The Telosians: Necessary Transition

We are always present with you, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We wish to bring you, at every moment, our help, our support in this transition that your planet is experiencing and that you are each living, each currently.

It is true that this transition is really delicate for many of you. Many of you do not understand what is going on. Why so much violence awakens around you. We have often told you about it. This transition creates cellular disturbances in many of you because it is often difficult to leave the old one to move on to a new way of life totally different from what you live and have lived.

However, this transition is necessary, very necessary as we have often signaled to you. Of course, a large number of humans would like it not to exist in order to remain locked in the tranquility of the habit of life that you had. We can speak to the past in your language because, from now on, this transition, which is there, well there, effective, will lead you towards a total change of life. Your life will no longer be the same, you know, and it is no longer the same.

We will explain: first of all, there is a story of time: you live with linear time, a time made of minutes, hours, days etc.… and what have you been noticing for some time ? You notice that the days pass very quickly, as if time said to you: be careful ! you are going to another way of life, you are heading for non-time.

But what is non-time ? This is, quite simply, what we live ourselves on our planets of Light, that is to say that we have no past and future, we have the present moment when we see what you call the past and the future. All of Life is concentrated at a point containing all of this.

The speed at which your days pass shows you that, little by little, the linear time that you live will fall apart to become what we live. Of course, this is not for your earthly time tomorrow but it is preparing at high speed.

There is a second point that will show you that your life will not be the same, it is the fact that, at all times, even if you don’t fully realize it, you’re going to have more and more precise thoughts on the Universe, on the Galactic Brothers that we are. You are going to ask yourself more and more questions about Life beyond Earth on other planets. It cannot be otherwise because your cells, your cellular memories are reactivated by the energies of Peace and Love which are offered to Earth from the Celestial Spheres.

The cleaning of human cell memories will allow the erasure of everything that had been instilled in you by society, by religions and that was not Truth. You have been so manipulated for generations and generations that you all believed that life was what you live or have lived.

Now, True Life, as we have often told you, is spiritual, only spiritual. We do not say religious because religious such as Catholicism, Christianity, etc.…. deceived you about True Life and the important beings that you are since you are divine sparks without exception.

So, to finish this message, we tell you that this transition is very necessary in order to purify who you are, in order to upgrade the understanding of True Life in each of you and in order to bring you back on the path of the Supreme Father who is in you, totally in you and in everything that lives around you.

You are the Supreme Divinity; this is what this transition that you are experiencing is reminding you of.

Be happy with that, thank you for participating through your heart, your Love in this magnificent change in all of you.

We accompany you with great Joy and great Love.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou


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