Archangel Michael: Our Position on the Walk

Dear Ones! I am the Archangel Michael!

Today is a very interesting day. Interesting because the minds are very different, some believing in the New World, forgetting the world around them, understanding that each one has to be where he needs to be, is making his soul’s choice worth. Many still ask themselves, “Am I becoming insensitive, because I no longer suffer, I no longer cry when I see a tragedy happen, my heart is tranquil.” And I answer: No you are not insensitive, you are just enforcing all past teaching; not to suffer the suffering of the other and to understand that each one has his moment, that each soul is in this moment, now, where it needs to be to fulfill all that was determined by itself when it incarnated.

Those who feel this way about the outside world, I can guarantee that they have already fulfilled a good part of their path, they are already positioned toward the Light. Are they perfect? No, they still make mistakes. But you are able to look at your mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and understand that you can no longer repeat them. In other words, they are applying everything they have learned up to now, they seek balance all the time, they seek peace in their hearts, they seek to emanate peace, Love, and harmony. They still let themselves be caught by the traps of the external, of external people, but they quickly understand this and try to put themselves back in balance. I can’t say, unfortunately, that this is a large group, it is a small group that is managing to effectively follow its path to the Fifth Dimension.

And then we go to the average group. Why average? Because they do all the things I mentioned about this first group, but they have moments that they still get involved with the world around them, they have moments that they make mistakes and don’t recognize their mistakes, they have moments that they let people around them take them off balance and don’t try to get back on balance. It is as if they are on a seesaw, one day they are following that path to the Fifth Dimension, and other days they take shortcuts and move away from that path. Until one fine day, they remember everything again, and head back to the path of the Fifth Dimension.

I can tell you that these are the greatest number, many of you still can’t keep yourself in total balance, you can’t keep yourself taking it all in with grit, with the will, with the humility to recognize your own mistakes, you still fight a lot against it, that is, the ego is still holding the cards, it’s still saying, “Go, do it, you can, you must!” And you get carried away, but at least sometimes you come to your senses and start that whole process again to get back on the path to the Fifth Dimension. Some get there quickly, some take a little longer, but they get there. And so you are on this seesaw, sometimes there, sometimes a shortcut, sometimes there, sometimes a shortcut.

I would say that for these, there has to be a greater commitment, a greater commitment to yourself to avoid taking these shortcuts. The commitment has to be sharper and no, don’t see the commitment to me or to anybody else, the commitment is to you. You are in ascension, not us, there is no compromise with us, there is compromise with your own walk, not with us.

And let’s talk now about a third group; one that listens, but doesn’t listen. They don’t want to learn, they don’t want to change, and they keep on acting as they have always acted, because they don’t think this path is worth walking, they don’t believe in it, they don’t believe in the change, they don’t believe in the New World, they just listen and keep putting themselves further and further on the path, not to the Fifth Dimension, to continue on the Third. They put themselves in awkward situations, say inappropriate things, attitudes not pertinent anymore at this time. But it is interesting that if someone asks: “Have you awakened yet? You answer affirmatively, “Yes I have awakened, I am preparing for the New World!” Because you don’t want to admit that you are not. So you simply lie, you lie mercilessly to yourself.

It’s a shame, because these may not have time, tomorrow, to decide to walk the right path, because the change is profound. Even those who are in the first group, still slip, nobody is perfect yet, nobody is ready. There are some who are very close to the vibration of the 5th Dimension, and for them, ascension is near. So imagine for these who do nothing, who change nothing, and who only act according to what the ego determines and disturb others. They do not bring harmony, on the contrary, they bring disharmony wherever they go, they bring imbalance, and they think they are complying with what they think is right, not caring at any moment about who is on the other side. It’s a shame, because they are truly following a path that is not that of the Fifth Dimension.

Many wonder and ask us, “What do I need to do to get to the path of the Fifth Dimension?” The path is long, the changes need to be profound, much forgiveness, much detachment, new understandings. Whoever is ready, whoever decides, ‘I am going,’ will have to have a lot of willpower. Because more and more, things will become more intense. But if you determine ‘I want’, ‘I will’, everything will be done to help you on your way. Don’t understand that we will facilitate anything, the change is internal, but we will collaborate so that the external is softer.

So my brothers, in which group do you place yourself? No, this is not the separation of Tares from Wheat, Tares and Wheat are Light and Shadow. And all that I have mentioned here, in these 3 groups, are Light. I am not quoting shadows, I am just quoting what each one is choosing to live by. Right now, whatever decision you have, if you ask for it, you will have our help. We are just an inch away from each one of you, but you need to ask, you need to be humble and ask for help. And be assured, we are always ready, never to judge you, but to guide you, and to help you on your way to the Fifth Dimension.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


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