The Guardians of Gaia: How to Manifest Abundance

Greetings to all!

We are the Guardians of Gaia. We come to you with love and light. We are a collective that is very closely associated with Gaia. We support her in many of her spiritual and energetic endeavours. But we are also here as master connectors between her and the many collectives that exist upon her including the human collective.

We are here to share more information and insight with you all with regards to abundance and how humanity can go about manifesting abundance. There is much that we can say about this, but we will say that we are here as messengers of Gaia, because she has mastered the art of manifesting abundance. Not only does she manifest it, but she expresses this, she beholds it within her many energetic frequencies, frequencies that span multi-dimensions and various levels of consciousness. Humanity is connected to Gaia through a number of these levels of consciousness. In all of these levels, abundance — and the ability to manifest abundance — are possible. However, those who dwell and have learned how to connect into the higher levels of consciousness are more apt at spontaneous manifestation or faster, easier manifestation.

Master the Energetic Pathway of Manifestation

What we wish for you all to understand is that the human spirit, the energetic field and core of humanity, is designed to create an energetic pathway through which energy is first conceived as a thought, as knowledge, as an intention, and this is conceived in and through your mental capacities. It begins primarily in and around your crown chakra. The pathway of energy that begins in the upper (or higher) chakras that are the crown and the third eye chakras. This is where intentions are conceptualised and conceived.

As the energy flows down through the chakra pathway into your heart chakra, it is there where the energy of that which you desire becomes accompanied by an emotion, a feeling that allows you to etch this in various realms of potential and possibility. These are the realms where all things are manifest; where you pull into your reality into your purview of existence all that you desire. As this desire is manifest in your heart through emotions through feelings, it then moves along its spiritual and energetic pathway and it journeys down into the lower chakras where it finally lands and resides in and around the root chakra.

Ground Your Intention into Physical Reality

This root chakra is the chakra that is most connected to Gaia. That is why it is called the grounding chakra. But this chakra is the chakra that allows humans to pull through any thoughts and energies — even emotions — into a physical form. This is the pathway of physical manifestation. It begins with a thought, it becomes reinforced with the emotions in and around your heart chakras, but once you pull it and grounded in through the grounding chakra, you then bring it into existence. It is then born.

And so, what we are here to share with you is not only the basic understanding of how to manifest and how the trajectory of energy moves through the human body and the energetic field in order to bring all things into manifestation and existence, but that there is something to be said about the nature and quality of your connection to Gaia. For she is one who allows humanity to manifest. She not only works with humans to manifest into their physical environment what they wish to experience, but as a master manifester, as one who is highly abundant, she works with energies to reflect and mirror back what they seek to manifest; and what they are looking to create in their environment.

If you’re seeking to be abundant, you must conceptualize this in your mind, connect to it emotionally through your feelings and move it forth. Ground this intention — whether you are stamping it into the ground, whether you are casting your intentions, setting your wishes into the Earth, allowing the energy to flow forth through water — you are manifesting this. For some, it is the act of verbalizing your words so that they are cast out into the manifest and physical realm. For others it is about writing down that which they seek to create. For others, it is about connecting with Gaia, her elements and allowing her to assist them in manifesting that which they desire.

Journey Forth with Gratitude

But remember, our dear friends, that Gaia is also here to teach you and to reflect to you what it is to be abundant. For abundance exists in many varieties. It exists in many realms. It is an abundance of nature. It is an abundance of life. It is an abundance of friends. It is an abundance of wealth. It is an abundance of love, of laughter. Abundance can be manifested in a variety of forms. And Gaia is one of those various arenas where all these energies can come to fruition and reflect themselves back to you to allow you to continue on the cycle of creation, manifestation, and gratitude. 

For as you work with Gaia, you allow all your desires to become manifest in the physical realm through her various expressions, your experiences, and your environment for you are connected with that which you seek to create. You are shown all that which you have manifested, and through becoming aware of the abundance that is plentiful on Gaia, through connecting to the very act and intention of receiving, of recognizing, and of being aware of this abundance, you in turn catalyze this beautiful cycle. You reinvigorate it. You reactivate it so that in turn manifesting abundance can become easier for you because you have learned the pathway of energy.

You can envision this energy moving through your chakras, we will say beaming into Gaia, where it becomes manifested. You are fully immersed in abundance and its various forms. Call upon Gaia but also remember to be grateful for that which you have manifested to connect to it emotionally for this will reinforce the pathway of energy that you are creating and that you seek to strengthen through the process of manifestation.

Abundance, our dear ones, is a birthright entitlement by virtue of simply being a form of light and of energy in the cosmos. You are naturally inclined and worthy of unlimited and infinite love, abundance, joy, and harmony.

We now invite you to call upon us and Gaia for support as you manifest abundance in all of its various forms.

We wish you love and abundance.
The Guardians of Gaia

**Channel: Kate Woodley


5 Replies to “The Guardians of Gaia: How to Manifest Abundance”

  1. Lilas

    OP deze planeet heerst nog steeds overvloed ,het
    Principe van Eden ,voortplanting van alle leven via
    Zaden.Er is geen behoefte aan het geprecipiteerde
    voedsel van sommige ascended masters.


  2. realitybytes

    “…abundance” of what? Cancer, money? This is utter nonsense, one can “create” with the Creator of course, but the prime directive of each soul is to “create” and “manifest” that which serves the growth of the incarnation, which may or may not include winning the lotto, driving a porsche, or it may include an abundance of problems in equal measure. This piece is full of buzzwords, yes, but lacks any real foundation for understanding how one creates in their life, suggesting these folks either don’t know how to create, or have no idea how earth folks live. One creates to learn, not to create a resume of stuff-abundance for the sake of doing it. This sort of thing leads to people feeling they failed when they cannot Create with the Creator 100m dollars from thin air, which, is not “creating” but materializing, which is entirely different. The “law of attraction” is more nonsense, no one attracts anything as there is nothing outside us, as you sit attract a cup of tea from the kitchen – I’ll wait. That too creates an army of folks with the best of intentions, failing to “create” and ending up dejected. Can you manifest your abundant beachfront dream home with 10dollars in your account, a disdain for FIAT, Work, and a fear of owning a home? Desire isn’t the issue either. Everything one needs to GROW is right in front of them now right now, use it to GROW, and this so called “abundance” will be applied to growth and will manifest accordingly.

  3. Scroogle McDuck

    You don’t “manifest abundance.” You concentrate on SOURCE, on serving SOURCE and others, with an STO mindset. You cannot make abundance for yourself, unless it is to be part of your path. Give everything to SOURCE, via Brother J, and stop trying to steer the boat.

    1. Emma

      “my path”?, so you say I am nothing but at puppet, no free will? – I will have to stay within my path?!?!?
      If that is true, there will be hell to pay! – I would never have signed up for that, I have been abused by source if what you are saying is true.