Life Tapestry Creations: Your Personal Dawn

Dear Ones,

In past messages, we of the Universes adjusted our information to compliment your new being and your former self – a no longer required dance. So, we are eliminating some of the pieces we inserted to reassure your former being that you were not odd or losing your mind.

The massive shifts of the past week changed your approach to earth life. Even though you experienced many lives in other locations, you are of the earth now. Your focus shifted the past few days from spiritual – out there somewhere – interactions to your earthly life.

While you were of 3D and throughout your now completed transition, you needed reassurance that you were not alone, that your family in various ethers, if you will, supported and cared for you.

Even though your families of the ethers continue to care for you, you have left that Universal security nest to create new security while of the earth in this lifetime. No longer will you need to travel to other Universal locations for pep talks or love because you are now creating that while of the earth.

This is a new dawn with a new action plan.

You are strong enough to create a new life without the expertise or hand-holding once required as you transitioned from 3D to the strong, capable, loving being you have become.

Most likely, you cannot yet sense what we are speaking of, for you seem much as you did yesterday or last week. Yet you do not feel at all as you did last month. Slowly, in your mind and rapidly in ours, you have shifted from requiring Universal assistance to becoming part of that Universal assistance.

Perhaps some of you feel the Universes have deserted you. You no longer require our hand-holding or reassurances that you are moving in the correct direction for you have arrived. Our future messages will be about your strengthening capabilities instead of how you can cope with loss, fear, and anger.

It is over. Your old life is gone.

You are busily creating a new life with new strengths and capabilities.

Perhaps you are horrified that we are deserting you. You have become part of the Universal team instead of requiring help from your Universal team. In a 3D sense, you left your home of origin to create a new home with complete control of your life and interests.

Some of you will bemoan or fear that independence. Such is to be expected until you realize your skill set is much deeper than you believe. You can manifest, love, and direct your life without our assistance.

In the future, you will be an important part of the Universes. What you achieved on the earth in this life will be emulated repeatedly as other Universal beings transition their locations in ways that best suit their beings.

Earth shifted from fear to love. Other locations wish to change in different ways. Your shifting expertise in a short amount of time will be emulated repeatedly – with your assistance.

You will seldom require our assistance. And if or when you do, that assistance will be provided as a friendly suggestion instead of parental oversite. You have left the nest only to return as a capable Universal adult if or when you feel like doing so.

Your life is now your own. No longer do you need to be concerned about what the Universes expect. Or providing energy throughout the earth. Or the caretaking/victim positions you were comfortable with as a 3D being.

You are new, strong, and capable. And so, it is the earth. Allow yourself to believe and know that with every fiber of your being. And then allow yourself to live the personal life you prepared for eons.

You had three streams of expansion throughout the eons. One was to help shift the earth from fear to love – which you completed. The second was to become a beacon of change for those now of the earth – which you have been for years. And last, and now most important, for you to experience the life you longed for throughout your shifts and traumas.

Your personal rewards have come to fruition. You will finally reap the loving benefits of your eons of sacrifice and fear. Enjoy the life you have been creating for yourself for eons. A life of joy, peace, and fun while of earth in this lifetime. So be it. Amen.

**Channel: Brenda Hoffman