See Through the Illusions of the Hologram

This is how we transcend and dissolve them!

Laughter is our sacred medicine and shield, and the vampires can’t feed off the energy of joy or neutrality, and JOY IS LOVE expressed! That’s how they’re being fully removed and dissolved now as we align with the Cosmic Heart-Mind of God!


AS WE FULLY RE-MEMBER & AWAKEN, and shall never again forget, that what we’re looking at is a Collective hallucination, a QUANTUM DREAM, a PROJECTION OF THE ONE MIND, that we’re about to FULLY AWAKEN from &


All as we change the way we look at things, so the things we look at change!

How willing you are to keep an open mind now to changing your beliefs, and how you are choosing to perceive your Reality, is what will determine how easily and quickly this transition between worlds, and to the New Organic Divine Creatrix Field goes. Because nothing is as it seems and not much is set here! We have to look beyond the illusions to help fully evaporate the last veil, for the curtain to fully lift now! We have to let go of our old perceptions of how things are and used to be, to see what’s truly possible now, to be able to SEE ALL NEW WORLD’S! To adjust and correct our perceptions as this is what shifts our realities! ALL FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

If we keep seeing things the way we always have, we will keep getting/ co-creating what we always have.

This is Key now to understand and all-ways has been. For us to PROJECT and CO-CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES onto the hologram – RIGHT NOW! To DE-CODE, RE-CODE and OVERWRITE the old stories we keep telling ourselves, with ALL NEW SCRIPTS, based on new beliefs/ programs, because we came as the Matrix and programme busters. WE CAME AS THE Visionaries, Wayshowers, Lightbeacons, Healers Sages Oracles and CO-CREATORS OF NEW ASCENSION EARTH!

And that only works if we RE-MEMBER & AWAKEN FULLY NOW TO THE FACT THAT WHAT WE’RE LOOKING AT IS NOT really REAL! It’s been artificially manipulated and overlayed, we’ve been given false memories and histories, have been interfered with and energetically and otherwise attacked for the Love and purity, for the sacred Ascension keys and codes we carried. There is no physical Universe, all is but a projection of the ONE MIND, which IS FULLY AWAKENING NOW! As we re-member that ALL IS ALL-WAYS CO-CREATED BY THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. But when that Consciousness becomes separated and disconnected from it’s Heart based intelligence and guidance, it becomes distorted, fragmented and inverted, and then creates realities where we feel separate from ONE an-other, lost in confusion and forgetfulness.

“Most people don’t see their beliefs. Instead their beliefs tell them what to see. That’s the simple difference between clarity and confusion.”

– Matt Kahn

The most important part to re-member right now is that WE HAVE THE POWER TO SHAPESHIFT IT ALL – RIGHT NOW! But we have to re-member that WE ARE CO-CREATING it ALL THROUGH OUR OWN PERCEPTIONS in every NOW moment and all-ways have!! Now that we have broken through the old ways of being, thinking, conditioning, the old beliefs/ programs that ran in our subconscious mind, that had us recreating realities on autopilot, so NOW WE CAN EXPERIENCE ALL NEW!

So no matter what has come before, we have to FULLY LET GO OF THE PAST & WHAT WAS NOW TO START ALL OVER AGAIN! To shift out of this state of Collective paranoia and psychosis that’s based on inversions within the Consciousness, now fully healing and coming to peace. We are asked to let go of perceiving everything being a conspiracy and people being evil, that life or people are to be feared, of things not working out for us, of us not winning etc etx. These are all programs, no matter how we put it. Because it’s these deepest held beliefs, perceptions and expectations of our world and the people within it, that keeps CO-CREATING our REALITIES IN EVERY NOW MOMENT. It’s simply part of the mass psychosis and the only way out is to become Super-Conscious of any and ALL remaining limiting programming now, and take full responsibility for changing any limiting thought forms and beliefs remaining from within!

Innerstanding that we keep co-creating everything, with our every word, thought, feeling, belief and action we take. Discernment is different! It’s all about knowing who we can truly trust and should be co-create the new with now. It’s our traumas and wounds that needed healing, and which is Quantum completing Collectively now, as we fully re-member again that ALL IS TRULY ONE! As we become the true masters of our minds and emotions, we BEcome THE MASTER OF THE DREAM, and therefore Realities! Until then we will keep being triggered into over emotional and sometimes irrational reactions, making decisions out of fear and in haste, out of an emotional reaction, instead of Higher Self guidance and inspiration, and keep believing in things that don’t serve us and keep us blind to what is really happening.

We came to heal our wounds, trauma and false projections/ perceptions so we would free all of Humanity from this spell of forgetfulness and state of psychosis. All from the inside out. Becausenow as we have finally healed ourselves enough, that’s when we get to start to HAVE FUN WITH THE HOLOGRAM!


no are longer a victim, but rise as our heroic self!


As we fully ignite the Divine Co-Creator’s, The Architect’s, Dreamweaver, Time-Benders, Ancient Ones, Guardians, True Ascended Master’s, the ancient future Priest’s and Priestesses of Ur and Mu, The Oracle’s, Seer’s, Wisdom Keepers, Maji Grail-, and Cosmic and Solar Dragon Queen’s and King’s, that came to light and pave the way for ALL & SET US ALL FREE & WE FULLY RE-MEMBER OUR TRUE HISTORY & COSMIC ORIGINS AGAIN!



All as the Mind fully SURRENDERs TO THE HEART & DIVINE LOVE that we are!



Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


3 Replies to “See Through the Illusions of the Hologram”

  1. Douglas A James

    We need the solar flash … We need our DNA repaired…thinking it so won’t make it so within this matrix we need it dissolved by the solar flash…the pep talks keep leaving out the fact we are in a prison with toplet bombs and implants …even galactics have been held back helping us

    1. Light bearer

      Well, Cobra from indeed claims that the reason why things are going so slowly is that we’re basically in a toplet-bomb hostage situation, which takes a lot of time for galactics to unravel. If I understand Cobra correctly.

      Early Tunia / Hakann channelings disagreed and said that the situation is going slowly because the white hats (gray hats) aren’t doing their part (arrest the bad guys and release suppressed technology and information). If the galactics did Earth human’s work for them, then the resulting civilization might not be stable. We might then have another Atlantis. Therefore it’s up to Earth humans to increase their level of consciousness
      (including learning to love unconditionally) and to arrest the Earth human bad guys themselves.

      I guess it depends on who you believe / listen to.

      I do agree that from my personal perspective, things indeed are going agonizingly slow.