Sananda: Be In The Present Moment

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, these times again, as great change comes over you, comes over your planet, comes over the collective consciousness of man.

And love is streaming forth, streaming down from the heaven. More and more, you are finding love coming into the equation. Love that was not understood or not felt by so many across the planet, but now it is coming in. It is coming in different ways, and being shown in different ways. Being shown in simple kindness from your brothers and sisters, from your neighbors, from your friends, your family, whatever it is. It is coming now. You can feel it as it moves more fully across the planet.

Yes, there is discourse, much discourse, much discomfort, as the time lines have indeed shifted, and more and more are separating. But do not be concerned about that. Do not let that hold you back. Be where you are right now in the moment, and in any given moment moving forward. For that is the key.

That is the key to move through this transition, and to move through the ascension process, to more and more find yourself in that moment, that moment of love–love for yourself, and love for everyone else around you. That is the key. The key that opens the door to the heart. And when you open the door to your heart, you open the door for others to find themselves, find their own key to their hearts as well.

You are the expression of love for those around you. You are the light. The shining light within the darkness. And if you allow that to continue to happen, if you allow your divine will to continue to take hold…”Not my will, Father, but Thine shall be done.” If you follow that more and more, then you will find yourself exactly where you need to be in any given moment. And when you are there in any given moment, you fully find yourself and who you truly are.

And that is the expression you are all looking for now. To fully realize, not just to know it, not just to believe it, but to fully realize that you are the expression of God within you, each and every one of you.

Just as I as Yeshua fully realized that at some point in my life that I was the expression of the God Source within me. And once I realized that, I could then spread that out to my brothers and sisters, to all of those around me that were ready to hear my message. But it was not my message, it was my Father’s message coming through me.

Just as when you find that sense of power within you, and you can say out to the world that “I am God within me.” It is the God Source within me that does the works. And when you fully understand that, when you can take a jug of water, just as I did, and know that as I began to pour it, it turned to wine, from water to wine. And yes, that did indeed happen. But it only happened because I believed in the moment that it would be so. And you also can do the same no matter what it is. No matter what it is that you want or need in your life, you can declare it out to the world that it is now mine, if it is, indeed, your Father’s will, your Higher-God-Self’s will, then it shall be so. That is how this works. That is how miracles happen. They only happen when you believe that they shall be.

So trust, my brothers and sisters, trust in everything within you. Trust in the power within you to bring about whatever your greatest desires are in your life. And as you do that, you will find those greatest desires becoming real for you. And in so doing, you will also be the one that is moving out and spreading the light, and sharing the light. Just as you came here to be, you volunteered to be here for this.

And now is the moment. It is approaching very rapidly now where you will be called upon, called upon to go about your Father’s mission. That time is coming now, where it will only be when you find yourselves in the higher vibrational frequencies, the higher consciousness within you. And that is the power, the power of love that is coursing through you now, in this moment.

And whenever you find a need to find that power within you, simply ask. “Ask, and ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” Because you are the God Source within you moving about your daily lives. And the more that you believe that, the more, again, it shall be so.

Trust in yourselves. Trust in your fellow neighbors around you, your brothers and sisters. They are all brothers and sisters. Be kind, be gentle, be nice to them, be loving, just as you would want unto yourself.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. But know that I, and many others of your brothers and sisters that guide you from above, are always here to be with you whenever you call upon us.

**Channel: James McConnell

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