Replaying Atlantis

The splitting of two worlds couldn’t be more apparent with the ushering in of the last few years. Right now on the surface humanity is going to extremes, chaos is boiling over in the streets and humanity is being forced to pick a side. What’s happening is we are replaying Atlantis, we are replaying the Orion wars.

The Atlanteans were highly spiritual and very advanced technologically. Again, we are replaying Atlantis meaning we have highly evolved technology and what’s happening to the human race right now is we are advancing spiritually on a rapid scale. This Awakening that’s happening to mankind is no coincidence we have been through this before.

A big difference between our current society and Atlantis is we’re much more diverse in this go around and this means that diversity connects us to many different star races throughout the galaxy. The star races that were involved in the Orion wars all have DNA within the human population. We need to be aware that we are replaying, to a smaller extent, the type of society which brought on the Orion wars. I’ve said this before we cannot repeat Atlantis!

So, what are we going to do about it now. We can post information on social media, we can go to rallies and we can raise money to raise awareness but what we really need to do is deal with the trauma from the past. Again, a lot of the predictions that we’re seeing on the internet has already happened. Meaning, some people are becoming aware of the correlation between the past and the present in their visions. EVERYTHING CONNECTS and again we’ve all been here before.

We all think that we see the one future that we’re all headed for but in actuality we’re only seeing one version of the past. Because, that’s the version of the past we all need to experience to bring about change. So, the reason many are getting triggered is because we’re being pushed to experience those emotions that will ultimately bring about change for the future. A better version of society.

We need to remember what we’re living now is nothing in comparison to what we have already lived, what we have already experienced and what we have came to Earth to resolve. We are here to raise the frequency of not only ourselves but Earth as a whole. Remember, energy always seeks to align with itself drawing in its own level of vibration. Like the saying goes birds of a feather flock together. We are more powerful than we realize and we need to become aware of that. Trust your intuition it’s a powerful tool. This human Awakening is raising the frequency of mankind and we are beginning to feel uncomfortable in a society so out of balance. That’s because we are resonating at a higher, faster frequency which makes us feel out of alignment with the current status quo.

A major reason for the chaos that is happening on the surface is because humanity is going through a Spiritual Evolution and we need to get it right this time. Remember, the ones who survived Atlantis became Earth’s current rulers who have kept extremely important knowledge from us hence keeping us in an incredibly low vibration. That is all changing with these higher frequencies. This is the Great Awakening!!!

**By Teri Wade


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  1. Dana Francesca

    After reading this post, I read the related one, “9D Arcturian Council: Atlantis and the Orion Wars are Back” (9/5/20).

    Some of the words are exactly the same. Looks like Teri Wade has plagiarized the Daniel Scranton channeling. 🙁