recognised in modern times as the ‘symbol of medicine’ and appears on countless coats of arms, logos and flags. We recognise this symbol in the modern world without perhaps realising its ancient origins and hidden symbolism, as representing the power of the kundalini rising!

What is the energetic purpose of The Kundalini Energy?

My personal experience of this great concentration of life force energy, which lies dormant at the base of your spine, is that it’s the emanating force of universal creation; that when activated, vitalises and lights up your entire energy body (your ascension mechanics) what some call ‘The Light Body’.

As the kundalini force is turned on, it rises up via the spinal column (the tree of life – which connects the human and the divine) vitalising every organ and bodily system, opening the heart and setting the soul free of its earthly confines, via the escape route of the pineal gland at the crown. When the kundalini rises, a deep spiritual awakening and reconnection occurs.

It’s happened to me many, many times, and each time – spontaneously…

My ‘Personal’ Kundalini Rising Experience

It was in my late 20’s, that my ‘then marriage’ broke down. This huge crisis point in my young life served as the doorway and catalyst to what would prove to be the most profound and life-changing (life-enhancing) set of experiences, that I’ve ever known.

Back then, I was on an insatiable inner quest for the deeper meaning and purpose of my life. Day and night, it’s all I thought about. I wanted to know who I was and why I was here, as well as what the point of my life was. It was time to understand and to step up and into the role that I was meant to play, even though at the time, I had no idea of what that was. I’ve written about this pivotal ‘breakthrough period’ in my life and how it led me to my spiritual awakening in my book Cosmic Messengers

Each day, I would go to work in my corporate career, come home in the evenings, go to the gym or teach Calisthenics and Aerobics and then just ponder the meaning of life. I asked for more. I asked for much more and I needed to know what that was. On the weekends, I turned away from many social engagements, for several years. I spent a lot of time on my own. I know that this was the key in developing a deeper awakening. I champion anyone who needs their alone time. I comprehend just ‘how important’ it is!

Lucid Dreaming ~ The Precursor

It was about 6-months into this deeper questioning process – that it began. I’d always had vivid dreams, but up until this time, I hadn’t been conscious of ‘lucid dreaming’. That all began to change. Each night at around 3.00-3.30am, I would spontaneously wake-up. Read my blog post on The 3AM Spiritual Ascension Wake-Up Call I also have a Guided Meditation for a Deep and Healing Sleep

As if by clockwork, I would wake-up and then sit up in my bed, annoyed that I had woken up again and worried that I would be too tired the next day, for when I had to go to work. Perhaps you know that feeling well? I would eventually get myself back to sleep and then it would begin. Firstly, I would become aware of myself in a dream. I was watching and ‘observing myself’ moving through a sea of super-natural occurrences. I knew that I was dreaming, because none of what I was moving through made material sense. This continued on for several nights, every week, for about 6-months and then the next phase began.

Directing The Dream

Once I was used to waking up within my dreams, I then realised that I was dreaming and that I could ‘take the dream’ wherever I wanted it to go. This was liberating. I began ‘enjoying’ waking up at 3.00am most nights, as I knew what was coming next and I liked it! During this phase, I began to keep a ‘dream journal’ and recorded all of my experiences, the next morning, before I’d go to work. I still have those journals. They’re priceless to me. During this period, I did my own study into dream analysis and I began to realise that it’s ‘the feelings experienced in dreams’ rather than the ‘imagery’ that hold the key to the messages being sent forth from soul.

After about 6-months of lucid dreaming, then the next and most powerful phase began. It’s what I now know to be my ‘kundalini power’ that was awakened…

The Kundalini Awakening

After waking up between 3.00 – 3.30am and then going back to sleep, I would begin lucid dreaming and then something else started happening. I woke up within the dream and I was in my room, in my house, fully aware of everything around me and yet I couldn’t ‘physically move’. It was conscious dream paralysis and it was scary. At this point, I would use all my strength to will myself to wake-up. It usually happened after several attempts. This would go on night after night, increasing in intensity.

The Dimensional Shift – The Noises ~ The Rocket Ship of Rising Energy

When I was awake, but unable to move, I would hear noises in my house. What sounded like knives being sharpened, cutlery being moved in the draw and paper crumbling in my ears. Then the buzzing would begin (like a hive of bees within me and all around me) and eventually my body would start rumbling. What felt like the engine on a rocket ship was within me.

It would start up and build power in my lower spine. Night after night this would happen, until eventually the rumbling began to move up my spine. Usually when it got` to my lungs and heart, I would wake-up, because I felt that I wasn’t able to breathe.

One night, I was in the midst of this experience and no matter how hard I tried to will it to stop, it wouldn’t. It was at this point, grappled with fear, that something within me, said “Wait, is this a good thing?. The moment that I had that thought, the rumbling subsided. I felt validated and I relaxed and I decided to go with it and to see what would happen next.

What happened next…

As the rumbling moved up my body, when it got to my lungs, I felt that I had to take a deep breath. It felt that I was being submerged under the water (indeed, the waters of life). So, I held my breath and the rumbling went right up into my brain. I knew that I felt incredibly excited. The answers that I so desired were coming to me. Then once the rumbling got to the top of my head, I felt my body sink back into my bed and “I” left my body, through the top of my head and I was out, within what felt like a cosmic roller coaster of light.

Being ‘Consciously’ Out of Body

I was out of my body and yet, I was still me. I remember being so cognitively aware of that. I was travelling in space, through a dark energy tunnel, with millions of colours flying by me. It was exhilarating and I didn’t need to direct it. I knew exactly where I was going and I had never felt more ‘alive’. I was my own entity and yet I also felt that I was a part of the universe that I was travelling through. It was complete unity.

The Colours

When I got to the end of this dimensional travel tunnel, I paused and then everything went silent and still. I was waiting, with so much anticipation at what was next. Then the colours came. The most brilliant colours that I’ve ever seen in my life. So bright and geometrically patterned. It looked like luminous, cosmic stained glass. Then the scene changed and I was in another dimensional reality – fully conscious. It was at this point that the entirety of where I was, took over me and I instantly snapped back into my body. I woke up, back in my bed, in my room. I lay completely still for what seemed like 30 minutes. Then I slowly began to move. I was so present and my body was so heavy.

Cosmic Awareness
I never forgot this first time, where my core spiritual energy rose up from the base of my spine and activated every centre in my body. It turned on my light body, so that I could travel out of my physical body, while still being able to come back in, to bring this cosmic awareness into my physical life. I’ve since created several beautiful Guided Journeys including Becoming Your Highest Self Accessing Your Akashic Records and Opening The Third Eye

It was natural for me

The kundalini rising experience happened dozens and dozens of times after this. I lost count of how many times. And I never forced it to happen and I never asked for it to happen. It just did – naturally, as a result (I believe) of my sincere spiritual seeking – and I like that.

“I can put my hand over my heart and say that I truly know what it’s like to experience your immortal soul. ”

— Elizabeth Peru

I’m well aware that many people teach ‘processes’ for how to activate the kundalini. I’m not sure how those energy experiences differ from mine, but what I do know is that when your kundalini rises, you’ll know about it. It’s the most intensive energetic experience that (I feel) we can ever have while being in a physical body.

My dozens of kundalini experiences were personally empowering. In a way, I guess that I had prepared for them with my years of spiritual seeking. I experienced them on my own and the after-effects led me to have a rich, first-hand understanding of the cosmos and the light beings that we are.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that very few people will go through what I did, in the way that I did. I’ve spoken to many spiritual teachers about what happened to me and most looked blankly back at me and knew nothing of what I was talking about. Perhaps, this happened to me, because I’ve experienced it before, in other lifetimes – being a practitioner of the healing arts? Perhaps it was my unique awakening process? Perhaps, what I’ve shared with you will now help you to embrace your awakening process more deeply too?…

**By Elizabeth Peru


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  1. tigersnack1114

    The last several days Ive been getting waves of enjoyable energy that start as Head tingle downloads but now the energies are running up and down the spine and back up and it feels …lol…enjoyable.
    This has happened 3-4 times in the last couple of years and now it has been 3-4 times in one week.

    The news about Gov collusion with the Media and all the rest is the starting point. The momentum will start rolling as the Corrupt realize there is massive amounts of evidence and those people, REALIZING they are fully caught, will start turning on each other and naming names.
    At some point in all this…..Im expecting the Great FLash as the first “wake up” call. Will it happen when we are RIGHT on the EDGE of exploding…..or do we need to FULLY EXPLODE to remove the Old and then happen after we experience the CHAOS needed?

    We arent going to know and are not supposed to know but I think as we literally stand on the cusp, people will KNOW it is time