Shift to Infinite Creation

Blessings Beloveds ~

A massive shift is anticipated before end of March. The constant jumps in frequency and light are dismantling the old structures. This amplifies our themes of revelation, death, inversion collapse, and the new way of beingness.

The new light frequencies literally change the parameters for creation, opening us to Infinite expansion – in the midst of shaking apart dense structures within and without.

Flowing with the energy Shift before Equinox

Our preparations and actions before mid-March affect how we will experience the dramatic changes this year.

Last year’s widespread direct reconnection to the I AM Presence created a collective container for a new experience. Remember when Gaia said embodiment would change everything? Here we glow dear hearts, unified in the Infinite Kryst frequency, walking into a new realm.

The shifts in February-March change our perception; we see more, feel more, and the old realms drop out of our realities. This makes the Now – when timelines are dropping rapidly – very powerful, fertile soil for the New beingness.

From Finite/closed systems to Infinite Expansion

It’s important to be present with any discomfort of necessary change. Avoiding change at this point will create intense discord in your body, mind, nervous system, and fields.

Here are some tools for implementing change, in harmony with the flows of new light which push us to be in alignment with Presence.

The Infinite Kryst Presence is an active, living Divine Light Intelligence. In our Ascension journey, we learn to be in consistent states of expansive, Infinite creation. Sometimes the lower self resists, or simply does not know what to do or what to choose.

These steps take practice before they become your new nature. They may feel slow as you retrain the body-mind-feeling states into Infinite thinking, feeling, action, and creation.

Easy steps for shifting to Infinite Presence:

  • Pause in the moment you feel old patterns. Learn to pause and stop the old flow. Take a moment to do this; train your old self to stop finite patterns.
  • Drop into the Heart, into Zero point. Prioritize operating from the Infinite Kryst Heart, rather than the mind or emotions.
  • State an intention or decree from the Heart center. It assists your I AM Presence in the moment to create a new experience.
  • Feel the purity and clarity of the Divine within, where all of the highest choices exist.
  • Use the Infinite Heart. Qualify your light emanations with the quality of Infinite Kryst light – and let it resolve, adjust, and show you the highest choices. It’s your true light, use it! This new light is already present Gaia’s fields and is ever-present in an activated Heart. Use the new light of Infinite Presence to create whatever aligns with Divine Will.
  • Open to Infinite perspective, while holding the core intention of Ascension. Ask in the moment when choice points present, or when density/duality is stealing your focus: What does this have to do with my journey? What is happening from the cosmic Perspective, where good/bad duality does not exist?
  • Create and do things differently in the moment. Any positive action or creation that is even slightly different than your usual pattern assists in changing the flow. Movement truly assists with the strong energies (try a new dance or workout, walking meditation, taking a different route, any incremental change opens the pathways). Apply the Infinite to every choice-point, thought, or emotion – even the boring tasks – and let that qualified energy mix up the density. Doing the same things, the same way, or repeating comforting coping mechanisms, restricts the Presence to reveal highest choices.

As always, Unity Consciousness is the long game. When personal journeys get stuck in a loop, being of service to the legacy of Love and Ascension opens the Heart to attune our lifestream.

Realm-Shifting with Solaris

We have entered a unique flow of refined light flowing through the SUN, organic Stargates and Gaia’s Master crystals. This, in combination with the vast network of activated Hearts, Infinite Kryst fields and Crystalline DNA, is creating the dramatic accelerations this year.

SUNlight strengthens our internal Kryst radiation through our crystalline structures. Science has noted the DNA changes happening around the equator (imagine if they would study the ascending collective!) This new light is quite direct in its Divine purpose to uplevel our crystalline form.

SUN gazing feels transformative. It’s a good way to feel incoming Cosmic energies and support organic Ascension. Also feel its effect on water, within and without, as the Solar plasma influxes amplify this month.

Grief and Sadness as we depart the old realities.

The collective is releasing entire realities and timelines. Empaths feel this. It is what it is. Weep and clear, weep and release. Please don’t go into victimhood; feeling states are a powerful tool of Mastery. Meditate on Divine Grace often. Guidance for the sadness, grief and magnetic sensitivities can be found in this article.

SUNday Unity Meditations

All willing hearts are welcome to join in this service. We celebrate 7 years of weekly Global meditations in 2023. Meditate for 30 minutes on peace, Divine LoveLight, and Ascension during our synchronized SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PST.

I AM sending everyone Infinite LoveLight as we embrace and practice Infinite Creation in this Now.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

**By Sandra Walters