Widening Your Capacities

Beloved Holy Ones,

The transformation of the Earth is happening in multiple dimensions, and you as a sacred and essential part of her transformation are being affected and participating in these multiple dimensions with the Holy Earth and with all other embodied beings.

You came to this Earth with capacities and gifts already established that you knew were needed for this time.

You also came with the hopes and prayers of your soul for healing, reconciliation, transformation of those aspects of yourself that you knew could take a step forward during this significant time period.

At this time, dearest holy ones, the divine light that is streaming forth from the heart of God and from the center of the Holy Earth is widening and expanding the capabilities of each person and each soul to embody light and to manifest more of their full soul being into the physical.

Much of this movement is invisible at the moment, and yet you may experience some inklings of this. One sign of the presence of more of yourself is divine joy, which can present itself even in the midst of great difficulty.

Divine joy does not require an optimal environment. It simply exists because you exist. Dearest beloveds, divine joy is also a cellular experience that comes more and more as each miraculous part of your embodied being vibrates more and more in harmony with this new divine light that is establishing itself on the holy Earth.

Like a plant that has been placed in new soil, your roots can now expand and grow and reach towards the sun in new ways. We encourage you to find these new ways that exist and that are being presented to you.

The divine light of the One exists in multiple dimensions and can anchor more directly, more fully within your physical form.

Allow this to take place. Join with us to create this vibration of divine joy and divine love within the physical body, within your physical being. Allow yourselves, dearest, holy ones to become new.

Our voice is speaking now through many and through the Earth, through the rocks and the trees, the flowers, the soil, the water, the air, your sacred breath. Receive this dearest beloveds. Let go of what has passed so you can be present to this miraculous new beginning. With all love and blessings, Amen.

**By Mashubi Shekiniah


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