Precious Love

Each of us is gifted with the creative abilities of thought and feeling to imagine the lives we dream of. We have the innate capacity to discover and discern our innermost heartfelt desires and, with intention and focus, realize and manifest the joys of our potentials. This amazing planet provides the canvas for our adventures and our bodies are the vehicle to enjoy all of the sensory experiences along the way. Through it all, the guiding energy that inspires us at our core is the precious love that we are.

As humans, we are forever interacting with a multitude of earthly expressions and formulating our own response while integrating knowledge as we progress through life. Initially absorbing input from our immediate surroundings during our youth, we evolve and mature our understanding and interactions from the countless aspects of our daily living. From the numerous elements of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, to the environmental, geographical, cultural and family inputs that are an integral part of our path, each provides a reflection of our ever-changing and always emerging potential.

When we know ourselves as creative beings, we amplify our potential by being aware of our true power within. Knowing our reality is actually based in our thoughts and feelings allows the opportunity to keenly choose the highest and most positive perspectives that we can envision. This awareness ensures that our minds are free to expand beyond any perceived limitations and our imagination is openly receptive to fresh and new ideas as we move forward.

In this way, our path flows naturally with harmony and joyful expectancy. Each moment we are the ones choosing to direct our attention in one way or another. From this point of personal power, we can manifest whatever we wish to experience. When it resonates from our heart, we create with harm to none and add to the overall wellbeing of our planet and ourselves. This is how life is intended to unfold. We are here to enjoy the very essence of the creative process in all its richness and diversity.

Our incredible earth is a paradise of unfathomable beauty and intricacy that supports our very existence. In turn, our bodies are made from these same elemental building blocks and are magical in their boundless ability to witness and interact with this orb unlike any other creature in existence. It is our conscious awareness of love that unites it all and makes the journey precious beyond compare.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation


One Reply to “Precious Love”

  1. Denise G

    Thank you! Do you have any idea when we might start getting any energy back though? I haven’t had any energy at all in decades.
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G