Hakann: The Path of Receiving Love

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I have previously shared two spiritual paths that I think would benefit everyone, namely: breathe deeply and slowly at least three times a day. If necessary, put up a note to remind yourself to breathe deeply and slowly. And also: observe your thoughts and emotions as they come up, without trying to change or judge or suppress them. Both of these things don’t need to take more than a minute a day, although of course you can make more time for them than that.

Last week I shared another spiritual path that I think will be great for some people, but not necessarily for everyone. That was the path of Kriya Yoga.

Today I will share another spiritual path that I think will be great for some people, but not everyone needs it and not everyone will be in a position to walk it.

This path is: find some relatively emotionally safe person who knows you pretty well. Every day mutually share with each other how your day was and how you felt during the day. And very regularly, either every day or just very regularly, share with each other what you think that other person did great or what you admire about them or what you think their positive qualities are. If you can, try to be specific, because that way the compliments and affection “lands” better. So for example, “you did this thing very well today, good job, I’m proud of you” or “you’re really kind, I love that about you” is preferable to just an overall “you did great today” or “I love you.”

Of course, only share things that you authentically feel. If you cannot think of anything nice to say about the other person, then well, probably think a bit harder of what qualities they do have. They likely have a bunch of good qualities, otherwise why are you interacting with them?

To some of you, this will just sound like a healthy romantic relationship. And sure, it can be (or you can do this with a platonic friend). But a lot of times, after the initial relationship phase people stop regularly expressing appreciation towards each other and giving each other compliments on a regular basis. Some of you would benefit from doing that a bit more, because while rationally you may know the other appreciates you, emotionally many of you can still benefit from the affection.

The reason why I am suggesting this is that most Earth humans haven’t received enough love as children. In many cases, this is the root cause of emotional pain in people.

People’s lack of received love as a child can also lead to people blindly believing that the government is a benevolent parental entity that takes care of them, despite all evidence to the contrary, simply because people are so very desperate for a benevolent parental entity that takes care of them.

This is also why we think it is very cruel and unfortunate that lots of parents train their children as they train dogs: show them love if they behave in ways the parent likes, be critical or somewhat harsh if they behave in ways the parent dislikes. Children deserve unconditional love and support, and you can make children aware that certain actions have undesirable consequences without withdrawing your love from them.

The primary solution to the problem of people not having received enough love as children is, them getting more openly expressed love from other people today. Sure, self-love also helps and is also important, but humans are a social species — getting love from other people is a fundamental need that people have. Self-love is important but it can’t fully replace that.

You’re not weak or flawed for needing love and affection from others. More people than not would benefit from regularly receiving love or affection. It’s not that if you want to regularly hear that someone cares about you, that there’s something wrong with you.

Perhaps this path of receiving love can help you and the other person receive the love that you may not have sufficiently had. In turn, that can be very healing and it can enable you to become your best self.

As you may guess, the daily compliments are primarily about both of you feeling seen and loved and nourished, and not primarily about cognitively learning something about yourself. So it’s no problem if one thing gets said multiple times.

If you think this is a bit artificial to do: humans (including children) are supposed to be telepathic and very empathic and thus they are supposed to be able to literally feel the love from the people around them, every single day. On a typical day (or cycle), I literally feel love from my wife, from my children, from my friends and I feel respect and affection from the people I work with and direct. And they also feel the same from me. So we Pleiadians may not verbally tell each other regularly that we love each other unconditionally and appreciate each other, but we do telepathically feel that during our entire lives, even back when we were still in our mother’s womb. And yes, this contributes very much to our emotional well-being.

I understand that right now telepathy is blocked in most Earth humans, so a replacement for now is just verbally telling each other what you appreciate about them and what they did well and what their good qualities are. If you do have access to telepathy or strong empathy, you can also just sit down and look at each other and literally feel each other’s love or appreciation, without words. That can also be a healing practice.

That said, while I think this can be a great and very healing practice for many of you, I understand that unfortunately not everyone has a relatively emotionally safe person to do this with. And also, some Earth humans did receive the love they need and don’t particularly need this practice. That said, don’t be too quick to say that you don’t need this, because some people who think they don’t need this in fact could benefit from it.

If you want to find a pen pal, either to do this practice with or just in general, you can leave an email address in the comment section and invite people to write to you. I suggest making a new email address for this purpose.

I hope this was helpful. I know the situation on Earth is very harsh and tough for many of you. You have my utmost respect for being able to keep going and also keeping a good heart in all the darkness.

Your star brother,

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**Channel: A.S.


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