The Great Quantum Transition: Our Softs

From Galactic Sun, very powerful quantum streams entered the Earth’s field, forming two giant glowing orbs on the Subtle Plane (on scheme).

Stratifying, they renew the multi-layered sphere of the planet with the following energies’ soft:

The white SLEMO combines the total high-frequency spectrum and corrects the operation of the entire system;

Golden SFAS helps Earthlings adapt to 4D/5D space, emitting new wave pulses;

The yellow-green SFARGO clears Earth’s Subtle Plane and matter from backward-looking Intelligence and forms the force fields of the new Time space;

Blue and silver BLISKO uploads the updated soft Hologram of the intellectual development of earthlings;

Light blue FARSI removes negative thought forms;

Aquamarine FARSI forms centers of attraction of outdated information plasma in magnetic fields, which is then annihilated.

A mix of crimson, pink, purple interspersed with orange bunches of MIAGOSIER energy fills the upper layers of the atmosphere for conditioning, purification, and formation of a new info field that emits high-freqs impulses.

This is only a small part of the ongoing reboot of the Earth Server (see – The Roads We Take, DNI, February 14, 2023) and one of the many episodes of cleansing the Local Universe from the former legacy and its duality’s soft (see – Operation 4th Universe, Parts 1-10).

Many of us take it very hard. More and more people are now complaining about the chaos in their minds, confused feelings, thoughts and lack of motivation due to the increasing barrage of events every day. The tension is especially difficult to bear in large cities. Reality is shaken by the devastating catastrophes, exposing all the illusory and dramatic nature of what is happening.

Stelliums’ radiation (see February Vibes, DNI, 4 February 2023) and the ongoing war between the Dark and the Light Poles (see, DNI, Duel, Parts 1-11) aggravate the overall situation. In combat, both use all means – from the entire energy spectrum, including chaos, to its software.

Each side applies the latter for different purposes. Darks exploit the low-vibrational chaos to preserve at any cost everything they have created on Earth. Light Forces employ high-freqs’ ram to zero the negative legacy and cleanse the Earth’s space for 5D. How exactly does chaos soft impacts on us and events?

Light Forces use quantum flows for creation and transformation. Their main goals are the cleanup and complete removal of 3D cancer metastases. Pure creative chaos contributes to our concentration, shows weak points. It’s the Source’s primary golden energy, the carrier of which, to one degree or another, are all of us, multidimensional entities. It fills us with Love in the form of golden Subtle sparks that are now saturating the Earthly space. Many of us see them, and they are especially noticeable against the background of the bright Sun.

The Darks’ chaos affects us contrary. It contains a huge amount of distortions, virus programs, fears and other negativity for blocking evolution, ours and of the planet (see – Codes Vs. Viruses Parts 1 and 2, by Disclosure News, 19 and 20 June 2021). They constantly shift our attention from one “important” topic to another and keep us in tension and submission.

It shows in emotional rollercoaster, inadequacy, and bitterness. Due to the elevated concentration of toxic software in us, it is difficult for our corpus and Subtle Bodies to cope with high-frequency energies, coming from the Galactic Center.

Trapped in a vicious cycle, we cannot calmly absorb and control the incoming quantum streams, and therefore, they increase the chaos in our consciousness, with all the ensuing consequences. Hence – rushing thoughts, restless mind, distracted attention, apathy, laziness, depression, euphoria or hysteria, following each other almost every hour.

We are hanging on a psychological “swing”. Days of joy, creativity and energy fullness are abruptly replaced by days of exhaustion, irritation, devastation and even hatred, especially if we readily respond to the slightest reactions of our Ego. This is how numerous mental programs of Darks work: to keep our vibrations as low as possible, at the same 3D level, not allowing us to rise to a new one.

In our personal relationships, this soft works as a separation virus, bringing confusion between close people and provoking illusory wounds, resentment, accusations, suspicion and breakups. They are caused by mere fancies or imaginations, because there are usually no real reasons for negative states, but they are repeatedly provoked through the most vulnerable points of our Ego.

If we, without hesitation, easily obey the impulses of virus programs, then, very quickly we slide into a deep distrust of the world around us, our loved ones and ourselves, up to paranoia. As a result, a struggle kicks off, inner and against others, backed by stereotypes and norms that the 3D System has been unloading in us for years.

Darks introduce viruses through our chakras, mainly in the upper part of the body. On the Subtle Plane, the vehicles of this soft may be different – from transparent gel and different densities of fog (see – The Gray Fog, DNI, 5 June 2021), to artificial and psycho-energetic structures similar to neural networks and cellular domes. Their main places are large cities.

The powerful channels of the Darks’ software are the media and the Internet. But the more important conduits are us, who do not want to change anything and continue to support their 3D System by our emotional and mental energy, consciously and unconsciously.

The most contaminating viruses are fears of poverty, disease, death and loneliness. It is these buttons that Darks usually press, so that we can’t get ourselves off the hook. The core of programs may look like anything, but often their seeds are cultivated by us, not wanting to admit the destructive aspects of our psyche and behavior.

It depends only on us whether the listed soft of fears, separation and suppression of our will would work, or whether they’ll force us to wake up and finally realize our inner stagnation, the squalor and ugliness of our emotions, thoughts and selfish aspirations. An honest look at self helps to better understand each of us and, if we want to change, get rid of the System’s influence.

In the meantime, the Darks’ downloaded batches have completely subdued our Ego, continuously feeding it with illusory reasons for churlish grumbling. We especially love to divide everything into “bad-good” and never stop looking for enemies. We are not just subject to fears, but have become completely their slaves.

We no longer remember that the Soul and Spirit do not experience fear and are not affected by destructive influence of mental programs. For the Spirit, fear is just a game option, and for the Soul, it is an opportunity for growth. If we perceive reality and events through our heart (Soul), it’s much easier for us to remove viruses, plug-ins and other distortions’ soft. Our high-freqs’ vibes and strong wish are enough in such cases (see – Implants Sensors Chips, Part 2, DNI, 22 November 2022).

As soon as the intention goes through our Ego, destructive software is turned on, and fee is charged in the form of negative outbursts that slowly kill us. If the intention comes from our Soul/heart, it results without payment, as a gift for the sincerity and depth of awareness of what is happening. By our heart, we can weed out everything unnecessary, and return to the path to the Source.

So, don’t seek enemies, keep track of destructive emotions, beliefs and external stimuli. In the new, 4D/5D space, there is no place for the soft of total distrust and hostility. Its Server based on Love, mutual understanding and assistance.

How not to get caught on the hooks of Darks mental programs? For that, our reaction to their software and its triggers is fundamental. Each of us has a free choice of how to behave in case of provocation – to fall in vibrations or to increase them. We can beat ourselves up, to distance from others, make scandals and even start a personal war with the undesirables. Or to look at the situation in a detached way and calmly work it out, not allowing crazy Ego to block the signals of our Soul and Spirit. The more we manifest our pure intention and individuality, the more invulnerable we become.

By itself, fear and similar energies cannot harm, but they can attract negative events and states. In many cases, scare is easily removed by relaxation, creativity, meditation and other Spiritual practices. The training of will and intention through physical activity is also beneficial.

Chaos begins with our head. If we are stuffed with various fears and stereotypes of the 3D System and do not want to work with them, they will be manifested on the physical plane as injuries, exacerbation of chronic or the emergence of new diseases. Any illness and malaise is a signal from our Soul that we urgently and radically have to change our emotions, thoughts and behavior.

We always have a choice – to perceive our irritation, loss of strength or grudge as an excuse to abandon the fight, trigging slow self-destruction. OR change the situation in a constructive way, looking at it not from the position of a tired and offended victim (stuffed with Darks’ software), but as an outside observer, even better, a Master of own reality, a Creator.

Today, the 3D space and its System collapse before our eyes, clinging to us and our vital energy by any means, and we can’t gain a foothold in 4D/5D in any way. Growth processes are always painful, especially if the System opposes them. It can be an individual, a nation, corporations, a State and an entire civilization whose time has gone. Until the three-dimensional energies leave, it is extremely difficult for the high-freqs to enter us.

But the planet has already reached a state where opportunities on all physical and Subtle Plans allow to quickly creating harmonious spaces, systems, and consciousness. That is, we can no longer burn out in the endless selfish desires of our Ego, enslaved by the System, but have the willpower to wake up and start changing ourselves. But our unbridled Ego still considers self the rightest and wisest of all, is stuck in duality and blames everyone for what is happening, avoids looking into self and taking responsibility.

Don’t feed with emotions and attention the intrigues, drama, enmity, passions and other mental soft of Darks. Thus, we won’t be vulnerable and can get rid of the 3D System programs. Don’t hold on to the familiar old, let it go into the past forever, opening up a new space for everyone.

Thank 3D reality and yourself for the experience, let go of fear and separation. And remember what DNI repeated not ones: nothing happens for nothing. The reasons for everything lie within us. Everyone Is The Master Of His Life.

**By Lev


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  1. Floris

    Lev, Super bedankt voor bovenstaande verwoording,er vallen zoveel stukjes bij mij op zn plaats door bovenstaand tekst. De energie is bij mij heel herkenbaar.

    Mijn dank ik groot,

    Veel liefs Floris