Wisdom of the Council: Conduit of Infinite Abundance

What if today were the day? What if tomorrow is the day? What if the next day is the day? The day. The day that you’ve been waiting for, the moment that changes your life forever, the moment when the flashing light in the sky and the clouds parted and the heavens opened up and the trumpets played and God in all of God’s essence stepped through the veil onto the earth, so there was never a doubt again, never a question. Just an absolute knowing.

Master, this is that day, and master, you are that God. You are, you are, you are. Show up in your power, show up in your life, show up in your light, show up as the realized master that you are, show up fully. Fill yourself up with all of you, all of your light, all of your light, all of your, all of your love, all of your power, all that you are. Bring that realized part of you fully into your experience at every moment and live, play, and create from that place. This is the year of the master, and you might just say this is the month of fully embodying the realized master that you are.

No excuses. No excuses. No distractions. No distractions. No stories, no limitations, no limited beliefs, no lack. Just you fully embodying the realized master that you are.

You’re here to realize the fully awakened world. Your fully awakened world, your fully realized deepest desires in form.

Deepest desires are way beyond wanting and needing. If you want to get to those deepest desires, elevate yourself beyond needing and wanting. We have said when you come into a state of being pure love, the pure love that you are, the divine love that you are, your well-being is assured. Your abundance is assured. Your body is healed if you can believe it to be. Your past is healed. You are whole and complete, if you will believe it to be. Everything you want and need will be there when you need it, and in most cases, what you want and need will be there even before you need it. You cannot go fully into realization or the deepest desires of your heart fully manifested into form when you’re still needing and wanting.

You’ll know you’re beyond needing and wanting when you are the flow of infinite love, infinite abundance, infinite well-being, and infinite intelligence that moves through you into everything, all experiences, all interactions, all relationships around you. You are no longer wanting abundance. You are the conduit of infinite abundance in the world. You don’t need money to pay the unexpected bill. You are the infinite abundance that is flowing through you into manifested form as the miracle and manifestation of abundance for another. 

We’ve never ever brought this through before. When you become so knowing of the love that you are and the fullness—so filled with love, no part of you needs love, no part of you wants love because every part of you knows that you are loved, because every part of you is love—you will have such intimacy in every relationship that you have that some of you won’t even have an interest in being in a committed romantic relationship anymore. And some of you will experience a committed romantic relationship with a level of intimacy that you could not have even possibly comprehended before, but you’ll realize it now because you don’t want for love. You don’t need for love. You know you are love. You know you are the infinite love, and you witness the manifestation of and the expression of the infinite love that you are in everything around you. 

The same is true with infinite intelligence and infinite well-being. You are not wanting well-being. You are not needing well-being. You know you are well-being. Health, happiness, being completely satiated. You are that. You are that.

The human part of you is no longer interested in needing and wanting. The human part of you knows and is the conduit of the plentiful supply of infinite abundance that you are, is the conduit of love such that your relationships and interactions are so meaningful, deep, connected, intimate love like you’ve never experienced it before. Intelligence. Intelligence, signs, orchestrations, coincidences, communication, messages. You are the conduit of infinite intelligence, of consciousness and energy, communication, connection. You are the conduit of infinite intelligence. You are the conduit of well-being, infinite well-being, vitality, passion, joy, happiness, and you are the conduit of freedom, the conduit of pure potential. You are the conduit for the particles of pure potential to express through you as magic, miracles, and grand manifestations. 

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