The Great Quantum Transition: Distillation 

Earth’s Logos is a single whole that has manifestation bodies from the 3rd to the 14th dimension. And it wasn’t the 3D Logos who had refused to do the job. When, on 23 March, Co-Creators tried to upload the software of the new Causal Matrix into the field of our three-dimensional planet through the Logos’ manifestation body in 3D, their attempt came across such a dense concentrate of our fierce hatred, anger and aggression that the operation had to be urgently stopped. Otherwise, our incompatibility with the new program would simply kill us on the spot.

The activation of the Absoluterra and the loading of a new Causal Matrix into 3D (see Whipsaw, Part 4, DNI, 27 March 2023) are individual parts of the SAME process that complement each other for the Transition of Earth and us into 4D and 5D. The Earth’s Causal Matrix contains all the “genetic” information – planetary constants, elements, their formulas, materialization norms, the structure of the Logos’ core and the planetary crystal lattice, etc. It controls Time, the course of evolution, synchronization with the energies of other planets, stars, constellations and galaxies of the Local Universe and the entire Greater Cosmos (see Whipsaw, Part 1, DNI, March 17, 2023).

To repeat the download, Co-Creators decided, first, to reconfigure the 3D Crystal of the planet from a polyhedron into a sphere, which, thanks to its shape, receives and retains MORE energy of the Absolutes and the Source (for more details on it see Global Crystals Operation, Part 1, DNI, 29 September 2020).

The calculation is that in this case, in addition to new cleansing ops, the Earth’s field will be so strong and stable that it will facilitate the loading of the Causal Matrix in 3D as successfully as it happened in 4D and 5D. And this is not a 3D falling apart, but its transformation from the inside at the quantum and atomic-molecular level, using software embedded in each of the 118 elements known and 170 unknown yet on Earth. In our Local Universe, there are over 600 of them.

The full loading and activation of the new Causal Matrix concerns not only Earth’s 3D, 4D and 5D, which form a single eon. This op is an important part of the preparation of a new, 4th Local Universe, where our planet will regain the status of its lower pole.

The new Universe will be built on a completely different basis than the previous and already closed 3rd. It would be the space of the Absolutes’ Light, where they could manifest Selves safely from 14D (Their Realm) to our planet. But for that, Earth and we, earthlings, must fully correspond to Supreme Creators with our multidimensionality and frequency range.

For now, our incompatibility with Absolutes and Pleroma remains, as the failed loading of a new Causal Matrix in 3D shown. The deposits of imperil in us are too large, which we accumulated over many incarnations and continue to replenish every minute by our emotions, thoughts, and unwillingness to transform. The worst thing is that we deliberately strangle and kill those who seek to change, even our kids and other nearest and dearest.

The only way left for Co-Creators to save us from ourselves is to let the high-frequency quantum streams do their work on us. Squeeze out, extract all the negativity from our physical and Subtle Bodies, from the most hidden depths of our Soul, and present it to us as a choice: either we will clean selves from this toxic taint, or together with it we will be cleansed by high-freqs’ quantum flows.

Powerful comic radiations work like might distillation, squeezing out of us and the entire civilization everything that leaves no chance to survive in 4D and 5D. And in this regard, April 2023 will be no exception. The first days of the month are marked by an unprecedented Solar tsunami, which, according to forecasts, will last until the 8th, and will be repeated more than once in the following weeks.

The strongest quantum waves, non-stop coming to 3D Earth from the Galactic Center, will superpose stellium radiation, which will increase the overload, severity and dynamics of events. The main sources will be Pluto in Aquarius; quadrature of Jupiter and Pluto; conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter; Total Solar Eclipse; Mercury’s retro loop in Taurus and a number of others.

1. Pluto In Aquarius

In April, a powerful transformer Pluto will continue to move in the 1st degree of Aquarius, setting the momentum for deep qualitative shifts in us and all over the world, breaking and freeing from the 3D System, its dictate and restrictions. The events of recent days in different countries show how mass consciousness, the desire for freedom is awakening, rallying large social groups and entire nations in the struggle for higher social justice.

From April 27, Pluto will begin to slow down, and then, on May 1, it will turn into reverse motion, helping to comprehend the new experience that we have received during the month. The retro loop will last until mid-June, when the planet will return to Capricorn again.

2. Quadrature Of Jupiter And Pluto

In April, Jupiter will continue to move along the dynamic field of an active and rigid Aries. This will inflame events, ignite geopolitical conflicts, provoke an escalation of economic and military confrontations, and create new hotbeds of tension in different countries of the world.

The tension will increase even more when the conflict quadrature of Pluto and Jupiter begins to form from the end of April (the exact aspect on May 18, the time of influence from April 25 to June 11). The collision of their vibrations will strengthen and expand the scale of the accumulated problems. On May 18, Jupiter will move to Taurus, and their combined energy can reverse the course of military conflicts, as well as trigger an economic and financial collapse in some countries.

For their leaders, the square of Jupiter and Pluto will be a test of leadership qualities, authority, courage, ability to cope with major challenges and crises, testing them for willpower and spirit. This stellium carries the energy of a crushing blow, which we either miss from the Universe or powerful enemies, and sends us into a knockout, or we withstand and become stronger thanks to new challenges.

The leaders of nations and the ruling class will face further erosion of their power, status, influence, authority and financial stability if they do not understand and reject the rules of the new time, which bring the energies of Pluto in Aquarius. Only by fully accepting Aquarian values and through super-strong-willed efforts they could survive and increase the well-being of their countries, proving their leadership qualities, global vision and ability to negotiate.

The harmonious sextile of Neptune with Pluto will help to solve complex problems. Their vibrations will preserve and keep the world in balance, helping to avoid irreparable fatal mistakes and a total cascade collapse. Sextiles are the energy of the possibilities of two balanced centers of power that are in tune. These are Absolutes, Supreme Consciousness, Supreme Love, invisibly guarding us.

3. Conjunction Of The Sun And Jupiter

The quadrature of Jupiter and Pluto will begin during the formation of a new annual Sun-Jupiter cycle (the exact aspect of their connection on April 11, the influence peak on April 20). The energies of this cycle will be manifested as an aggressive struggle for power and resources. A successful result is possible with a total and revolutionary transformation of development strategies, where the emphasis is on leadership, strong-willed qualities, determination and the endeavor to change the world for the better not only for selves, but also for others.

4. Total Solar Eclipse

On April 20, at 02:37 UTC, a hybrid (total and annular) Solar Eclipse will occur in the last 29 degrees of Aries. This event will be run by active Mars’ vibes, and the eclipse point will be squared to Pluto, with all the ensuing consequences: the violent transformation of the “familiar into the unusual”, borderline states, risky situations, a multitude of natural and man-made disasters.

The Total Solar Eclipse will have a greater impact on the regions that would be within its band: in the southeastern part of the Indian Ocean, Australia, East Timor, Indonesia, and the western Pacific Ocean. That’s where the hot spots can emerge.

Since the beginning of April, Pluto has also been forming tense aspects to the Lunar Nodes, forming a rigid transformational tau square that will last until November 2023. It’ll give all transformations scale, depth and a new quality in the first half of the year, while the Nodes will be in Taurus and Scorpio.

All eclipses of 2023 will occur in tense aspects with Pluto. Their influence will begin to be felt from April 6, at the moment of the cardinal Full Moon in Aries, and will last until the New Moon in Taurus on May 19. It’ll coincide with the retro-movement of Mercury in this constellation, which will help maintain stability and security, as well as the lasting relations (more about the Mercury loop below).

In April, under the influence of an extremely intense Solar Eclipse, the annual cycle of the Sun and Jupiter will form. Next month, under the impact of the tough Lunar Eclipse on May 5, the annual cycle of the Sun and Uranus will kick off, carrying the vibrations of freedom, renewal and unification of like-minded people on this basis. During the April-May eclipses, all our choices, decisions and actions (negative and positive) will form a personal program from one to 9.5 to 18.5 years ahead.

Rash impulsive actions, mistakes of strategic planning and ideological goal-setting, which are based on an aggressive thirst for power and well-being exclusively for self, the desire to dominate at any cost, to force through only own decisions will lead to destructive long-lasting consequences, and as a result, to a crushing defeat. At the same time, focusing on a high idea and goal to change the lives of other people for the better, a decisive and courageous leadership will help to gain enormous influence and strengthen authority for many years to come.

The harmonious sextile of the Solar Eclipse’s point to Saturn in Pisces (the exact aspect on April 25, the influence from 19 to 30 April) will support inner balance, control emotions and direct the intense energy of Pluto into a constructive channel of our lives’ intensive transformation.

The eclipse, as mentioned above, will occur in the 29th degree of Aries, although the Lunar Nodes will still be in Taurus and Scorpio. The transition of Nodes to the new Aries-Libra axis will take place in July and would be a test of leadership qualities, will and courage, the ability to conduct a dialogue and negotiate. Under the influence of the Solar Eclipse, we will feel a powerful cardinal shift in those situations that are stuck or stalled, and we’ll see how and due to what the events can be turned in the right direction.

5. Mercury’s Retro Loop In Taurus

All of the above dynamics coincide with the new Mercury retrograde loop in Taurus, which will begin on April 6 and end on May 31. As part of this loop, the planet will move backwards from April 21 to May 15, and this highlights April-May as a favorable time for a deep reboot of our habitual ways of acting, relationships with other people, achieving sustainability and personal security.

The U-turn of Mercury will occur in conjunction with the zeroing accelerator Uranus on April 21, during the peak of Solar Eclipse activity in the intense aspects of Pluto. On the one hand, the frequencies of this stellium will push for rash actions and mistakes; on the other hand, they’ll make it necessary to radically correct the gaffes of the past before actively moving into the future.

Since April 6, with the start of the Mercury’s retrograde movement, it is desirable to gradually complete the affairs and relationships that have come to a natural end. The best period for parting with the obsolete and correcting mistakes is from April 21 to May 15. Especially until the moment of the lower connection of retrograde Mercury with the Sun on May 1 (peak activity on April 30-May 3), when our past mental attitudes and behavioral programs will be burned and purified by the vibrations of the Lunar Eclipse on May 5. The second half of Mercury’s retro loop, when it goes up relative to the Sun, and the Eclipse Corridor ends (this is the period between Solar and Lunar Eclipses), will be favorable for downloading new ways of building relationships with the world and other people.

In general, the weeks from April 6 to May 15 are not suitable for new beginnings, start-ups, changing jobs and relationships. But negative and positive events will highlight what was previously deeply hidden, and will help overcome many obstacles. This may be accompanied by sudden disruption of plans, cancellations, refusals, postponements of meetings and agreements, breakdowns, misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts, accidents, and injuries.

Despite the fact that Mercury slows down its speed during April, stops and turns back (it is stationary on April 20-22), events will develop rapidly and unpredictably. This will happen due to the related aspects of Mercury, Mars and Uranus, whose vibrations will be very intense throughout April, as well as other factors that increase the tension to the maximum level.

One of these factors is the conjunction of Mercury and Uranus. In April, the exact aspect will not happen; Mercury will stay at 2 degrees from Uranus. But due to its slowdown and retrograde, the former will be in conjunction with the latter for most of the month, from April 13 to 28, fueling general instability.

This is the main impacts of stellium radiations on the energy weather in April. In our inner work, the month can be divided into three parts, which differ in their goals and vibes’ conditions.

April 1 – 13

This most harmonious and productive period (especially the first week before the beginning of the Mercury retro loop) is supported by the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter (the exact aspect on April 11) and the stabilizing bisextile of Mercury, Mars and Saturn. In combination with the powerful positive frequencies of Jupiter, this stellium will help to translate ambitious ideas into concrete action plans, give them efficiency and sustainability for the long term if our efforts focus on obtaining the missing knowledge, mastering new tools, techniques and approaches.

The transition of Mercury to Taurus on April 3 at 16:23 UTC in a quadrature with Pluto, by its frequencies, can activate our intellectual, communicative and creative potential. And if we do not direct it in a positive direction, it will provoke aggressive conflicts and criminal incidents. The simultaneous converging of Mercury with the Ascending Lunar Node (the exact aspect on April 6, the day of the beginning of the retro loop), will prompt important fateful decisions and information that will have a decisive impact on the further course of events.

To keep energy in a constructive way will help the positive aspects of Mercury, which form a stable bisextile with Saturn on April 5 (the influence from 3 to 8 April), and with Mars on April 8 in direct motion, repeated on April 24 in a retro loop (the influence from 3 to 29 April).The harmonious aspects of Venus with Neptune (on April 7) and Pluto in Aquarius (on April 11) will also act in the same way. All this will open up new opportunities and prospects in relationships and affairs.

The entire period will be filled with very active development energy, which will be enhanced by a powerful cardinal Full Moon on the Aries-Libra axis on 6 April at 04:35 UTC. It will occur in aspects to Jupiter (the Sun in conjunction in Aries, the Moon in opposition in Libra), and will maintain favorable conditions until April 9. However, it’s important to take into account that the polarities of Aries and Libra require a balance between personal ambitions and interests of other people; otherwise the collapse of ideas and plans, as well as acute conflicts and confrontations can’t be avoided.

Although Mercury will enter a retro loop on April 6, and encourage us to reconsider or complete previously started affairs and relationships rather than begin something new, the positive influence of the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter during this period is central. At this stage, it gives initiatives a great potential for success, especially if we act rationally, thoughtfully, constructively, and at the same time flexibly, adaptively, intuitively, as required by the bisextile of Mercury in Taurus, Mars in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces (influence until April 12).

The bisextile Cancer-Pisces-Taurus forms a stable, harmonious Kite (or Grand Sail) with Lunar Nodes, which, like a heavenly shield, will protect us from problems if we move along the evolutionary vector of the Northern Lunar Node in Taurus (we strive for creativity), and also have accumulated spiritual experience and trust in the Universe.

The order in our inner world will influence the external events, and charity and service to others will be a support in difficult moments in full accordance with the vibrations of Saturn in Pisces, which preserves the Universal Order, giving everyone what they deserve.

April 13 – 22

This is one of the most difficult and dangerous periods of the month and year, when the risks of fatal errors increase significantly. This is the week of the waning Moon, its last quarter, on the eve of the Solar Eclipse (on April 20), when our affairs and undertakings have no potential for growth and development. And of the simultaneous stop and reversal of Mercury (on April 20-22) that significantly reduces the ability to think sensibly and rationally, make the right decisions.

At the same time, the quadrature of Venus and Saturn is formed (on April 14), which will create serious obstacles in the relationship, as well as a key aspect – the growing quadrature of the Sun and Pluto (the exact aspect on April 20 at 16:27 UTC). That will increase our conflict, aggressiveness and the risks of destructive actions and collisions. The closer to a Solar Eclipse, the more intense and dramatic they can be.

When Mercury slows down, stops and turns retro, in conjunct with Uranus, it will also fuel our intolerance and impulsivity. The most difficult days are from April 19 to 22. It is better to minimize activity all this week. Devote it to the general cleaning of personal life at all levels – mental, emotional, physical, and domestic. Postpone making important decisions, limit contacts, relax more and spend time in Nature.

April 23 – 30

During this entire period, Mercury will remain in conjunction with Uranus, and the Sun will be in quadrature with Pluto, maintaining the overall tension and unpredictability. Their aspects will begin to diverge, however, but the negative square of Jupiter and Pluto and the Eclipse Corridor will continue to heat up the situation.

**By Lev


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