From 3D To 4D And 5D: Transforming 

At the quantum, energy and physical levels, Earth continues to rapidly transform. Co-Creators run these processes by a control panel consisting of 144,000 pyramids on surface, seabed and ocean floor.

The top of each is strictly oriented to a specific planet, Star and Constellation for energy exchange with them. A green-brown FEARZIK flows radiate through the pyramids, changing the magnetic fields that destroy the spent structures.

Co-Creators direct the blue-violet energy PURZH to purify the planet. It changes field structures, concentrates plasma formations, fills crystal networks with energy, increases our perception of new information. PURZH changes the density of orbital fields, which work like giant parabolic antennas receiving high-frequency cosmic radiation.

To accelerate the quantum restructuring, Co-Creators expanded the space of the Quasitron, combining the radiation of the Mediterranean and the pyramid-plasmatrons at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea. The Quasitron fields are also the gates of entry and exit from 3D to 4D, 5D and 6D, and unite the first, second, third and fourth dimensions on the planet. Its 4D, 5D and 6D’s energies are ordered in SOLARIS, a single system of their circulation.

All the air planes of the Earth’s atmosphere have switched to new vibrations and impulses. The plasma jets in anomalous zones look like auroras. The interaction of pyramids and polar disks (separators of power fields) removes processed energy from the central axial channel, causes the ozone holes and the displacement of north light further south, to areas where they have never been observed. The ozone layer regularly opens, helping the planet to clean its space by cosmic radiation.

Gradually and carefully detached parts of the 3D Matrix are placed in vacuum storage in near-Earth space with subsequent use for various purposes. In the same place, Co-Creators direct the 3D substance, extracted from the plasma with the help of an ultrasonic transducer. The old, three-dimensional matter is losing its properties, and the new one of 5D is rapidly increasing its potential.

The magnetosphere is in constant and extreme tension, periodically sinking to the surface, due to powerful coronal ejections on the Sun. Through it, high-frequency quantum waves and gravitational perturbations of near and far space come to Earth from the Galactic Center.

The generation of new, 5D matter starts from formation of plasma clots in the atmosphere. They are produced by ultrasonic compression of the Intelligence l-gamma particles’ streams, entering Earth with quantum flows. Through the central axial channel, the plasma enters the underground storage. The planet’s core conducts gravitational sifting and, by a force reflector, gives the plasma the spheroids shape. Then, the disposal system turns on, and on the surface, the purple energy GRASIMO condenses the plasma, neutralizes side effects and removes impurities.

Plasma does not immediately become a five-dimensional matter, but as and when the clumps acquire the necessary fields, development programs, information and consciousness (gravity). Subterranean gravitators are the organs of the planet. It is through them that all the processes, related to the interchange of energy flows, go on Earth.

The finished plasma is clots saturated by Intelligence, which manifest in atmospheric layers as lightning, fireballs and other similar phenomena. Plasma intensively circulates in numerous underground glazed tunnels, which are the energy arteries of Earth, and, in turn, affects its internal power complex.

It responds with ejections from the core, causing the movement of tectonic layers, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, floods and landslides. Cracks and sinkholes form all over the planet on the surface. They are caused by the weakening of the molecular structure of the soil and rocks. For example, in just 24 hours on March 10, seven earthquakes of magnitude (M) 5.0 and higher occurred; 35 – of M4+; 94 – of M3+; 329 – of M2+; and 852 – below of M2.0.

The active shift of the platforms occurs at the moment when the planet ejects spent energy from its bowels, and the core concentrates the pink-red energy with blue sparks GREMO (energy of Love) that emits very harsh radiation. Waste energy flows are removed from the planet, which is often spotted from satellites as flashes at certain points on the surface. In the Galaxy and inter-Galactic space, Co-Creators built many stores where the removed 3D particles are collected. They will be there until using in the construction of new planets and other needs.

When passing through the glazed tunnels, the finished plasma gets new energy shells, receives new soft and codes for further development. These clumps enter the segmental SIGREN space, an energy field that transforms 3D plasma and matter, matrix structures of RNA and DNA.

Complex of new energies affects the planetary axes. The axis of the magnetic field, which exits the terrestrial core, changes orientation as the latter moves towards the Pacific Ocean. The Earth’s rotation axis is aligned from the previous maximum 24.5° to a temporarily fixed 22°.

When the axes are separated, two energies condense inside the divergence vector. This is a green ERGINO that activates the life forces of 5D matter, regulates the oscillatory movements of magnetic fields, equalizes the energy of the planet, and supports the climate and the work of the emerging 5D Hologram. And dark green ARTREM, the energy of the mineral, plant and biological worlds and of the Earth’s space processing; distributed from north to south.

Three energies are accumulated in the outer contour of the divergence vector. This is a blue BLISKO, which loads the mental development program of earthlings into the new, 5D Hologram; blue-green with silver and crimson inclusions ERMAGO that flows through the axial channel in cyclic pulses, renews biological matter, and removes negative energy; and light-green ERGAMO, which cleans the planet. All three energies circulate from west to east.

Their combined effect accelerates not only the Transition (we are now in its most active stage), but also the change of all the structures of the planet through solenoids around the axial channel. Unnecessary energy is pushed out of it into near-Earth space, and the energy, needed for further development, accumulates.

A solenoid is a force field that imparts translational rotational motion to energy. Its strength and speed are determined by the magnetic flux, generated by the planet’s core. This energy via the waveguides of meridians and latitudes creates a power pattern, corresponding to the new programs of matter development. It is intensively saturated with consciousness – another cause of turbulent flows in the atmosphere.

Co-Creators have surrounded the planet with a cocoon of yellow energy SFIRO and neutralize negative emissions with it. When parts of a 3D Hologram are removed, the entire molecular structure is compacted. For this, storage bowls and quantum emitters are used, from which a new fractal of the 5D Hologram is being actively formed.

Preparation for its full unfolding activates mutational processes in the biosphere and in the ERMA red energy field. The latter forms the force fields, matrices, holograms, Time space and its software, Quasitron’s radiation, converting energy into matter and vice versa. The layering of timelines accelerated the closure of all old programs that had previously been supported by a single 3D structure.

With the help of purple energy, Co-Creators run the Time flows on the planet. Time is reprogrammed and folded into a new spiral for the Sixth Race. The spin of Time can contract and expand, like any energy system. The expansion occurs when new soft for the next level of evolution is downloaded in a single timeline.

Temporary programs do not change on the entire planet at once, but in its individual parts and regions. Every stone, plant, bird, animal, insect and every person has their own individual Time program. Changing the perception of its rhythm corrects the course of one’s life. It could be shortened or prolonged, depending on the state of individual consciousness.

In the atmosphere, bio-plasma orbs jet via Subtle energy vortices cones. With very strong rotation, they cause powerful eddy currents. In a weaker mode, they are almost not perceived by devices and humans. The finished plasma is saturated with new programs for materialization.

The molecular environment of interconnected Nature worlds is compacted by ultrasonic compression of fields. Some currents are neutralized that makes it possible to reduce reproduction and eliminate specific species. This is what we are now observing in Nature, where non-viable birds, fish, insects disappear, and the animal world is next in line. Their plasma, like the Souls of deceased people, is delivered for settlement on other planets by automatic modules of friendly space races.

The sanitation goes according to its own programs and schedule. Some species die, others adapt, and thirds emerge at points where negative (feminine) and positive (masculine) energy flows merge into the single flux that produces the new life forms. The plant world continues to transform, and anyone who often works on the ground or communicates with Nature is well aware of this. The plasma of plants transmutes and changes their properties.

Man is a part of Nature, so he is increasingly feeling the impact of incoming quantum flows on his consciousness and perception of the world. Intensively circulating new energies in the body force to understand what needs to be done in self, Soul and society, which suffocates, suppresses and does not allow upgrading. Many still perceive the changes unconsciously. Others try to drown out the effects of the new with alcohol or drugs, which is tantamount to suicide.

Not for everyone, the flow of GREMO energy, which intensively enters the planet, has a beneficial effect. That manifests as a growth of aggression, hatred, crime, lies, drug addiction and degradation of people. In this situation, it is especially difficult for those whose Soul wakes up today.

The ozone layer opening not only enhances the impact of ultraviolet light on the soil surface, but also brings in other energies that make selection according to the state of consciousness and Intelligence. When these radiations come into contact with the receptors of the body, men can feel small nips, tingling, a slight itching. Ready to perceive the new, they receive a targeted set of additional 5D energies that transform Subtle Bodies. With the full activation of the five-dimensional Hologram, the upgrade of the gene structure will also accelerate. It could absorb more high-frequency quantum streams.

Their rays are already entering the genome and changing it, according to new programs. Its matter tunes from one frequency to another. At this moment, a person receives an impulse to internal changes, and the spent energy – to be removed. This is how the software of the new 5D Hologram works, step by step and gradually.

Holograms compress the radiation that intensifies the thought process, which is not always comfortable for a person’s well-being. There could be changes in the psyche, short-term memory lapses, inadequate reaction to events, which is fraught with accidents on transport.

At these moments, new plasma formations (“embryos” of future 5D matter) enter the axial channel of the planet. This is followed by a change in Time programs; new energy is introduced with different vibrations and rhythms. The psi fields, compressed into a funnel, cause emotional and mental tension, provoking psychosis. The upgrading life support system enhances the effect of ERMAGO energy on the brain and its field.

The introduced energies gear deep processes, and the radiations of the Earth’s core starts to actively impact on the junction point of consciousness and subconsciousness. New information is coming in very intensively, and it is difficult for many to perceive it. This causes inner chaos, a sense of instability, insecurity and bleakness. It is difficult for a person who does not have full spiritual knowledge to understand the situation. But that is how the old 3D world and its acceptance self-destructs and goes into the past forever.

**By Lev