Ocular Surface Erosion after Suspected Exposure to Evaporated COVID-19 Vaccine

Era of Light: You do not want to imagine what this stuff does on the inside of a person’s body.

The purpose is to report ocular surface erosion of health personnel who were exposed to evaporated CoronaVac during a vaccination campaign. A campaign for CoronaVac vaccination was conducted in a closed space of 11.04 × 5.96 m, partially divided into 6 rooms with interconnected area among the rooms.

A total of 20 health personnel worked in the vaccination rooms. On the third day of campaign, a vial, containing a single dose of 0.5 mL, of the vaccine was dropped accidentally onto the floor and broken by an administering nurse. A total of 15 personnel had symptoms and signs of ocular surface erosion at the average time from the accident to the onset of 10.2 ± 7.1 h; 4 personnel also had skin rash.

These personnel included all 13 persons who already worked in the rooms when the accident occurred and continued for additional 4–6 h and 2 personnel who presented in the rooms 1–2 h after the accident and stayed for 2–3 h. Proximity and timing suggest CoronaVac correlation with the ocular and skin reactions. Cautions should be taken to avoid broken vials, spills, and aerosolization of CoronaVac during the vaccination.