Extraterrestrial UFO Tech in The Army’s Possession – Top Secret Testor Model Made from Roswell Crashed Spaceship

Tom Keller is a former NASA employee and he had a lot to say about them, to say the least.

The following material was actually leaked by him as he stated that throughout his career he got to help with a lot of black projects and that he was finally ready to talk about them with the general public.

He stated that although it may seem that humanity is at the mercy of the aliens this is not the case as we have always had the technology needed to destroy the invaders in case, they choose to attack us in the first place.

Just take a look at these new ships and see for yourself just how incredibly dangerous we can really be at the end of the day.

This revolutionary propulsion system alone is enough to scare any alien off to say the least. These ships don’t even work off of scientific materials either, they work off of concepts alone, as Tom stated that they are able to bend time and space with ease.

All of this technology was officially retrieved at the Roswell crash site according to him.

Tom also made sure to mention the fact that this technology has been introduced not too long ago and that it’s already been applied to the Testor prototypes.

Some experts also believe that all of the UFOs we see today are actually man-made aircraft after all.



2 Replies to “Extraterrestrial UFO Tech in The Army’s Possession – Top Secret Testor Model Made from Roswell Crashed Spaceship”

  1. M

    I appreciate the ‘out there’ content of this website but these posts are ridiculous.

    Do I believe amazing tech is held by the gov and we have a deep space program? Yes, I have seen a large amount of compelling evidence to back up such ideas.

    These pics however, are so obviously fake. And click source at the bottom to check out the website it came from.

    “…we have always had the technology to destroy the invaders…” hahaha

    I certainly don’t have all the answers. But lets elevate our standards. Foster critical thinking please.

    Moreover, our tech will always be limited until we can learn that love and consciousness can be part of the equation.

    Much love my brothers and sisters.

  2. unionylibertad

    That is not true…Many of the UFO’s are of extraterrestial origin..The same way they were able to get this technology from one of those non earthly ones, there are so many thousand cases around the world of UFO’s of benign Galactic beings……The earthly ones do not have the beautiful different colors of Light that blend perfectly on their surface and within their interior…