Archangel Michael: The Return of the Divine Masculine in Nature

Beloved Family, March 2023 will be a month of powerful energies and creative forces on the Planet.

There will be many potent and unexpected events in both personal and public life around the 15th of March and the Equinox at the 20th March. Also, your Solar Cycle 25 will continue to produce multiple Solar Flares and some X Class flares that will further intensify the swirling Water Plasma Codes that were introduced in February.

These energies are (re)awakening the active Masculine Principle in Nature, represented by Uranus in Taurus at this time.  It is an intense electrical energy that flows through the natural world bringing active creation and power.  This began in February with the massive earthquake in Turkey, which is one of several zero point seed stations for the Planet.

This energy was understood by your ancestors as Pan, the deep and creative Masculine God/Energy of Nature.  The Druids, an ancient priesthood of the Celtic people of Europe,  honoured the Divine Masculine in Nature and understood this force as the “Green Man”.  He was represented as an Elder Man wearing a crown of Royal Oak leaves to signify his deep connection to the Forest world.

The Forest world is re-emerging and reclaiming what was lost.  The Electrical Masculine principles will move like lightning to strike in unexpected ways and places as Gaia/New Earth seeks to bring the Planet back into balance.  That balance was lost when Humanity disconnected from Nature and sought to “conquer” and “suppress” Nature.  What is needed now are Men/Masculine energies who can move into the role of priests and conduits for this emerging energy and direct it with love and compassion.

Beloved Ones, we are working here with the principles of Sacred Marriage, where the Divine Feminine energies of Nature and the Divine Masculine energies of Nature are allowed to unite and return to balance on your Earth.  Nature has been feminized and the Masculine principle has been lost.  It is only when the Masculine is restored and the Feminine takes her true power and place, that the balance will be restored.  While nature is seen as simply feminine, it will be easy for a distorted patriarchal masculine energy to abuse and suppress “her.”

This return to balance will not be easy, as you can expect more extreme weather fluctuations, especially with the elements of fire and water, continuing into and through the summer of 2023 (March to August).  As nature increases its Masculine Power and seeks to balance and restore her Feminine power, there may indeed be turbulence on the Planet.

Nature speaks
The Green World seeks to Return
The Emerald Heart is Open!


In this month you will also continue to work with what we have termed “Interdimensional Flux’ as you bring Heaven to Earth and ground these powerful new energies into the New Earth grids.

Beloveds, as New Earth Masters of Energy and Light, your work is to focus inwards and create these energies of balance and Sacred Marriage within. You are learning to move gracefully between the different dimensions and to be of service to the Planet and Humanity on these different levels of consciousness.

Initially this will cause some discomfort as you move between the third dimension and the ninth dimension on a daily basis. You may feel that time speeds up and then slows down in seemingly random ways (although it is not random but relates to how you transit and move through different dimensional spaces of consciousness). You may also have feelings of being disconnected and dizzy as you spend time in the higher dimensions, and you will feel the need for an anchor point in your life.

Beloveds, the anchor point is in your heart, your own beautiful and wonderful Emerald Heart. The Emerald Heart is activating now and it will ground you into the New Earth/New Lemuria Forest World where Humanity and Nature are in balance. You will begin to create Circles of Light to hold these new energies and to support each other.

Equally, you will need to practise self-care: to rest when you need to, to be kind, to flow with grace through these powerful days and to focus on what you wish to create in your dreams and prayers and meditations.

We wish you to know that you are not alone in these powerful days, and that we are always close by. We are your angels and Angelic families. We ask you to understand that All is Well and that there is a great “Coming into Balance” in progress. No matter how shocking this may be at times, you will always be held in Angelic light and protection.

We wish you a month filled with Peace in your Heart and Light in your Soul.

May you flow through Life with Grace and Ease.

**Channel: Celia Fenn


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  1. Duska Gnjatovic

    Dear Celia Fenn,

    Thank You SO Very Much For Sharing This Incredibly Important Message From ARCHENGEL MICHAEL!