Understanding and Transcending Our Limitations

To know our true expansiveness, we can learn how to shape our beliefs about ourselves. We can ask if they make sense and if they are based on the consciousness of our heart or in some aspect of fear. If fear is involved, they diminish our life force and limit us. We can realize that it is possible for us to be aware of our inner knowing and to pay attention to the energies that we love and are grateful for. Our choice is always for love and expansiveness or for fear and contraction. When we are living intentionally, we can constantly choose our energetic alignment.

We are playing a psychological game with ourselves. We’ve placed ourselves in a psychic maze, and we’re trying to find our way out. The way out is our choice of reality. We choose our reality with the vibrations that we pay attention to and align with. By imagining scenarios filled with love and joy, we open ourselves to experience those energies. By imagining scenarios filled with tyranny and adversity, we open ourselves to those experiences.

What we pay attention to is important for our personal energy signature and the limitations that we place upon ourselves. If we feel fulfilled in every way, we experience the energy that we align with. When we feel trapped in a limiting lifestyle, we stay that way until we change our belief about ourselves. When we elevate our feelings to freedom, gratitude and joy, our limitations can be resolved and we can open ourselves to guidance from our intuition. When we can believe that we are living in freedom, joy and love, we create that level of energetic expression in our awareness, and we attract the experiences of those energies.

By examining our beliefs about ourselves, we can decide if we want to continue to live under their limitations. There is no requirement outside of ourselves that we subject ourselves to limitations. They are part of our game and the roles that we have assumed for ourselves. In order to change our roles, we need to change our vibrations and our state of being. We need to align our imagination and emotions to a new level of polarity and frequency. If we can open ourselves to our heart-consciousness, we can find that we have the perfect guidance for realizing our natural state of gratitude and joyous fulfillment. Our new level of vibration brings our life experiences into resonance with us. In this way we can realize that we have the ability to elevate the quality of our life experiences by resolving and transcending our beliefs about ourselves through our inner knowing.

**By Kenneth Schmitt