Tunia: Spiritual Broccoli

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

We will be sharing a perspective today that runs counter to a couple of beautiful-sounding and nice-feeling stories that many light workers believe in. We think these stories are either unhelpful, not true, or so high-consciousness that instead of uplifting people, they create an internal split between people’s emotions / perceptions vs their rationally held beliefs. We have named this message “spiritual broccoli” because like broccoli, this message may not taste very good to everyone, but we think this message can be quite healthy.

Of course, you are also completely welcome to disagree with us. As always, we are just sharing our perspective. And as always, if you ask your soul for guidance and it disagrees with something we say, then please listen to your soul instead of us.

I do want to stress that we think that overall light workers are doing amazingly well. We are genuinely very impressed with you. Yes, I will be expressing a different opinion on a couple of things in this message, as will be discussed in this message, but overall we think you are great and you are doing incredibly well.

This article was inspired by a very interesting comment in the comment section. Thank you to the person who wrote it, and thank you for expressing your disagreement with us. It allows us to learn more, to reflect and if we think it appropriate, to respond.

“Never can anything happen that just sucks”: however, others have free will

One of the claims made in that comment was that never ever can anything happen that just sucks. Instead, apparently everything that happens, automatically happens according to an explicit divine plan that was planned out in advance, or at least everything that happens is automatically for the highest good of everyone involved.

First of all, from the perspective of Source, letting people have and exercise their free will is of absolutely critical importance.

This also means that people have to be allowed to freely choose to either harm others, or not. Yes, there are certain pre-life birth agreements in place, but for smaller day-to-day matters, people are allowed to freely choose whether or not to harm other people.

So there will be situations where, for example, John decides whether he is going to rob Tom, or not. Source has not planned out in advance whether this robbery is going to take place, because if Source did, then effectively people would have no free will. If there was a plan that contained all the actions that everyone is going to take, then effectively free will would not exist.

So suppose John decides to do the robbery, and Tom is robbed. Is this automatically part of the divine plan? Is this automatically for Tom’s highest good? Well, sometimes yes — maybe this was a pre-life birth agreement, for example. Maybe Tom’s soul nudged Tom to be exactly in a time and place where he would perhaps get robbed, because Tom needs to learn some kind of lesson related to this. But also sometimes no. Sometimes things just suck for Tom. Sometimes people get robbed and their soul wasn’t on board with them getting robbed.

John has free will, right? So he can choose to either rob Tom or not rob Tom, and this is not planned by anyone beforehand, in at least in some cases. Then one choice that John makes will not be for Tom’s highest good, if you use an everyday kind of definition of that word. There is a choice that John can make that will lead to a worse outcome for Tom, in the conventional sense.

Maybe being robbed is better for Tom, maybe not being robbed is better — but probably one of those things is better for Tom than the other. Hence whether or not the thing that’s best for Tom happens, depends on the choice that another person makes. So it may be the case that things just suck for Tom, and something happens that’s not for his highest good.

If you believe in free will, you have to accept that people can in the moment either decide to harm another or not, and that automatically means that sometimes people just get hurt and it sucks, and it’s not for their highest good.

If you go out there into the real world and talk to people, then in some cases you find that absolutely terrible things have happened to people that weren’t for their highest good. For example, the following has literally happened: a person spoke out in favor of justice and freedom and in favor of stopping female genital mutilation. And then some people tortured him and his entire family, including his innocent children who were too young to have an opinion about female genital mutilation, until they were all traumatized and crippled for life and could barely function. And then everyone in that village was so terrified that the practice of female genital mutilation continued. Did Source explicitly plan this out? I don’t think so — some people simply made an evil choice, and that’s why this happened. Was this for the highest good of all involved? I don’t think so.

Sometimes things just suck.

People in the west live in a society that at least on the surface seems relatively peaceful and calm and stable. If everyone around you seems mostly reasonable, then it can be appealing to think that everything that happens, happens for the highest good. But there are also lawless places in the world where there are people who are openly going around torturing, raping and robbing people just for profit and for the sadistic fun of it. If you look at those situations and observe or talk to those victims, then it becomes quickly apparent that no, in most situations it is not for the highest good of the victims to be tortured or raped or genitally mutilated. And also, of course, there are people in the west too that have had things happen to them that clearly weren’t for their highest good.

This is also why in past messages we have cautioned against shrinking your awareness so that only happy things are inside it. While living inside a happy bubble can be a valid survival mechanism, and certainly that’s preferable to becoming depressed, it can also lead light workers to believe in beautiful-sounding stories that would collapse if they actually spent more time going out into the real world and talking with people who are suffering. If you spend most of your time with high-vibration people, doing high-vibration workshops and reading high-vibration messages, then it can seem that you don’t need to be against anything, you just need to love and accept everything, and everything is perfect and blissful. But if you also spend time studying the real world, including the dark parts of it, then you realize that some evil people and beings are making free-will choices that are really hurting other people very deeply, and perhaps it’s a bad thing that certain people and certain beings are intentionally causing so much suffering. Because after all, those other people who are getting raped and tortured and who are getting genitally mutilated, are you.

Now, you could argue that everything is just one more experience and everything leads to soul growth, including suffering. And it’s true that you do gain soul growth from suffering and that your soul has no resistance to suffering. However, from a human and practical perspective, people don’t want to suffer. Almost no one on Earth actually has the embodied consciousness that them breaking their arm is literally as welcome as them winning a million dollars. And if you don’t embody that consciousness, then rationally pretending that everything is there to serve you or to help you expand, will probably not uplift you. Instead it may create an internal split in you, between your emotions / perceptions and what you rationally think. Because unless you genuinely embody the consciousness that you’re as fine with breaking your arm as you are with winning a million dollars, then your emotions and perceptions will indicate that sometimes things just suck. If you perceive or feel that something sucks for you, and then rationally tell yourself that this is for your benefit, then that may work to bulldoze or suppress your emotions. So until you embody the consciousness that everything that can happen to you is genuinely equally welcome, it may be best for now to acknowledge that yes, things sometimes just suck.

In general it’s better to feel what you are feeling and being authentic about that, rather than acting like you have achieved a consciousness that you haven’t yet. In general acting like you have achieved a consciousness that you haven’t yet, won’t uplift you, but will instead create an inner split or feed your shadow.

“Never can anything happen that just sucks”: however, you have free will

Similarly, if you believe that you have free will, then that means that you have the ability to make choices that lead to unpleasant outcomes, right? So perhaps something unpleasant happens not because that is for the highest good of all concerned, but simply because you made a certain decision. For example, if you decide to eat leftovers that smell and look suspicious, and you get sick, was that sickness automatically for your highest good? No, perhaps you simply made a poor decision. And sure, it’s theoretically possible that this period of sickness is somehow beneficial to you, but then you also would have had the option to not eat those leftovers, and then you would have gone down a path that wasn’t optimally beneficial to you because you missed out on whatever upside the sickness had. Now, this “eat leftovers means getting sick” example is very straightforward, but of course, there are also plenty of more subtle cases where you make decisions that lead to outcomes for you that are not for your highest good.

The channeler saw a meme lately that had a picture of a monkey with a stick, walking up to a sleeping lion. The meme contained a less kind version of the following words: “everything happens for a reason. And sometimes the reason is that you made a poor decision.” Indeed. And sometimes the reason that unpleasant things happen to you is that other people made free-will choices that impact you negatively. We are not saying that stuff is arbitrary or random or that stuff just happens, but we are saying that sometimes you or other people make free-will choices that lead to outcomes that are not necessarily best for everyone involved.

Also it’s of course possible that you make a choice that either seemed sensible at the time or perhaps even noble, however, this does lead to you getting hurt due to the free-will choices of others. For example, remember the person in the previous section who spoke out against female genital mutilation. He did something noble, and yet he and his family got tortured because of that. Unfortunately, things sometimes just suck.

Also note that no one actually acts as if everything that can happen to them is automatically for the highest good. For example, just about everyone locks their front door. Well, why do you do that? If everything that happens is automatically for the highest good, then just leave your front door unlocked, and if you get robbed then that was automatically for the highest good, right? So why lock your front door?

So as you can see, while people in the spiritual community might say that they believe that everything that happens is automatically for the highest good, and while people might say that never ever do things happen that just suck and are negative — their actions are not actually consistent with their words. Because no matter what words they say, people do lock their front door. People generally do avoid other people who seem dangerous. People generally don’t take the risk of eating leftovers that look and smell bad but might still be edible. If a bridge seems creaky and like it could either collapse or not collapse, then people do generally not use that bridge, even though supposedly it would be for the highest divine good if they used the bridge and the bridge collapsed.

Even spiritual people don’t thank people who rob them, even though supposedly that too should automatically be for their highest good. Even spiritual people don’t like people who mistreat children, even though supposedly that too should automatically be for their highest good.

Furthermore, if we positive galactics genuinely embraced the principle that everything that happens is automatically for the highest good, then we’d disband our military, because if we get invaded then that is for the highest good, right? Of course, if we disbanded our military, then indeed we’d be invaded and within a month most of us would likely be enslaved or dead, including myself. And that’s why we don’t do it — we realize that not everything that happens is automatically for our highest good. We realize that evil exists and if we don’t actively oppose it, then people suffer and die.

Yes, divine intelligence absolutely makes no mistakes. But divine intelligence chooses primarily to let people have free will, which means that they have the choice whether or not to harm others, and usually one of those choices is bad for the other person. Which means that from the perspective of the victim, sometimes bad stuff just happens. If you disagree, feel free to stop locking your front door.

I realize that this is not a message that feels particularly good. It was a beautiful thought that literally every single thing that happens is for the highest good. But just because that sounds nice, doesn’t mean it’s automatically true. Things that sound good aren’t always true, and things that don’t sound good aren’t always false.

Now, what I do agree with is that it’s important to recognize that while maybe things suck for you at the moment, it’s simultaneously true that maybe you can learn and perhaps benefit from the situation, and also that it’s ultimately your responsibility to create your life. In my mind, it’s healthiest to be able to hold all three views, that sometimes stuff happens that just sucks, but also that there may be lessons there, and also that you’re still responsible for your own life.

I don’t consider it to be victim consciousness to simultaneously hold the views that yes from one perspective you are a victim and bad stuff happened to you, but from another perspective it is still your responsibility to shape your own life, no matter what other people do or don’t do. In fact, I consider this to be mature. If you don’t acknowledge that bad stuff happened to you, then that can easily be a suppression of pain or a turning away from your own inner child.


This is also why we have said in previous messages that in a very few cases, Source can uncreate certain souls or certain demons who have caused too much suffering — far more than Source ever wished. That is because not everyone who harms lots of other people is automatically executing Source’s plan. Some beings are just causing far too much pain, and hence Source can in very specific cases choose to uncreate them.

A demon is a parasitic being who intentionally has separated itself from Source. The more powerful ones can switch between being physical or not being physical. Demons exist so long as they can keep leeching off of the energy of beings who are connected to Source (such as Earth humans). Demons are not born in the way Earth humans are born, and as long as they can keep leeching energy, they can remain in existence for any length of time. They do not age or die from old age.

This is in contrast to for example negative galactics, who generally were born in the conventional way (or sometimes technology was used to “birth” them). Negative galactics are generally part of some specific race and are part of a specific family, while demons aren’t.

A demon can at any time genuinely repent and choose to reconnect to Source. If they do, they once again get Source energy and can exist without needing to leech off other beings. So those beings who are currently demons, are choosing not to do this.

If you sell your soul to a demon, then generally after death you will serve the demon, and / or you will go to a dark, lower plane. Theoretically you can work your way up in the dark hierarchy and eventually become an independent entity via that path, but that is a long and painful experience.

That said, just as demons always have the ability to repent and reconnect to Source, so too can any being in the lower realms do this. So in that sense, selling your soul is not final. However, usually beings who sold their soul are trapped in darkness for a very long time before they eventually turn to the light again, and indeed often they are not even aware of that option for long periods of time.

This is why in previous messages we have said that you can’t really be harmed fundamentally, because you are an immortal soul who can reincarnate, unless you sell your soul to a demon. In that case, after death you do not go to the normal afterlife, but instead you go to a dark and lower plane. Sure at some point it is possible that you will find your way back to the light, but that might only be after a very long time and after a lot of suffering. Some old souls still haven’t found their way back.

Some people in comment sections have argued that demons are part of Source too and that we shouldn’t oppose them. Well, demons are absolutely part of Source. I agree with that part — everything is part of Source. And yes, I do love demons unconditionally. I also advocate that others love unconditionally, which includes loving demons. However, their actions are often destructive and so I oppose their actions, and I supported certain actions that have been taken against demons, in order to stop them from doing more harm. This is not that different from how Earth humans don’t hate wild animals, but do protect themselves from them. Yes feral wolves are part of divinity too, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t protect yourself against them. Would you not be willing to build a fence against feral wolves, if you thought that that would likely save human lives?

Being dualistic

A commenter has also argued that previous Tunia and Hakann messages were dualistic, with the implication being that it is bad to be dualistic.

If we use the term dualistic as it is commonly used in the spiritual community, then yes, we are being dualistic about demons. However, everyone or nearly everyone receiving this message is also being dualistic about locking their front door, about brushing their teeth, about trying to avoid homelessness, about preferring having food over starvation, et cetera. If you prefer to not get leached by a mosquito or worm or demon or other parasite, then that is also dualistic.

In fact, this entire Earth liberation process is dualistic. We Pleiadians are here because we are trying to help you, because we dualistically prefer you being free to you suffering. Do you also have the dualistic preference for this new Earth that many Lightworkers are trying to co-create?

Yeshua or Jesus cast out demons, which is also dualistic. Clearly Yeshua, one of the greatest if not the greatest master on Earth ever, made the dualistic choice to oppose demons and cast them out.

I don’t think that it is particularly useful to say that any time someone prefers one thing over the other or tries to protect themselves from something that would harm people, then that is dualistic and therefore bad. If you apply this principle consistently, then it is pretty much impossible to function normally in society, or even meet your own basic survival needs.

Now, most of you subconsciously remember a time when you were a part of Source and you were completely non dualistic. And yes, that time was bliss.

And so, many Lightworkers today like to listen to very high-consciousness beings who are not physically incarnated. And the words that those beings speak of, remind Earth humans of the time when they were a part of Source and they were non dualistic, and how good that felt.

However, us physical beings are simply forced to operate differently than non-physical beings. For the most part we must eat, we must drink, we must make sure that our physical bodies are safe, we must make sure that our physical bodies are healthy, and in turn that also more or less forces us to operate in some functional way in a community of other physically incarnated beings. That brings with it more things to do and keep track of and avoid.

Therefore we simply cannot go full non-dualistic so long as we are physical beings. If we did, we’d soon all die from dehydration. We have to drink, we have to eat, and yes, we also have to not sell our souls to demons. Yes that is dualistic, but actively taking actions so that you can continue to live is dualistic in and of itself.

Furthermore, well, physical reality is sometimes dualistic. I am connected to Source and therefore receive my fundamental life energy from it. A demon is disconnected from Source and therefore can only get life energy by stealing it from others — and furthermore, the demon knows that it can change but refuses. There is a fundamental difference between these two ways of existence. I guess it is dualistic to point out this difference or to protect yourself from predators, but that is because physical reality is sometimes dualistic, and you have to be dualistic to function in physical reality.

You cannot fully receive the light if you are unwilling to see the dark. And if you actually look into the dark, as opposed to just having a fluffy and general “all is divinity” idea, then you would clearly perceive that there are some beings out there that are very destructive and very selfish and quite sadistic, and that people should probably be protected from those beings.

A message is spread by your media and by some spiritual people that all you need is love, and that every evil being will immediately become reasonable and non-selfish if you just give it love, or alternatively that no evil person will ever harm you if you just keep your vibration high enough. Unfortunately, this again is not true. Evil isn’t just a bit mean – evil is evil. We positive galactics don’t maintain a standing military because we want to, we do it because we would get invaded if we don’t — and no, keeping our vibration high is not a sufficient defense by itself. There are unfortunately plenty of beings who absolutely will harm innocents if given the chance, no matter how much love they are given. So again, you have to be dualistic to function in physical reality, and you have to acknowledge that some beings will not harm others for personal profit, however other beings will.

If certain Earth light workers and us galactics and angels et cetera had not taken action against certain demons and hostile extraterrestrials, then many millions of additional people would be dead today. Some spiritual people may say that they don’t like opposing or taking actions against demons et cetera, but well, would you prefer the alternative of many millions of additional people being dead?

I understand that this doesn’t feel as good as the messages from non-physical beings who literally have zero responsibilities and have zero things they need to do in order to keep existing. But we are simply in a different situation than they are — our situation is not as comfortable or convenient as theirs is. Physically incarnated beings have to be dualistic to an extent, because actively taking actions so that you can continue to live is dualistic in and of itself.

You’re physically incarnated, you can’t afford to act as non-physical beings can

Or let me put it another way: Earth humans used to be a billionaire (a non-dualistic, non-physical part of Source) and now they are not (they are physically incarnated). They sometimes like listening to people who are close to billionaires (very high vibration non-physical beings). And absolutely that has value, absolutely you should continue to listen to the messages from very high vibration non-physical beings. But it is important to keep in mind that right now you are not a billionaire, and there are certain unpleasant things that billionaires don’t have to care about, but you do at this moment in time. Right now you are physically incarnated, which means that there are things you should probably care about that non-physical beings don’t need to care about, such as dualistically choosing things that enable you to have a functional life. Or in other words, you can’t afford to act as a non-physical being can, while you are physically incarnated.

Back when you were a non-dualistic non-physical part of Source, you didn’t need to think about not making deals with demons or about banishing demons. So we get that it feels more pleasant to you to receive a message about blissing out in non-duality, than a message about opposing demons. But while you’re physically incarnated, you do have to care about dualistic things in order to just live a functional life. And if you think you can ignore the stuff we say about for example demons, well, to an extent you perhaps can but that’s only because other Earth lightworkers have been very diligent and brave in protecting Earth humans from demons. If no Earth human lightworker had taken steps against demons, then life on Earth would be significantly more painful right now. It is like saying that you don’t like defending yourselves against feral wolves because that is dualistic, while benefiting from someone else who has put in work to put up defenses against feral wolves.

It’s also not true that if you imitate the non-physical masters, that you can skip the step of acquiring mastery about this dualistic life. Instead, first you need to reach the level of a human master, like for example Yeshua, who yes, actively cast out and opposed demons. And only once you have mastered that step, can you one day become a non-physical entity who can just bliss out in non-duality and doesn’t need to care about opposing demons. But you have to become a human master and possibly cast out demons first. You can’t skip that step. Of course you don’t necessarily need to specifically cast out demons, but you do need to “get your hands dirty” and acquire mastery in the dualistic world out there, if you want to keep growing spiritually. In fact, you initially chose to split off from Source precisely because you wanted to get your hands dirty in a dualistic world.

Similarly, Hakann has suggested that Earth humans commit themselves to serving Source, in his message: “Hakann: Serving Source.” Not everyone liked that message. Well, again I will point out that back when you were a non dualistic part of Source, of course it would have been silly to suggest that you say “I am in service to Source.” But right now you are a physically incarnated Earth human. And physically incarnated Earth humans need to become Earth masters first before they can once again enter a non physically incarnated non dualistic mode of existence. After all, many Earth humans are suffering terribly right now, and you are them and they are you, and so it absolutely makes sense to roll up your sleeves and spend some time to try to help them, once you have stabilized your own life enough that you have the capacity to do so. You cannot skip the step of first becoming an Earth master who helps people and thereby gets their hands dirty in this dualistic world. And well, you can much more productively help people if you commit yourself to serving Source. This is not just a theoretical statement, this is also what can clearly be observed as being true in the real world. Though as always, the choice is yours.

A big way in which Source’s will is made manifest, without Source violating people’s free will, is by people voluntarily deciding to serve Source. If no one steps up to voluntarily serve Source, then how would Source’s will be made manifest in practical reality? Because indeed, if no Earth human had voluntarily chosen to serve Source, then for example the demon Baal or Bael or Ba’al would still be out there today, implementing new structures of control and causing more human suffering. If you don’t like how much suffering there is in the world, well, a large part of that was orchestrated and architected by demons.

Messages That Feel Good Aren’t Always True

Many people think that messages that feel good, must automatically be true and helpful for your spiritual growth, while messages that don’t feel good must automatically be false or not as helpful for your spiritual growth. However, this simply is not the case — sometimes the most helpful statement to someone is that they should consider eating their spiritual broccoli, even if they didn’t have to eat spiritual broccoli back when they were spiritual billionaires, in their past non-physical modes of existence. We get that many of you emotionally miss being a non-dualistic non-physical part of Source, and we empathize, but that doesn’t mean that it is wise to act like a non-dualistic non-physical part of Source while being a physically incarnated human.

Yes, it is true that your emotions are generally a more accurate compass than your rational mind, but that doesn’t mind that your emotions are a faultless compass. And genuine intuition is a great compass, but many people unfortunately think that if they feel a strong dislike or resistance against something, then that is intuition, when usually strong dislikes or feelings of resistance aren’t intuition. That is why we are suggesting that you ask your own soul if you wish to know what is true, rather than listening to your feelings.

After all, you know that other spiritual people often follow what feels good to them, and then they sometimes end up in a religious cult or a terrible relationship or they end up believing something that’s clearly untrue, right? Similarly, some spiritual people will tell you that they trust their inner guidance and they know that Trump is an evil man, while other spiritual people will tell you that they trust their inner guidance and they know that Trump is a good man — and one of them is getting misled by their emotions, without realizing it. This illustrates that for the vast majority of people, things that feel good to them are not automatically true or beneficial, while things that feel bad to them are not automatically false or harmful. This applies to the overwhelming majority of people receiving this message too. Most people simply aren’t pure enough yet that they can use their emotions as a faultless compass. And so we do not recommend believing messages just because they feel good, or rejecting messages just because they feel bad. Instead we recommend asking your own soul for guidance and listening to the very first thing that comes up, for it is the answer of your soul, even if it sounds like your regular inner voice.

That said, while I have spent quite some time in this message arguing against the idea that it is somehow bad to oppose demons, I am absolutely not saying that opposing demons should be the highest priority for lightworkers. Instead, what we would primarily suggest to a lightworker are those practices that we have mentioned already in previous messages: observe your thoughts and emotions without judging them, breathe deeply and slowly, ask your soul for guidance, be kind to other people, love unconditionally, be authentic, et cetera. And sure, we are also fans of many Earth spiritual practices such as meditation. To us, these things are more essential than opposing demons, which is why we have repeatedly suggested observing your thoughts and emotions without judging those, while we have given no instructions on how to banish demons. Frankly, the demon situation on Earth is now pretty much under control, thanks to the courageous and exceptional work by a few Earth human lightworkers. Indeed, we think that Earth lightworkers are amazing, and not only because of how they handled demons, but also because of numerous other things.

Closing thoughts

We are of course just sharing our perspective. You are absolutely welcome to disagree with us. Fundamentally we are trying to empower you, and we would much rather have empowered Earth humans disagreeing with us than we would have disempowered Earth humans blindly believing every word we said. So, thank you for thinking critically about what we are saying!

If you disagreed with any part of this message, then we would like to invite you to share that in the comment section. We are genuinely curious.

I think light workers are doing amazingly well overall. I love and respect you all so very much. I agree with Earth light workers on far more things than I disagree with them. I think it is very impressive that Earth lightworkers have mostly found the light and have realized the most important things already, in a world with so much darkness. Great job!

I love you endlessly and unconditionally, no matter what you do or think.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to Eraoflight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to the original post.

30 Replies to “Tunia: Spiritual Broccoli”

  1. taka

    AS, Hakan, Tunia

    Thank you for your wonderful message. I am rereading it repeatedly. Helpful and practical. Thank you.
    And thanks for the info.

    I don’t sell my soul to the devil.
    But what would you do to sell your soul to the devil? specifically?
    If you think about it I don’t think so, but I’m worried. What if I declare

    I think it’s subject to observation, but I’d be happy if you could give me some advice.

    thank you.
    love and gratitude.

  2. Colleen

    This is very helpful. I feel like I understand what spiritual bypassing is a little bit better. I tend to do this when I hear about the unbearable torture that children have endured by the hands of these monsters. Or when anyone suffers to be honest, I think their soul must have agreed to it, it helps me remove myself from thinking about their suffering. I would never tell them that though, I always offer sympathy but in my head I think maybe their soul is learning something. I will try to do more empathizing and less distancing.


    Muchas gracias gracias por este mensaje con mucho sentido común
    Hay gente que se cree muy despierta y después van y se caen por los dos lados de la cama a la vez
    Muchos besos y abrazos para todos

  4. MEM

    Hello Tunia!

    I was wondering if you can provide information on who created the entities known as demons and how were they created.

    Thank you kindly! 💕

  5. Valerie

    I really resonate with this article and agree completely, and i wish you did give some advice on banishing demons…sometimes no matter how hard i try to protect myself, my fam, my work, they turn up and try to destroy us… also people who have demonic entities torturing them (sometimes unknowingly) end up knocking on my door so to speak, seeking help, i used to help in some cases when i felt called to do it and in other cases i have declined to help… i have banished demons or at least tried to, but sometimes i feel like i need some real understanding of if what i do is enough or if there is anything else missing… i feel i just cant remember all that i am supposed to remember and when i did realize as a very small child that it was my duty and responsibility to help oppose and banish demons i was so afraid and didn’t want to do it… i slowly embraced my soul’s capabilities but after a few very difficult encounters i just feel maybe im missing something… and i also now have 3 small children to protect… i worry about putting them in danger as well…

  6. Tim

    Dear Tunia, thank you for this profoundly insightful and much needed perspective. We love you very much.

  7. Arthur

    What protection do humans have against demons?! Nothing! Why? Why are they much stronger and can cause harm, and people not only cannot defend themselves against them, but are not even aware of the attack on themselves? In fact, the situation is this, people are in a swamp, teeming with poisonous snakes, and not only cannot protect themselves from them, but do not even see them.
    I wonder what the Source was thinking, depriving people of the ability to see and protect themselves from them?
    Give me a gun against demons!

  8. Raksha

    “Evil is the child of Free Will”. (Don’t remember where i read that years ago, but I liked it).

    To paraphrase Krishna at the end of the Mahabharata, when the long standing ennemy is dying : “I am sad seeing your suffering, but I rejoice at your defeat”. That is some grounded wisdom. He has unconditionnal love but he has a sense of responsability and a will to protect the whole, no hatred here.

    I often heard “all is perfect”, and always I was a bit bothered. If all is perfect, where is the choice ?

    Yeshua through Pamela Kribbe said at the beginning : “even the Archangels are in duality, just one step”. Duality is Individuation (separation), and that is the will of Source apparently.
    So, Duality is not “bad”. I think the thing is to stay in the range of an acceptable duality, and that very much depends of what our current station is. The range of duality is not the same in this density or another, or if we are in a body or not.

    Ra mentionned that in 5th Density, the duality is more about balancing Love and Wisdom for instance.

    So, I fully agree that it is good to keep perspective, we are on Earth right now.

  9. scotth9510

    The funniest and most interesting part was when tunia says we should thank the robber. I guess that’s sorta like if someone punches me in the face instead of crying I should be like thank you sir may I have another one. Seriously though this was a interesting read though too long for me.

  10. Vincent Jake ,

    Dear Tunia , would it be possible for you to tell us in a few words what we
    should comprehend of all we just have said ? What is the main thing that we should hold on ? Here , nothing is easy and most of the time very
    confusing to say the lease . We are trying to do the best and that is all
    I guest that we can do … I do not know if the fact that loving sometimes
    could be very tricky and very out of out control …
    Again in love for what you are doing…

    the Jake ,

  11. Neid

    I would like to ask Tunia what forces are behind whom in the war in Ukraine, there are many sources that say that Russia is fighting the deep state on the territory of Ukraine.

  12. David

    The path is long for us on Earth.

    Thanks Tunia, intuitive guidance does help, but it can be so hard to accept bad things that happen to so many good and loving people.

    It is our fight, but I couldn’t stand by for so very long and watch if there is something I could do to stop this.

    Can you?

  13. Zuza

    Being human is not easy, even for the awakened humans. We try to figure things out, we make mistakes. If non physical beings advice is not suitable for us, why do they speak to us? 🙂
    I appreciate all your messages, I do think we need them, because learning from many different perspectives is the most effective to build our own.

    1. Raksha

      It’s not that they are not usefull, I think they are very much so.
      On a philosophical level, it’s great, and it can even be usefull practically. It’s just good to entertain different perspectives and stay grounded. I like the Pleiadian messages through A.S because they are very grounded.

      Just my opinion of course.

  14. JA

    I am grateful for so much love! May love be the only energy pervading ours very heart-minds forever more and peace be with us all over the world right now!

  15. Jean-Christophe

    I couldn’t agree more. I was rolling my eyes anytime I heard “everything happens for the best”, “there is no evil”, “all is one”, bla bla bla… Now, in messages from you and others, I read a lot of “you are doing a fantastic job”, and my intuition tells me otherwise. I feel that we are collectively drowning, that we are not so good at uplifiting vibration, and that we are far from true emancipation. I genuinely think that, without an ET/Source intervention, we are all going to die in misery from a nucleat blast or worse… Are these “you are doing a fantastic job” trully sincere and genuine? Or are you just cheering us up so that we would not feel miserable?
    (pardon my English… je suis français à la base 🙂

  16. Greg

    Proszę aby w moim domu znalazła się technologia zdrowia ,która będzie słóżyła ludzkości w imię najwyższego dobra . Greg

  17. Bottaro Enrico

    A me questi messaggi abbassano automaticamente le mie vibrazioni.
    Inoltre sono troppo troppo lunghi…

  18. Richard

    Thank you. This is quite sobering. Not all is bliss and it can be a delight to say something just sucks.

  19. nuri akyol

    Hoi A.S.,

    Dank voor je bereidheid om Tunia en Hakann te channelen. Ik waardeer het zeer!

    As for the channeled message, I agree with almost all of it. I have come from a place of wanting it to be all peace and love and cooperation and blissfull, because the opposite was just too painful to deal with. It was due to my level of consciousness at the time. I chose to ignore the suffering to some degree because it was too hard.

    I know and am different now as I have been evolving. I know now for example that being unconditionally loving does not mean that you need not defend or assert yourself if that situation arises. In fact, it is an act of self love and preservation if you do.

    I have always felt that there was discrepancy between many channeled messages and the incarnated life on this physical planet in this psychical body. I know that that is where we are heading and in another way of looking at it we never left it. This is at times when I connect with my I AM presence and my Higher Self (group). My inextinguishable longing is to become an earth Master (it is in my memory that I have reached that level already before in other lifetimes) and serve Source to the best of my ability.

    I have a question:
    What is the role that guardian angels and guides play within the context of that sometimes things according to you ‘just happen’. I do feel that the bigger picture has been orchestrated before I came to this life but it is up to me what I choose in those moments according to my free will and level of consciousness. I want to know to what extent some things are orchestrated and to what extent our guides and/or our angels come into the picture when a situation arises that is not for ones highest good.

    I hope I expresses my self well enough.

    I love you unconditionally and thank you so much dear Tunia for sharing your perspectives with us.


  20. Matteo

    Ha! Now it comes to me the knowledge/question, what is the highest good..highest good compared to what? To the Highest. Who, what, Where how when?Can I see the highest? What is in every situation that makes me feel closer to the Highest? What can I do to share the feeling? Thank You for this message, cause it helped me a lot to get close to the concept of highest good. To the Highest. I do not have the words, just a feeling in the Heart,, like a pression out of the chest.The Source. The Highest. Wow, it is Epic, overhelming…One step at one time, for the highest good))) Thank You Tunia for the brilliant point of views and the whole community here. Every moment we are closer and closer. Love and Light. Matteo

  21. Christed

    “You’re physically incarnated, you can’t afford to act as non-physical beings can.”
    A. S., you know, a helluva lot have earned their way through this harsh 3d existence just by regularly churning out speeches, texts, and videos of those mushy, all for love, feel good, high vibrational 9d, 10d, 12d, platitudes that made me wanna cry for not seeing our world in their state amidst the pains and darkness we of Earth humanity are shifting through these trying times. I shake my head at how Tunia/ Hakann seemed to have come just at the present moment to lay most of this practical Pleiadian wisdom bare for lightworkers to learn and be free.
    Isn’t duality such an interesting suck up?

  22. Jared

    Dear Tunia bring a medbed. Thanks.
    I command everyone to have a more hopeful and immediate timeline for the liberation of earth amen.
    Earth is free now amen.

    1. A.S.

      Thank you for your service.

      I have repeatedly asked the galactics to help.

      I’m sending you all my love and I hope you get the support you are looking for.

    2. Goofy McGawrsh


      Look buddy, if you have the power and capability to “command” beings outside of yourself to help you, then you don’t need their help.

      Command and decree for yourself, realize your personal powers to fix yourself and awaken. These ETs will not and cannot do the work for you.

  23. Jared

    Yes people especially religious people need to realize that some things suck and actively work to fix earth amen.