Benjamin Fulford Report: Are They About to Announce a World Government?

We are hearing from multiple sources that they (=not us) are planning to announce a world government in the near future. Sources in the intelligence community and secret societies say that to accomplish this, humanity is being put through an initiation ceremony. So -according to them- the pandemic and vaccine campaign, the Ukrainian war, the UFOs and toxic accidents are all just theater designed to force the masses into submission to a world authority.

This sounds like an excuse to avoid Nuremberg-style war crimes tribunals because there can be no doubt large amounts of people have been murdered as a part of this “initiation ceremony.”

There is also plenty of evidence the Khazarian Mafia who have hijacked most Western governments really have been trying to kill 90% of the world’s population. They have been caught multiple times trying to start a nuclear war, spread diseases, cause mass starvation etc.

They have also been trying to impose a mark of the beast central control over all money, food etc. with their digital IDs and centrally controlled digital currency.

In a sign this process is well underway, the other day when asking why the bank stopped a colleague from sending money overseas, a Canadian banker told him he had “failed their screening process.” He also used the phrase “UN dollar,” to refer to what we know of as the “US dollar.”

In places like Brazil, they are now linking vaccination status to welfare payments etc. even though the vaccines have now been proven toxic. Here is why: This Pfizer patent application -approved on August 31st, 2021- is for the purpose of remote contact tracing of all vaccinated humans worldwide. They will be or are now connected to the “internet of things” by a quantum link of pulsating microwave frequencies of 2.4 gHz or higher from cell towers and satellites directly to the graphene oxide held in the fatty tissues of all persons who’ve had the death shot. Read that AGAIN!

Stillness in the Storm Editor: The above image was created by the Onion in 2009, see here. While there are good reasons to suspect the current resident of the White House is not the same man who was VP under Obama, this image is bogus and therefore not valid evidence for that claim.

So, there can be no doubt we really are dealing with a Satanic attempt to take over the planet by forcing us to obey or starve with a mark of the beast financial control system.

Not only are they trying to enslave us, but they are also still trying to kill most of us. We’re getting information about a major new push to start real World War III involving tank battles bigger than any seen in World War II.

Russian news reports say “the American ship Arc Integrity arrived in the port of Gdynia [in Northern Poland], carrying as many as 700 units of various military equipment, including Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which will be used by the legendary American 1st Infantry Division, the oldest American division known as the Big Red One…this is the twentieth transport of this type.” In other words, a full-strength US tank army with 140,000 units of military equipment has already been deployed.

Then, at last week’s Munich Security Conference, attended by politicians and experts from nearly 100 countries, speaker after speaker hysterically attacked Russia. For example, the masked actor playing US Vice-President Kamala Harris said: “The United States has formally established that Russia has committed crimes against humanity.” Next, German Defense Minister Pistorius says “Ukraine must win the war.” Then UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak chimes in “we must help Ukraine to shield its cities from Russian bombs and Iranian drones”. He also joined the US in calling out Russia’s “sickening war crimes.”

We got birds in Rome and Kiev and now they have descended on Mexico. What are they trying to tell us?

We are also getting reports from Polish intelligence and other sources that an invasion by a 500,000-man Russian army “is coming from five directions.”

The problem with this hysteria is that it does not fit with events on the ground. As Polish intelligence notes, “publicly everyone is with the Ukrainian government but, behind the scenes it has already been dealt with.”

The real figures of the war in Ukraine, established by Mossad and published by Hürseda Haber  [4] show the balance of power is 8 to 1 in favor of Russia. There are 18,480 dead on the Russian side, against 157,000 on the Ukrainian side.

Italian P3 Freemason sources add Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelinsky was recently killed on their orders. Mossad sources agree saying “The real Zelensky is gone. The one appearing in photo ops and videos is an avatar or CGI. The P3 is correct.”

Since the Ukraine war is basically over, all this exaggerated anti-Russian hysteria is looking like a campaign of misdirection. MI6 sources say the giant US tank army is actually in Russia and is joining the Russian army for a massive campaign against communist China. In other words, the George Bush Sr. plan to start a new cold war and make Russia seem like a Chinese ally -only to turn against them at the last minute- is being activated.

“We do not want to replace US hegemony with Chinese communist hegemony,” a Russian FSB source explains.

However, Russia still seems to be playing both sides since Tass reports:

Moscow and Beijing will soon hold a series of high-level talks, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the State Duma。He said the Americans are now starting to play games again, trying to return to a bipolar world order, this time with China,.. “The United States and their allies have been maniacally striving to plunder the world and collect tribute from humanity.”

The real story is that the Russians, together with the Western and Asian white hats, want a multi-polar world and do not want to replace US hegemony with Chinese communist hegemony.

The use of an earthquake weapon against Turkey was meant to warn China the West possessed such weapons and would use them against China if forced to, a Pentagon source says.

CIA sources add “You cannot even imagine the full power of Russia’s non-nuclear weapons. One Pantsyr installation is capable of turning an area of 100 football fields into a dead desert – leaving the enemy without tanks, manpower, aircraft and without UAVs – IN ONE BLOW! Russia’s vacuum bomb has no equal in terms of power in the world. It sweeps away absolutely everything – everything falls into the ground on an area of 300 meters in a radius! And Russia has a lot more. It just doesn’t make sense to show everything at once.”

The massive and hitherto hidden move against China comes as the US corporation teeters on the brink of bankruptcy and social collapse.

The US government missed an international payment deadline on January 31 and has been on hold since February 17. The Port of Los Angeles confirms a “significant decline” in throughput volumes in February.

The bankrupt Biden regime, meanwhile, keeps afloat by selling off strategic oil and arms reserves while stealing pensions, Medicaid and whatever else it can get its hands on, as well as cutting food stamps, etc. These “extraordinary measures” can maintain the regime until around July, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

A societal collapse is also underground in the United States. A friend who was recently in Seattle reports that downtown is deserted, shops are closed and only one marijuana dispensary is open. This type of scene is repeated in most US cities.

Crime is so bad in Los Angeles that the mayor is warning people not to leave water bottles in cars because people might break the windows just to take them away.

The entire so-called presidency of Joe Biden has also degenerated into a pure farce. Watch below as “Biden” tells reporters, “Leave me alone, man,” and then walks out without answering a single question after discussing “air objects” about the US and his family’s business dealings China has expressed. Notice the fake White House.

For this reason, many in the regime’s old leadership see war as a way out. A senior Pentagon general once told me, “We’d rather start World War III than lose our jobs.

However, China is well aware of these plans and has prepared its own surprises. A Canadian intelligence source says that communist traitor Justin Castrudeau has secretly massed a huge Chinese army in underground bases in Canada for an attack on the US. Arizona military sources are also reporting that a huge influx of military-age Chinese has invaded the United States. This headline seems to confirm this:

“Arrests of Chinese immigrants illegally crossing US-Mexico border rise 1,230% in January.”

This war babble could well be at the highest level as negotiations for world government are nearing completion.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that much of what we see is pure fear of pornography. For example, I have not been able to confirm through direct analogue reporting that the train derailments are real with the toxic clouds spreading in all directions. We know that there was a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio and that it was a deliberate hoax. It took place right where a Netflix show about such a disaster was filmed. Among the 10 largest railroad company owners Norfolk Southern Corp. include Rockefeller subsidiaries such as:




It appears that real train derailments are happening but are followed by exaggerated reports of toxic fumes etc. This is the same pattern as at Fukushima, where a real detonation and tsunami was followed by “highly exaggerated reports of ‘radioactivity throughout the Pacific'”. The Rockefellers have a long history of these types of operations.

The WHO (World Harm Organization), controlled by the Rockefellers, also advises people to stock up on anti-radiation drugs. That means a (real or fake) toxic nuclear accident is next on their agenda. The Russian government has repeatedly warned against precisely such a plan.

The recent launch of multiple UFOs reported by US and Canadian authorities is another example. The Russians appear to be in on the matter, with the official Tass news agency warning: “The American wave of panic and noise, the emergence of fighter jets and the launching of missiles means someone will hit a target that shouldn’t be attacked , increasing the likelihood of tragic incidents.”

“In the coming weeks, maybe even months, you must prepare for a large and varied program of fear to be unleashed against you,” says a Polish intelligence source. “However, nothing that is going to scare you will translate into physical action,” the source adds.

The endorsement of this fear of pornography designed to bring about world government came from a panel at the 2023 world government summit, which said a “certain shock” will come to transform the “international order” into world government.

Like the boy who cried wolf, however, people have stopped believing the constant hysterical barrage of fear of pornography pouring out from the corporate media. Even with a question designed to manipulate people, such as B. “Do you think that national news organizations have no intention of misleading”, 50% disagreed. Only 25% agreed, according to the study. If you had asked, “Do news organizations intentionally mislead people?” you would have gotten closer to 70% agreement.

The failure of the UFO campaign to scare people (so far) is an example of people no longer believing government pronouncements. The government has now been forced to back down and say it only launched $14 hobby balloons.

However, the recent failed attempt at an alien invasion has brought to light an interesting cabal figure. It turns out that a lot of the UFO and “alien” revelations can be traced back to Laurence Spelman Rockefeller Jr. Here’s what a CIA source had to say about it:

“Laurence Rockefeller senior [the original sponsor of the UFO/alien revelations] has been out of the picture since about 2004. His son has taken over. His unofficial son – John Podesta – has been arrested in Gitmo. There is a clone/double who seen in public. These two work in a larger group that runs Project Blue Book. They are involved in the recent sightings. They are the “money handlers. There will be several more sightings as they focus on the great alien -Prepare invasion.

So let’s take a look at the recent extraterrestrial sightings.

But keep in mind that this is not the end of the world, but the end of the Rockefeller World Theater. When it ends, humanity will be liberated.



4 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Report: Are They About to Announce a World Government?”

  1. Sue

    I am so tired of the lies, deceit, and being used as guinea pigs. You can’t trust any of them. All this fakeness, while we try to spread the light and truth. The battle is hard here on home ground for sure. Just trying to keep family alive and plan some sort of a future. Sad our world has come to this. Maybe we can get it right in our next life.

  2. Emma

    So Rockefellers are so nice and ask people to stock up on anti-radiation, like Iodine?.
    I very much doubt that Rockefellers wants to help or prepare people to survive.
    I will believe that they like to create fear, as their plans work better when the world is in fear.

    Anyway lots of contradictions in this article about China bad, and then China good only a couple of lines later.

    The Bush Sr. story are either wrong, or written un-readable. Bush’ is China friends, and would not turn on China, and why would they want us to think China and Russia is allies, what are the motive.

    Fulford is getting slobby.

  3. Leslie

    We are weary of the fear porn. There is only so much anxiety and stress a human being can take. After they reach the tipping point, they back up and refuse to believe. Their mental health requires it.
    Right now, we are waking up and saying no, you bastards come to my neighborhood with your scare tactics. No more bullying, false flags and lies. We are going to stand in our power and refuse to be bullied. Enough is enough.