Birth of Your New Identity

It seems Ascension is no longer a somewhat challenging process to be experiencing. Somehow, the heat has now been turned up. The crunch is on.

If we thought things were getting tough before, we can be amazed at what is now occurring in our lives. The process of shifting into a higher frequency has become even more complex, messy and confusing – and even frightening at times.

We’re finding that if we’re still clinging to old patterns, beliefs and emotional reactions, or to relationships or conditions that are holding us back in our awakening process, this push to let them go can get quite harsh. We are rising rapidly into a higher frequency now, and what this entails can sometimes be emotionally painful – and, for some, physically so, as well.


It can be somewhat easier if we can stay aware that what we’re experiencing is a type of death process. Our old 3D identity is in the process of dying; and if we aren’t able to easily drop those things that are attached to this identity, they will be, sometimes rather abruptly, stripped away from us.

We need to understand that the new high-frequency energies on the planet are no longer allowing us to carry on with our old, limited, low-frequency understanding about ourselves. It’s too small, too limited, too powerless for who we truly are.

So sometimes radical changes need to happen. Sometimes things that are really important to us are pulled away, seemingly by external forces – but it’s really our deeper Self that is doing this. We need to trust that, if something is disappearing from our lives, it’s because it is something we can no longer take with us.


And yet, at the same time that this death of our 3D self is occurring, we are also, simultaneously, being reborn. A new 5D identity is rising up within us. As old patterns are dropped, more and more room is made for this new Self to manifest within us.

It’s just generally not as visible yet as the old identity that is fading away is. It can be difficult to notice it when we’re in pain, confusion or exhaustion.

And yet we can, if we can just shift out of our old and familiar 3D consciousness and our passive acceptance of our limited and constrained 3D life. We can be aware that the ascension birth process, much like the physical birth process, can be painful, messy and exhausting — until we are fully born and free.

And we can also begin seeing ourselves through the eyes of 5D consciousness, recognizing the magnificence of who we really are as powerful multidimensional Beings — and realize how our life is already beginning to function in 5D reality. We can trust we are being guided in the best direction we can go in to get where we are headed – into a whole new world and life that operate in a radically new way.


I’ve recently posted a new YouTube that can help you learn to recognize the signs of this death/birth process and assist you in navigating your way through it — and then feel reassurance that, at some point, you will be through to the other side of it, because you will be. You are now in the birth channel.

Your Higher Self and guides are with you, very carefully guiding you at this point. You just need to trust the process and have faith that whatever is occurring in your life has a definite purpose – it is getting you to where you need to be in the days to come.

**By Vidya Farzier


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  1. Jane Brommet

    Thank you so much from jane from Holland.
    It gives me strength and comfort being taken care of on my path