Exposure and More

Impossible to hide!

Adrenachrome! Child/human trafficking! Rape, murder, pillage, and created War! Bribery, blackmail, extortion, election theft, resources theft, lying, cheating, propaganda! Toxic fake medicines! Corrupted institutions! People Dying Suddenly! Currency dying! Jobs dying! Border invasion! School invasion! Education destroyed! WAR PIGS Salivating!

It is ALL being seen!


The WEF (World Economic Forum) Green New Deal is DEAD! The People digging its grave Now.

Klaus Schwab’s crew is splintering! Infighting is destroying WEF unity as the people recover theirs! The rips in their corporate-gang fabric are revealing vast amounts of Hidden CrimesDoes the Bribery, Extortion, even Murder, reach down to You?

All of the hidden activity of these last decades is coming out into the Light! The Populace is seeing! This is an aspect of the shift of the Ages into Aquarius, the Knowledge Bearer! It is UNSTOPPABLE.

The People See!

The Crimes are being Exposed! Will YOU be caught up in the coming Frenzy?!

The Powers That Had Been are Freaking Out! That is why their decisions make NO SENSE to you! Look to see what they are still trying to cover up! They are trying to save themselves! Will it be at your expense? Are you the chosen sacrificial animal? Someone is going to prison! Have they picked you?!?

The People know! We are acting!

Every action that Antifa takes is being monitored/recorded! Their members are being tracked! Their network is being mapped! Digital surveillance is Everywhere! Recordings are being made!

Communications are being captured! Nothing digital is hidden! Their security systems WILL be USED to CONVICT! Every move that is made is Recorded!

Emotions are seething, writhing, boiling to the surface! Pain, misery, death, dying, disability! All for a FRAUD! The Retribution is HERE THIS YEAR for the fake pandemic! Our relatives WILL BE AVENGED! Will it be EXECUTIONS?!? Or PRISON?!? for the Guilty? Only Time will tell.



**By Cliff High


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