Wisdom of the Council: Step into Your Masterpiece

Painting your masterpiece is art. Creating your masterpiece is art. Realizing it into reality, it’s art. It’s art.

It’s not do it perfectly every moment. It’s creation. Put your hands in the clay. Put your fingers in the paints. Play with it, create with it, have fun with it. If you are not absolutely out-of-your-mind excited about your lives, then that’s the first step. Absolutely out-of-your-minds excited about your lives, that’s the first step. Get excited about being excited. Fall in love with being in love. Be passionate about the passion you have for life. 

Can you imagine, really, how powerful, how powerful, how powerful you are when you are one of those beings vibrating at such a frequency that your light is shining throughout all of the Heavens and all of the Universe is drawn to you, attracted to you, in alignment to you, moving towards you because of the excitement you are feeling about being so excited about life? Laughing, singing, playing, dancing. Nothing can stop you from the joy and the happiness that you feel. Nothing could stop you from feeling good, because it feels so good to feel good. It’s such a happy feeling to be happy.

This is the next step, if you’re wondering what it is: Absolute, complete, and total passion for life and passion for the passion that you feel about life. It will heal your body. It will heal your relationships. It will attract to you abundance and love and resources and money and connections and opportunities and richness and anything you could ever want more of. More freedom, more of everything.

If you want to heal your body, if you’re listening to this saying, yeah, well, maybe at one point in my life when I was younger or before I had these aches and pains, or before I went through that terrible thing, or before I lost all my money, oh, well then we are speaking to you and we are speaking to you with absolute emphasis. You of all beings can imagine the most incredible quantum leaps because you’ve been holding yourself in resistance for so long when all along all you had to do was be in love with being in love with life, to be in love with being in love with yourself, being in love with being in love with all that is here for you, and being passionate about being passionate, being completely satiated about how completely satiated you are.

Oh, when you get this, when you just let yourself go and you start singing and you start laughing and you start looking yourself in the eyes and going, You did it. You did it. I love you. You’re so amazing. Isn’t this fun? Oh my gosh, how wonderful this life is, you can’t even imagine the power that has to move the most incredible miracles and magical things and grandest manifestations into your reality right now. You are magnetic on a level as if the whole entire Universe is here for you and rigged in your favor—because it is.

You want to know the next step? Fall in love with being in love with your life, fall in love with being in love with you, fall in love with being in love with the freedom you have, fall in love with being in love with the abundance you have, fall in love with being in love with the wellbeing you have, and on and on and on.

We have said you can tell what signal the Universe is getting from you by what is reflected back to you in your relationships, in your friendships, in your family, and even in technology. But when everyone around you starts going, How is it that you are the happiest person I’ve ever known? How is it that you are the most blessed person I’ve ever known? How is it that you are the most beautiful, abundant, incredible, amazing person I have ever known? well, then you know that the Universe is very clearly getting the signal and, beyond that, has already directed everything in all of the Universe, full speed ahead like on a rocket ship propelled in your direction, for the fulfillment of all of your dreams come true. Before you lies your masterpiece, the reality that you have chosen, the miracle that you expected. It’s now. It’s now.

From time to time, we remind you to stand in the perfection of this moment and just for a moment look at how far you have come. While it will appear to be instant manifestation, oh, dear master, you have been creating this for longer than you can imagine. Your whole life has been preparing for this. Everything until now was leading to this now because this is the time, this is the moment. And after you take all the time you need to really look at how far you’ve come—every moment of raising your consciousness and your vibration and choosing love and being in your truth and letting go of the lack and the limitation and the fear and the separation and letting go of the need to fix and change, to come into the place of pure love— Look at how far you’ve come.

Not only is your transformation complete, and not only is your realization complete, your ascension into higher levels of existence and new levels of creation and new manifested realities is here now. Your ascension, your realization, your transformation, it is complete.

Will you always be expanding? Is there more? Is there more? Is there more? Of course. You just keep going beyond, beyond into more love, into more abundance, into more wellbeing, into more of all that you are.

**Channel: Sara Landon