Saint German: You Are Not a Machine

Energetic and electromagnetic stress

JJK: After I was in a shopping mall today, which had to be, I am totally exhausted now and have quite a headache. This will probably be similar to many people at the moment, that they are just whirled around by the energetic influences?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: At present you are exposed to unbelievable energetic and electromagnetic burdens. Additionally, the pollution in the environment, in the air, in the earth and in the water is affecting you. Yes, you are and you are being challenged.

What can you do, how can you deal with it?

Be mindful of where you decide to be and when.

If you, like Jahn today, are afflicted by foreign influences, then go, as soon as it is possible for you, into a silent healing session with the divine light, with the Ascended Masters or/and the Archangels. Ask to remove the foreign energies – and it will happen. You can also achieve this during the sleep phases.

If you fall tired into bed, ask for the light and love of God – it can and will happen. Healing is always possible, incurable does not exist.

JJK: With me it doesn’t really want to succeed today. I am still a bit numb, although I have already meditated and “post-slept”?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Sometimes it takes time before certain energies leave completely. This is the case with you today because you have gone through massive energetic processes in the past 48 hours and were still open to certain influences today. Wherever a needy human being looked at you today, you energetically extended an invitation. What you rarely do, you did to a high degree today and so many energies were able to reach you.

This is a natural process during transformational work and the shifting of energies. It takes some time before the new status can establish itself.

JJK: What kind of new status?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: A new level of compassion and love – the next level is reached, it expands more and more within you.

Love yourself for it …

Beloved people,
All of you are currently undergoing transformation processes. As the earth is changing, you are also changing. On all levels of your being great upheavals happen and these lead very often to tiredness, powerlessness, dejection – up to exhaustion. Accept these conditions and do not condemn yourselves for it! Self-love has the main role here.

Especially people who have been functioning like machines can feel worthless and useless because of this.

Question patterns and beliefs in this regard and get to the bottom of the blockages!

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, no one demands anything from you, unless you yourself imagine and tell yourself that. The time has come for you to be mindful and loving with yourself.

The old may, will and must go, so that the new can arise.

Start your transformation work by accepting your “NOT-FUNCTIONING” and dedicate the time you need to yourself. Put yourself in the center! If you are called an egoist, don’t be offended by it, because for someone who can’t read inner processes, you also remain a mystery.

Your transformation is taking place now. Surrender to it and be aware: Your old life in the hamster wheel, as a robot among robots, is over. Again you become what you are – a human being in his full bloom.

With infinite love

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


2 Replies to “Saint German: You Are Not a Machine”

  1. Kim

    My body is wanting 10-11 hours of sleep each day. I am responding accordingly. After a 90-minute massage I slept majority of the hours in two days, flu-like symptoms for five days-out of commission in “dream land.” I must have much to release! Thank you, Saint Germaine, for your words of wisdom, guidance and love for humanity on planet Earth.